Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Got Beef? Presents: Meta4gasmz vs Cryptic & Blue

Cryptic started rapping first talking about Decoy and seemed to imply that he invites people to his party and no one comes. He called his opponent a ship captain because he's still looking for his first mate and then said something about Sprungy. He said that it's amazing that he dates a chick that needs a face lift. Cryptic jumped in and said that he just came from the airport. Decoy then went in and started saying that Blue lives an unappealing life and wrist only feels comfortable when he feels the knife. He said that his challenger calls himself blue to represent how he feels inside. Sprungy then went to start freestyle rapping and said that he'd steal his adversary's life. Decoy said that he would hit his adversary with an upper cut and called him a punk. He made a reference to Lil John and his rivals penis and claimed that he was quoting a T.v. Show. He told him that his style is not Hip Hop. This round of the hip hop battle was a tie.

In the second round of the rhyme battle Cryptic went in and started rapping his first verse in this round and told him to admit it you're too scared to have judges. Blue went in and said his opponents would get destroyed and said he would have sex with his girl nicely. He made fun of Sprungy's breasts and said that he would suck a dick for a sandwich. Cryptic called his opponent a fat whore who chops her food with a hacksaw and made fun of his teeth Decoy then went in to rap and said that he can't tell whether his opponent is a man and said that his penis gets mistaken for an acne spot. Sprungy was talking junk about Cryptic and then said he can't wait until Blue drops dead then called them both stick insects. Decoy seemed to have finished his verse with a freestyle and seemed to have called Blue's girlfriend extra short. Cryptic & Blue won this round of the rap cypher.

In the third round of the MC battle Blue said that he fails to mention Sprungy because he's a fat drunk that no one pays attention to and said no one laughs with him they laugh at him. Cryptic accused Sprungy of stuffing his face and complaining about stomach pains. Then he said a punchline that he ended up messing up on his metaphor and he accused his adversary's of jacking men off. Blue then seemed to have made more fat jokes on Sprungy. In in this round of the cypher Sprungy said he didn't prepare for him and told him to get out of rap competitor and go to the skater shop. Decoy then went in and started rapping and had a lyrical flow and he claimed to hear planes. He told his challenger if he acts like a dummy he'd get treated like one. Sprungy jumped in to call his adversary a cunt again and ended with his drunk style of rap and told Cryptic to get away from him. Cryptic & Blue won this round of the match was a tie.

Cryptic started his rap verse making jokes about his anal accusing him of sodomizing himself. Blue brought up got beef 1 and said that he felt embarrassed for Sprungy as an Australian. Cryptic accused his oppositions of being the sorriest dudes in Hip Hop and paying men for orgasms. Decoy then went in to rhyme and was spitting that hot fire and said non one has ever heard of Cryptic before. Sprungy told the crowd to watch as he wreck a dike and called Chase wih a little bit of extra hype. Decoy seemed to have messed up when he was freestyle rhyming and implemented more homo jokes. Cryptic & Blue won this round of the cypher.

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