Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Grind Time Now Presents: Young P-ro vs Pro'verb

Pro'verb started the rap cypher first saying welcome to the DMV and claimed that it's the place where the guns go off. He said that if Young P-ro get red leaking out his shirt it's not sauce. He asked the crowd if they wanna know why his adversary is so soft and claimed that it was genetic. He called his rival's father a pussy and asked what would you expect. He said to name him after the DC sniper and asked him if he's the realest nigga there he said how so? He called is adversary an Alto and called him a dead man. Pro'verb claimed to have heard bloggers asking about who he was and told them to Google him. He told Young P-ro to say his name properly and told him not to forget the apostrophe. He said he would treat his adversary like monopoly and spit about robing him. He said that mentioned that his opposition claims Florida and tried to say that the state wasn't very hard. Young P-ro then went into the cypher spitting and said that Pro'verb's state is know for real nigga's asking the question but tried to say that his adversary was a punk. He compared his challenger to Charmin and said it better be a joke if he palms the steel then claimed that he was battling a comedian. He said that he would cut his life line cable and said he would kidnap his girl. He continued to joke about his opposition being a comic and said he would kidnap his girl and called him a flat screen. He had crazy punchlines This round of the rap battle was a tie in my opinion.

Pro'verb soon hopped in and called his adversary homo and asked if anyone is up-hauled as he was and asked him if he looked like a nigga from Martin. Young P-ro asked his adversary which hood he was reps honestly. He tried to call his adversary a crew hopper because he switched over from claiming one state to another. He asked what was next DC. He called his opponent a copy cat and accused him of working at Kinko's. He said that he'd walk in with a picture of his mother giving head and put it on a copy machine and tell him to copy it. He said living by an oil spill doesn't make him slick and called his opponent small time. he claimed that he is Ice Cube with a brick if his adversary is DE-boa. Young P-ro went into rap and started breaking down his opponents music and tried to say no one heard music from Pro'verb before. He then started to mess up on his lines which is a shame since he came all that way from Florida. He had funny metaphors about getting head from his rivals girl during this round of the rap battle. He said that he brought a couple home boys for shooting and claimed he would rush in his chick like The Soviet Union. He claims that his challenger gets cheered on stage just to leave at his concerts so he would leave. This round of the rap battle was a tie in my opinion.

In the third round of the match Pro'verb swore that Young P-ro was losing and accused him of not popping off. He said his adversary's real name is Jordan Bell and accused him of trying to take his name from him. He had southern slavery jokes and asked if he was suppose to be scared of his adversary. He said that his adversary looks like a dike and had math metaphors. He accused his adversary of using recycled bars and ended on himself. Young P-ro then went in to rap soon after claiming that he would earn the win and claimed to have brought the fire for Pro'verb. He claimed that he could make his challengers home boys scared and not have his back. He messed up and had a long pause He brought up Big T as well then his adversary was able to guess his rhymes. In my opinion Pro'verb won this round of the rap battle by a land slide.

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