Thursday, August 19, 2010


KROOK started the rap battle He said that he was about to treat HAZMAT like wrestling. He mentioned having his work clothes on and said he was about to kill him and brought religion in to his verse. He called his adversary's hat a bucket and He was spitting a freestyle. He brought the fact that he had to go work soon. HAZMAT then went in to rhyme and said that KROOK has it all messed up then asked his opponent why he is acting stuck up. He accused his opponent of sucking nuts up and said that he would run up in his adversary's house and pistol whipping his mother. He claimed that he doesn't need to bite when he's got guns. He threatened to mess his challengers pizza as well. HAZMAT won this round of the rhyme battle without a doubt.

KROOK started this round of the rap cypher admitting that the lyrical emcee HAZMAT has gotten better since middle school. He threatened to fry his rival and said that he has an info red beam then said he would curve his head with a dotted line. He said he would cut up his adversary like sandwich slices and compared him to trees. He said that he would leave his adversary on Gilligan's Island I don't know where that came from but I guess he was just improvising. He even said would put his opponent in a freezer and seemed to be trying to equate him to a Playboy bunny. HAZMAT said that KROOK is a plastic nigga that doesn't need to be recycled. He said that his flow is so retarded that he thinks he needs a tutor. He tried to call his challenger is a fiend and said his opposition goes to the beauty parlor. He compared his opponent to a basket ball and tried to call him ugly. HAZMAT won this round of the cypher body bag.

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