Monday, August 23, 2010


MZ STREAMZ started the rap battle claiming that she had a brush in her hand because if she didn't like what FENDI said she would smack and referred to her as a bitch. She claimed that her opponent was talking junk on twitter and compared her to a run away nigga. She called herself the realest and said that she wasn't spitting about anything that she didn't live. She claimed to have been a problem child when she was growing up. She seemed to be freestyle rapping parts of it because she was saying anything and seemed not to be sure of her opponents gender. FENDI went in to rap next with what seemed to be a warning to MZ STREAMZ and said she doesn't care about the heat her opponent blows. She said hat her challenger random punchline wasn't hitting her often and she was good lyricist. I was feeling her rhymes but she didn't have much crowd reaction. Both of these emcees were hot in but some were stronger in the avenues that there opponent lacked in. This round of the cypher was a tie.

MZ STREAMZ went into the second round of the rhyme battle saying she had FENDI choking like a dick in the mouth and called her big as a house. She called her opponent a nobody aka knock off and claimed she would upper cut her adversary and make her seat belt buckle up. She accused her opposition of having something coming out her head bigger than a bolder. He said that it's nothing to crush her rival like a soda and threatened to leave her folded. FENDI then went in to rhyme and claimed she would make MZ STREAMZ career breathe and stop. She focused on calling her adversary a hoe and seemed to be implying that he opposition is a broke bitch. She seemed to have a bit more versatility in her raps and told her rival that she wasn't an MC. In my opinion this round of the rhyme battle was a tie.

In the third round of the punchline match up MZ STREAMZ said she would make this the worst experience FENDI ever had like eating a stinky chick. She claims that she really shoots guns and compared dropping her opponent to a music beat. She claimed to be in the streets and then got lyrical. She said her thirty eight would have her opponent siting side ways and not knowing if she is coming or going. She called her opponent a fat bitch and black smoke. She continued to make those fat jokes about her. FENDI went in and said that she isn't your average woman and didn't care about MZ STREAMZ dissing. She said that it's clear to see her make up artist is not very good and accused her of looking bad in her rap video. She accused her challenger of giving horrible interviews and accused her of looking like a guy. Her lines were going over peoples heads but in my opinion she didn't have as much crowd reaction because it was a crowd full of a women and they are the ones that do most of the cheering on the sideline and you know how women hate, I don't think FENDI is from Baltimore so the odds were against her but she held it down in my opinion. The Buddhist metaphor was funny. She ended trying to call her adversary used up and compared her to Drag On.

In the fourth round of the rhyme battle MZ STREAMZ claimed that she was bouncing off wall I guess because she didn't take anti depressants. She claimed to catching women off guard and called herself a minute man the way she comes off the top of the dome with rhymes. She said that she is the hottest thing popping since fried chicken and could have been freestyle rapping at parts. She had an abrupt stop in her verse and seemed like she was finished quickly and said that if FENDI was mad they could knuckle up. If only there were a little more humbleness in rap battles but anyways FENDI went in to rhyme accusing MZ STREAMZ of coming to the rap battle with African tights. She called her opponent basic and called her faking. She implied that she herself was spitting a freestyle. This round of the rap cypher was a tie in my opinion.

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