Friday, August 27, 2010

Grind Time Now Presents: Q P vs Diligent

Q P started off referring to Diligent as being ridiculous and asked him his age. He accused his opponent of running with cops and claimed that he doesn't believe his gun would cock. He claimed that he would give his opponent stomach shots and said his adversary is lie 45 and said he was gonna punish him. His sound effects were great in this round of he rhyme battle when he acted like he getting his gun ready. He told a story about running up into his adversary's house and robbing him. He finished his verse calling his opponent 65 and accused him with living with living with his mother and having a curfew. Diligent started his verse off telling Passda he was lame and asked him how he could duck him just to get a lap dance at mood swings and told Q P he should have asked about him. He tried to imply that his challenger has a death wish and said he would beat his opponent bad enough for his chick to cry. He claimed that he needed bigger fish to fry. He claimed that his adversary bores him and said he would put his body next to Nell Carter. This round of the rap battle was tie.

Q P started the second round of the cypher asking his opponent if he gets referred to as Diligent then said he would call him Cory. He old the crowd to stop comparing the two of there battles because his rival bores him. He claimed that he didn't have to shot his opponents because his crew would shoot for him and told him that he is the same age as his grand kids. He compared him self to a liquor store and compared him self to the Maury show then told a story about shooting his opponent and them up and taking off leaving. Diligent claimed that Q P called Grind Time Georgia rappers booty heads and said that they got guns that will clear your stomach out like medicine. He said in battling he was disturbing the peace. He accused his adversary of sending homo tweets on Twitter and called his girl nasty. He was pretty good at putting rhymes together. This round of the rap battle was a tie in my opinion.

In the third round of the rap battle Q P claimed that Diligent's eyes tell a lie and he doesn't pop things. He claimed that his shooter will run through the swat like a swat team. He named all of he guns he had and claimed that they would make his opponent d a back flip. He said that he would tap his man and tell him to keep on shooting and pass the weed. He said that he would make nigga's dis appear like a magic scene. He said that his adversary is a bitch and accused him of having a taco face. He said that his adversary is living in a cock roach place. Diligent went in to rap soon after and said he assumed Detroit rappers always flow with skill and asked Q P has his name. He claimed that his peoples are never in a drought and always re-up no matter the price and compared him to the Miles and Lux battle. He claimed to have have had sex with her breasts and made her nipples break. This round of the rap cypher was a tie in my opinion.

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