Thursday, August 19, 2010


PAKMAN started the rap clash first hyping him self up and compared SPIFFY to Santa Clause. He compared him self to an old school barber and said and Dwayne Carter. He threaten to hurt his opponent real bad and got lyrical and syllabic when describing it. He called his opposition whack and spits dumb bars. He had a lot of gassing up by the crowd but his punchlines seemed generic to me like i already heard them before but all he did was switch up the words and say them in a different way or used different word to say the same punchline, I hate that shit he's a funny dude though. He had structure and stayed consistent and his last statement was that he wasn't losing. SPIFFY went in saying that PAKMAN was hitting him up on the instant messenger and said his opponent was talking about how nervous he was. He then started talking about the clothing his challenger was wearing and accused him of owning Seven Eleven corner stores. He told the camera that his rival was Arabian and not Puerto Rican. He accused his adversary of needing a shape up. PAKMAN won this round of the cypher I didn't really like the way SPIFFY was putting words together he just seemed to be snapping on his challenger but not really rapping.

In the second round of the rhyme battle PAKMAN started this round saying that he was all about his money and claimed he had sharp shooters. He told his adversary that he already won and should take it into acceptance. He said he would aim at his opponents knees and you could call his reaction Hip Hop. He called his adversary a retarded fat ass version of a famous southern rap star. He accused his opposition of riding a Thunderbird and said he would put him under the dirt. He claimed to be taking over the Baltimore battles as the ending statement. SPIFFY started his verse trying to crush PAKMAN's dream of running the battle scene. He threatened to leave his opponent with a swollen lip like Jay Z. He said that his crew would run through his challenger block and warned him to get the sprinting. He was obviously freestyle rapping because he was saying anything. He said that his adversary was trash and started messing up he even admitted to it. He tried to call his oppositions mother a baby boomer. PAKMAN won this round of the rap cypher.

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