Thursday, August 19, 2010


MC.KIMS brought up the fact that the rap cypher was for money and said that he would turn SMOOTH BLACK into scatter brains. He threatened to back hand his adversary and claimed he would raise his hand faster than a smart kid. He tried to call his adversary poor and accused him of selling smell goods. He claimed that it wasn't smart to try to come up on him and compared him to phone calls on the subway. He tried to imply that it would be a long time before his opponent beats him in a rhyme battle. SMOOTH BLACK started the cypher claiming that if you saw his last battle you'd know that he runs it. He called MC.KIMS an animated dude who says dumb stuff. He said he would kick his challengers mother in the uterus and said that he would run in his house without the gun. He said he would bust open his door with a claw hammer and threatened to nail one of his hands to the ground and watch him crawl around in circles. This dude had a real nice rap delivery and called him Sam booty. This round of the rhyme battle was a tie in myopinion because they both are thorough with skill.

In the second MC.KIMS went in to spit saying that SMOOTH BLACK made him wanna puke and said he's an old dusty ass nigga. He compared his guns to street cabs and compared his opponent to the yellow pages. He was spitting punchline after punchline and seemed to be taking a slow ending at the end of each. He made insults about his adversary's girl as well. He had an in your face rhyme delivery and said that he rides dirty like monster trucks. He said that his adversary needs to find a better gym and compared his soul to The Jeffersons. SMOOTH BLACK started this round of the rap cypher claiming he was in whip with two bitches. He tried to imply that MC.KIMS is the gay child out of all her kids and said he came to smash him and get respect when he passed through. He said he would shoot his adversary whether or not he is camera shy. He tried to call his adversary a cross dresser then later on started to mess up. is last punchline about his challenger looking like a wombat with shoes was ill. MC.KIMS won this round of the rhyme battle in my opinion.

In the third round of this tournament ya boy otherwise know as SMOOTH BLACK started to spit his verse and asked who the best is then said that they know the answer. He said that MC.KIMS is only 17 and said that he knows he gets more bread. He said that he would put a peep whole in his adversary's fore head to read his mind and said he could kill him with a spare rap. He asked his challenger about how he claims to be on his grizzly and said if he wins this battle he would extort him. He claimed to be having sex with his mother. MC.KIMS then started to spit and said that there is a question that he asked himself a lot then said how does it feel once you get shot. I'm mad he had to repeat the punchline over again and he raps sort of dramatically. The AJ Free metaphor was thorough and he said he would knock his opponent down like a May Day. He claimed to be free-styling towards the end of his rap verse and said he was still better. He said that he came to put opposition to rest and compared the cypher to an episode of Spartacus. This round of the lyrical competition was a tie.

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