Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Chicago Battlegrounds Vol 4: Lady Pharroh vs L Streetz

Lady Pharroh started the cypher first asking L Streetz what was up with her weave and I would almost say it seemed like she spit a freestyle rap verse. She was saying anything claiming that she shouldn't be spitting her verse because her opponent should be sitting in a funeral vehicle. She said that her opponent was half Asian and implied that it made a difference in her math skills. She threatened to kill her opposition with bars and accused her of being a hoe. L Streetz then went in to the hip hop cypher next and accused Lady Pharroh of sucking a lot of dick. She said that she was about that ether and when she said It was a freestyle I felt like covering my face because I knew what the outcome would be. She wasn't even making rhymes she was just crap talking and taking it to something that wasn't even rap. She thought of one good rhyme. Lady Pharroh won this round of the MC battle.

Lady Pharroh started off the second round of the emcee tournament I liked her voice and expression that junk is mad funny. I seemed like she tried to imply that her opponent was from a soft ass hood and she equated her to K Swiss classics. She tried to call her opponent a punk and warned her about the goons she had on deck. L Streetz went in to spit her verse claiming to be a monster. She claimed that he would rock her opposition like a concert and claimed she would throw her in the trunk. She claimed to have a crack flow while Lady Pharroh was a crack hoe. he continued to just say anything i'm mad that she said she had more stars than her opponent.I'm glad these two girls kept it hip hop and didn't fight but anyways Lady Pharroh won this round of the freestyle battle.


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