Sunday, August 29, 2010

Grind Time Now Presents: deadBeat vs Speedy Calhoun

DeadBeat started the first round of the rap battle talking about how he told his friends how he was battling Speedy Calhoun and claimed that his friends had never heard of the guy. He implied that his opponent was a joke that can't rap and compared him to a basket ball player. He claimed that his adversary's name doesn't really fit him though. He told his adversary to forget about Grind Time or Url and told him to try repairing T.V.'s or used car sales. He accused his adversary of faking the Funk and claimed to be shaking him up. Speedy Calhoun started this round of the rap battle claiming that he beat himself in the last battle and accused deadBeat of being a repercussion. He called his challenger a pudgy chick and said Sonny Bamboo was ok because he's president. He said that his adversary can't even reach a door knob. He claimed that he be in the booth perfecting his rhymes.

In the second round of the rap tournament deadBeat went into rhyme and claimed that his style was nothing to mess with and called Speedy Calhoun a sissy thats more chicken than a bucket of drumsticks. He said hat he would dis his adversary face even if he had to use his tippy toes and called him self a DJ. He accused him of being on the Grind Time Chat all day and running to Wisconsin. Speedy Calhoun then went into spit his rap verse and referred to deadBeat's last verse being awkward. He said ironically his adversary's only problem is rap. It seemed like he tried to call his adversary's last match sloppy and cheesy. He claimed that he had bars for his opponent and it sounded like he said his adversary had it easy at No Coast Battles but claimed he wouldn't find the same hospitality with him. This round of the rap clash was a tie in my opinion.

In the third round of the lyrical cypher deadBeat started rhyming next and compared himself to drugs. He said that Speedy Calhoun doesn't battle well and said that he was sunning then mentioned that his father is in jail. He was implying that he was up against an amateur. He seemed to be comparing him self to Loe Pesci and said that he never misses a beat. Speedy Calhoun went in to rhyme next and claimed that his Grind Time Debut is against an )0 and 1 rapper. He got some one lyrical in this cypher and accused his adversary learned to spit syllabic multi's from the internet. In my opinion deadBeat won this round of the tournament in my opinion.

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