Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Grind Time Now presents: Cadallack Ron / Rheteric vs ATM / Carter Deems

Cadallack Ron started the rap battle first claiming that he felt safe taking the battle and accused his opponents of having aids. He seemed to be accusing ATM of messing with crack fiend shemales and his partner Rheteric then jumped in and claimed that there adversaries can't handle them. Cadallack Ron then jumped in and called Carter Deems a fagot and Rheteric called him a frat boy and claimed to put him in a box. He threatened to put all over his adversaries body and said to call him Scotty when he beams him up. Cadallack Ron was finishing Rheteric's verses for him which I thought was kind of thorough. He called his opponents theme song the bitches and he told his opponents that aren't anyone that he cares to talk to. Cadallack Ron tried to call his adversary's old fashioned it seemed mentioning the year and stuff. He tried to call his opponents acid heads and Rheteric seemed to have accused Carter Deems of living in a gated community. ATM seemed to have started the verse for his team. His delivery was like viewing a circus act real entertaining and Carter Deems seemed to be trying to say Cadallack Ron looks like a pirate and tried to call Rheteric a Neanderthal and seemed to be calling him Robin Williams. ATM went into the rap cypher talking about how he has dangerous flows. He called his adversary's gay as a choreographed show. ATM tried to imply that the girls his opponent have sex with don't look so good. Carter Deems said Rheteric likes to dip his tortilla chips in Cadallack Ron open scabs. This round of the rap battle was a tie in my opinion.

In the second round of the rhyme battle Rheteric started his round in this rap cypher saying that it's all good and said dear diary. His performance was good Cadallack Ron accuses his adversary's of getting there asses kicked and listen to salt and pepper. Rheteric claimed that he would run up in there mobile home and take and screw there women. Cadallack Ron tried to mock ATM for his name and said his two adversaries look like decoys to catch a sexual preditor. His partner Rheteric then jumped in and seemed to be threatening to choke him with a pillow. He accused ATM of losing a battle because he enjoyed staring at Star Eater's his lips. Cadallack Ron tried to say that he would stab his adversary. ATM said his verse for his team calling his adversary's the definition of a broken wish. He accused his two opponents of not making sense and Carter Deems had seemed to bringing up how his adversaries talk junk about his shirt and claimed he was trying to escape the battle without getting stabbed in the back with a needle tip. He accused Cadallack Ron of having self destructive tendencies and said that his chin says he's from a broken down home but his mustache says lovely bones and finished off implying that his opponents were junkies. ATM said that his opposition looks like Captain Crunch. ATM asked his opponent how it feels knowing that he spent all of his money vein and Carter Deems made fun of Cadallack Ron's ponytail. In my opinion this round of the rap cypher was a tie.

In the third round of the rhyme battle Rheteric off by swaying that yea he is Dominican and called Carter Deems the most elite in competitive beer pong. He called him MC Helmet head. Cadallack Ron tried to subliminally call his adversary racist who loved the Cosby's. He said that his opponent is from New Orleans and enjoys watching Lord Of The Rings. They focused on accusing ATM of falling in love with Star Eater. He accused his two opponents of the n word when they are alone together. ATM started his verse and was cursing at his opposition saying that he would smash him and accused him of making fagot music and using recycled punchlines. Carter Deems jumped in free-styling as usual calling Rheteric a Mule and Cadallack Ron a heavy drug user. He started saying anything after a while to what is seems. ATM ran out of things to say to and was clearly trying to freestyle as well but they were funny and entertaining even so. Cadallack Ron and Rheteric won this round of the rhyme battle in my opinion.

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