Saturday, August 28, 2010

Grind Time Now Presents: QB vs Ms. Fit

Ms. Fit started the first round of the rap cypher off claiming that Young Gattas made QB digest magazines. Her rhymes were on the rehearsed spontaneous side in my opinion. She seemed to be claiming she would body bag her and claimed she would leave her on the beach alone. She said to beat her you need way more than Spanish jokes and said she ran miles and would X her opponent with a Calicoe. QB went in to rap next calling Ms. Fit a fagot rap bitch and accused her of trying to be thug but brought her back to reality telling her that she bleeds every month. She compared her image to a little boy and claims that her opponents pussy stinks. She compared her self to Arsonal and said she was a beast that can't be tamed. She threatened to beat her adversary's ass like a man and said her nigga's screw bitches with plungers. QB's finishing statement was thorough she won this round of the cypher for sure.

In the second round of the tournament Ms. Fit anxiously went into rap with a smile on her face and tried to imply QB was ugly. She said that she pops tops like Kennedy and called her self the first lady. She compared her to Chris Reeves and called her opponent flat chested. She accused her of throwing gang signs with her teeth and called her the reason blind dates ain't popping. She claimed she would drag her and made fun of her outfit. QB went in to rap next and countered Ms. Fit teeth jokes. She claimed to have holiday stlye choppers that would light her crib up like Christmas trees. She talked to her adversary like she was Pinocchio and called her girlfriend ugly. She said she would beat her down until she's the color purple like Whoopee and spread her legs and kick her in her pussy, it got a tad bit heated after that verse. QB won this round of the rhyme battle.

In the third round of the tournament Ms. Fit went in and called her self a dike bitch that's far from the average and said that murda ave gang is tossing them ratchets. She said for that lettuce it's off with QB's cabbage and if you look in her background it looks like Cortez is lip sinking her rhymes. She accused her opposition of looking like Tina Turner after her beating and accused her of sucking dick and said her rhymes were more than she can swallow. It's funny how QB isn't the Brooklyn chick but the way she went in to start rapping makes me think of how Lil Kim or Foxy brown would start if they were rap battling. She didn't hesitate to accuse Cortez of writing her rhymes and claimed to have analyzing her throughout the match. She even told a story about when she was out in Brooklyn then she messed up on her bars but hopped right back in and redeemed herself. She accused her opposition of being know for boosting and prostitution, I know this is off topic but that statement makes me wonder, but any ways she then went on to compare her lyrics to cocaine. Ms. Fit was consistent but QB won this round of the rap battle.

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