Thursday, August 19, 2010


KROOK started this rhyme battle first saying that it would be a one eighty seven in progress. He seemed to be spitting a freestyle and called SPIFFY a funny ass nigga. He threatened to break his adversary's face and said he would shake him up and leave him falling. He said his opposition that he ain't moving bricks and tried to call him a drug addict. SPIFFY went in to rhyme claiming that he wasn't worried about this competition and by the looks of his performance he wasn't lying because everything he spit was a freestyle. He said that he would beat KROOK's ass and said that the man would tattle after. He said his challenger wouldn't win and claimed to be having sex with his opponents mother. He said he got nigga's ready to snipe his adversary on the top of the monument. After awhile this wasn't even rhyming any more it kind of reminded me of maybe a drama class or something. KROOK won this round of the tournament with out a doubt.

In the second round of the competition KROOK said that SPIFFY wouldn't smack anything and that he only beats off. He threatened to cut his adversary's hands off and said that he would cut the guys hands off. He called his opposition a whore and said he would put him in trash can. He claimed to be on his Christmas and said that he was about to gift wrap his opposition. He called his adversary a clown wearing pajamas and called him the brother of Bin Laden. He claimed that his opposition is a square and mentioned Sponge Bob Square Pants at the end. SPIFFY started off calling KROOK a bitch and claiming that he has nigga's that would run in his shit. He said that he was free-styling which I could obviously tell. He ended by Talking about how people ain't laughing and said that he wasn't worried about it. KROOK won this round of the competition.

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