Sunday, August 1, 2010

Grind Time Now Presents: Thesaurus vs DirtBag Dan

DirtBag Dan started this round of the rap cypher claiming that people aren't gonna be happy when they see what he does to Thesaurus and he was gonna create a masterpiece. He tried to imply that his adversary had a spotted face that's why he's called The King Of The Dot. He also had fat jokes and made fun of his opponents sex life. He said that his oppositions battle reign was over and he seems to call him Pete then tried to imply that he couldn't rap on tracks. He said that he was glad that they were competing in Toronto and he cursed at his adversary putting his middle finger up while accusing him of having an under aged girlfriend. Thesaurus jumped in right after DirtBag Dan finished and tried to say that she has a restraining order on his challenger. He claimed to be the type of guy that likes to fight and compared him to the mascot from Burger King and accused him of being 9 and 1 on Grind Time but said that his victories are unfair. He was implying that he is higher ranking and the only reason he gets to face him is because of who he knows. Thesaurus brought up the fact that a lot of DirtBag Dan's battles have overtime rounds and tried to say the crowd doesn't laugh with him they laugh at him. He said that his opponent looks like every dude on the scale of evolution except the human, that's one of the best punchlines I heard all week. Thesaurus won this round of the tournament by a tad bit more.

DirtBag Dan started this round of the lyrical battle and asked how he was suppose to respect his face and wished that he was a Muslim woman so he could wear garments to cover it. He compared his opponents face to to dipset and the purple flag and made up a new color for his opponent, fish net. He basically focused on calling Thesaurus ugly. He even used references from a Nickelodeon show that I forgot all about until he mentioned it and said that his opponent has a Sponge Bob Square Pants face. DirtBag Dan finisher was funny about his face whistling when he puts his head out of a moving car. Thesaurus countered his challenger Sponge Bob Square Pants remarks saying that he is insecure and that beard under his neck is an inch of fur. He said that he was surprised that his opposition didn't cut it and called it his cheapest winning tactic. He said that when DirtBag Dan shaves he looks like a fagot. He bragged about he made rap battling a business and tried to imply that the person he was up against was the same as every other emcee. Thesaurus also spit a few rhymes that question his challengers native roots. He implied that his rival could barely speak Spanish and tried to call him embarrassed of his heritage. He claimed to have two carriers more lucrative than the one his opponent has and he told a story about his adversary proposing to his finance. In my opinion this round of the cypher was a tie.

In the third round of this lyrical matchup DirtBag Dan called Thesaurus by what seemed to be his real name Pete. He said his adversary let a porn star sit on his tongue and accused him of catching something on his tongue. He said that his opposition is competing with rapper T Rex's head then got syllabic and said a whole bunch rhymes. He showed his adversary out with true skills and showed that his opposition out for not being able to flow as quick. He told him no to act like he's fat because he's getting money, he's getting fat because eating too many fats and told him he needs to get in shape. DirtBag Dan called Thesaurus a liver face and made insults on his opponents nibbles. He told Pete that this was his world and said that he would slay it with ease. Thesaurus went in calling his opposition predictable and flipped his accusations of not being to flow double time. He said he was winning tournaments while his opponent was getting a minimum wage. He accused DirtBag Dan of unfairly winning rhyme battles and said that he actually has a pay roll and pension plan. Thesaurus won this rap clash by a tad bit more.

In the fourth and last round of this rhyme cypherthe King Of The Dot champion known as Thesaurus talked about his challenger's crew and had racist comments about Jews in which he was talking about Soul Khan. He claimed that DirtBag Dan jerked Jack Shitt out of a win that he deserved and called Tiger Ty a retard that was also able to beat him. He said that his opposition has gotten international trips to places such as London and Toronto than to him. He called his opponent a homeless bum and said he would put him in the dirt like mother nature then said he threw him off a plane. DirtBag Dan then went in next and started to flow and said that he guesses he know who get more respect in the T dot more then said his full name Dan Martinez and Thesaurus's real name is Peter Morse. He told the crowd he could've voted for his beautiful beard but instead he voted for his opposition who had opened soars and brought up the fact that his name means a book of synonyms. He called his opponent a gay pedophile and got lyrical and syllabic while talking crap. His last punchline when he mentioned 2012 implied that his Thesaurus is one ugly dude.

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