Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Got Beef? Presents: Broadkast vs Rowdy

Broadkast started this rap battle first saying that he needed to start the session with a lesson and told a story about when Rowdy became a man. He compared his opponent to an 80 year old at an orgy with no Viagra. He told his rival that he was nothing and said that this cypher was a waste of time. He said that he can keep the crowd amazed for days and accused him of choking on bars. Rowdy seemed to have a drunken style of rhyming and seemed to be free-styling. He mentioned something about his can of beer and he seemed to have asked if they should put the hose on Broadkast and said he's be cooler if was someone else. He then had a long silence because he messed up. He jumped in and showed that he was a straight lyricist and I understood later on why they had him battle. Broadkast won this round of the rhyming tournament.

In the second round of the rapping competition Broadkast started it and asked the crowd to give Rowdy a hand clap in which no body did. He seemed to be recommending Ritalin and seemed to have gave him a big up. He had a question for his opposition and claimed that it was for his beloved fans. Rowdy then went in and said that he bets Broadkast can get into a baby pool and turn it into a deep end that was a good one. He claims that he thinks his opposition eats his friends. He started stuttering on his lines saying anything and asked is challenger who wrote his rhymes. He just kept on cursing and saying the F word. Broadkast won this round of the match based on consistency even though Rowdy had the best punchline that I had heard during this round.

In the third and last round of what seemed to be a freestyle battle and Broadkast said that Rowdy has never had an outstanding performance in almost anything. He told him to do something special so they can cheer then tried to rush him to die. He said that his opposition is like a foolish and seemed to be comparing his rap presence to a christmas tree. He call who he was battling the worst MC in history. He said that African kids are gonna wanna see his opponent and give him money. Rowdy started his verse making fun of Broadkast and the things he said were way too funny. He stumbled way too much to take him seriously and spit a freestyle and cursed a lot. He ended by calling his rival a fuck head. Broadkast won this round of th MC clash

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