Tuesday, August 17, 2010

AHAT Tryout Rap Battle: Clint-Gee vs Yung Gicasso

Clint-Gee started the rap cypher telling Yung Gicasso that he can't hang at all and called him nothing but an outcast. He said that he keeps a gat on him more than he keeps a state ID. The rape punchline he said was thorough and he accused him of act live. He was a hot lyricist as well. Yung Gicasso was funny but I'm mad that he made New Jersey jokes when Clint-Gee is from New Haven connecticut. His delivery was the best part about this round of the cypher. The part that had me dieing was when he said kidnap a lot of you nigga's get you nigga's in the trunk at 2:10 of the video. He proceeded to make New Jersey Net jokes. He kept on bragging about his drug connects and claimed that his challenger isn't moving anything. He messed up while he was spitting but I liked his rap verse. Clint-Gee won this round of the rhyme cypher.

In the second round of the punchline battle Clint-Gee went in and said everytime he came through blocks nigga's stop and froze then told Yung Gicasso he better rock and roll. He said he bagged his adversary's wife and threatened to stab him if he tries to fight. He told his opponent to freeze or he would take his life and seemed sure that he won this round. Yung Gicasso started his verse making fun of New Jersey some more even though his opponent clearly is from there. He continued to rhyme with a witty colorful personality, you can't help but laugh. He seemed to have got messed up when he was spitting. His delivery was hungry he seemed to have started freestyle rapping at the end of his verse and his lyrics were not too hot but the way he said them were thorough. This round of the cypher was a tie in my opinion.

In the third round of the lyrical tournament Clint-Gee anxiously jumped in to rap and claimed that you could catch him in the hood because he'd be right near. He said his dogs might bite ears off when it comes to boxing and said that he was losing sanity. He said that his opponent ain't pitching no raw and he called his rival a rapist that probably gets kicked in the balls. He said that he'd catch him in his car and do him like Big T. Yung Gicasso went in and said that you could tell by Clint-Gee out fit that he isn't getting chips. He said that his opponent be catching the bus while it's mad ho out walking to the w.i.c. He claimed to be hanging with adversary's girl and seemed to be improvising on how he gets head from her. He spit about running a train on his adversary's girl. This round of the rap battle was a tie.




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