Tuesday, June 29, 2010

DON'T FLOP - InstinctiveXpression Vs Ayatollah Jigsaw

Ayatollah Jigsaw started this rhyme battle off first calling InstinctiveXpression an off key looking zombie who was first on his hit list. His rhyme verse was straight. He called his adversary a punk that used to get bullied in school an d use to whine. He spent a lot of his verse making ginger rap joke about his rival. He tried compare his adversary to Harry potter. He was slipping up a lot you can tell he was a bit of a dizaster waiting to happen. He held it together pretty descent in this round of the rap cypher. He tried to say that even his opponents mother didn't love him and he's a failure at life. InstinctiveXpression tried to call Ayatollah Jigsaw adversary a punk ass good boy who spit elementary rhymes. He also tried to say that his rival gets mad at the world and screams why he's so ugly. He even broke down the true meaning of his challengers name which means a saint in Muslim. This round of the battle was a tie.

I the second round of this cypher Ayatollah Jigsaw started off straight and probably would have got done better if he didn't stop in the middle of his verse for like 5 minutes straight .When he was rapping he continued to make Ginger jokes about him. He also tried to call him a wanna be Rastafarian. He also tried to call him a fagot who had dreams about Shaba Ranks. InstinctiveXpression started this round of the rhyme battle saying that Ayatollah Jigsaw could only get support if he leans on somebody. He had a funnier performance. He tried to imply that his challenger practices homo sexuality in his sleep. This round of the rap cypher was taken by InstinctiveXpressionhe was more funny and consistent.

In the third round of this rap battle Ayatollah Jigsaw let him know that he's not Jamaican. He said that his opponent is a vegeterian and continued to call his adversary ginger. He started off going in but he seemed to have forgotten his writtens and tried to recite them so he can remember but he ended up wasting 5 to 10 minutes of his rap verse. He started to real syllabic but eventually he died down and started spitting crap and tried to freestyle. He used the f and s word a lot. InstinctiveXpression confronted Ayatollah Jigsaws raps and made him look stupid. He flowed about how he used to play with Jig saw puzzles. He also called his opponents skills rusty. He implied that his challenger was a child molester. He had a syllabic rap flow as well. InstinctiveXpression won this round of the rhyme battle.


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Streetz vs Genie: AHAT.tv Rap Battle

Genie started the rap cypher telling his Streetz that he ain't real. He said that the his rival is a red neck that gets red when he raps. He called his adversary Master Splinter and told him he'll leave him down in his trap. He called his competition a bigger hater of Bush hater than the kids in Iraq. He was even getting on the other mans girl calling her nasty and all other types of names. He tried to say that he would turn his opponent crippled. He finished his verse off by saying that he has stamina and told his rival to ask his girl. Streetz came in to the cypher with his syllabic rap flow and was handling. It seemed like he tried to say that his adversary Genie lacked substance and called his rhymes BS. He called his challenger a clown swimming in a pool full of serpents. His last statement was to basically tell his opponent to take a shot at him basically. I would say that this round of the match up was a tie.

In the second round of the cypher Genie told his rival that the only way he cooked with powder was when he worked at KFC breading chicken. He called his adversary the AHAT version of Joe Dirt. He called his opponent weak with his grammar and as gangsta as Hannah Montanah. He tried to imply that the other guy is trailer park trash and tried to imply that the man was too skinny for his frame. Streetz started off this round of the rhyme battle trying to make fun of his mix tape. He said that the only reason Genie is battling him is so he'd have a story to tell. He continued to go sick with the syllabic raps that he spit. Some of his metaphors were a real riddle he kind of reminded me of the riddler from Batman. The last punchline Streetz said was to make sure that next shot he takes doesn't miss him. This round of the cypher was a tie as well because I like Streetz rhyme style better but Genie's bars hit a tad bit harder probably because his word play and point was clearer.


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Da Kid Vs. John John Da Don

John John Da Don and Da Kid started the rap tournament but they both seemed to have messed up. John John Da Don had some hard rhymes in the first round. He said that he got head from Da Kid's girl so much that he only recognizes her by the top of her head. He even made fun of Da Kid's Jays and called them fake. Da Kid jumped in next and finally got a chance to rap. Da Kid went hard when he was spitting and said he would slice his opponents face. Da Kid tried to say that his challenger is a fart whistler and called John John Da Don the type to call shot gun and end up in the back seat. Da Kid compared ripping his adversary to Hulk Hogans shirt. Both of these rhyme lyricists had thorough bars and hard punchlines but Da Kid had more so in my opinion he won the first round of this cyhper.

In the second round of what some may have called a freestyle battle even though I think they had written raps as well. John John Da Don went in next and made comparisons to picture cropping and his car system popping. He also compared his rival to inner tubes and 2Pac. Da Kid started off pointing out that John John Da Don rhymes timid and said he would take the tazer off the security and slap his challenger with it. He called his adversary's crew soft. He said he wouldn't give John John Da Don dap and called him a fruit cake. He made a reference to the pizza shop Papa Johns at the end of his verse, he tried to say that he was John John Da Don's father. In my opinion Da Kid won this round of the freestyle.


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Monday, June 28, 2010


mckims starts off by saying that he's the best and that he has never been to college but can show Virginia tecks, do you get it? He said he spit fire like a drag gun and his called tv a drag queen. He said that he was spitting dope flows and called his rival a crack fiend. He had a syllabic rap style throughout this battle. He compared his match up to child raping. He compared himself to white police in the south the way he'll stop a nigga. He said he's not a racist but he's a star that should be battling somebody on the A list. He said he'll shoot up his opponents house until his attics in the basement. He compare his adversary to a dutch. When tv started flowing in this rhyme battle asked if they wanted to look at his body before they close the casket but no one answered and compared himself to Jack Frost while his verses is lighter fluid. He repeat a few of his lines I guess because because he needed to since the audience was dead. He said that he would turn tv into an underground king like Pimp C and called his opponent a loose screw. The crowd was dead until he started upping the anti a little bit and rapping about mckims girl. He said that he would leave his challengers brain crushed and called his. my favorite thing that he said was choke him with the land line. This rround of the cypher was a tie in my opinion.

I like when mckims started off the best punchline he spit was when he said that tv made his point like when a basketball goes in a net. He compared his challenger to Master P. He had some thorough punchlines real talk. He said he would light up his opponents house like Christmas decorations. He said that Steve Wonders eyes could see that he is a better MC. He said that his adversary will never be seen with a belt unless he's getting his ass whipped. He compared his gun to Scary Movie and said you could see every clip plus a deleted scene. Tv started his rap verse and called mckims a skate boarder type of emcee. He tried to say that his opponent was looking at defeat for the second time and said it would get real ugly. I liked when Tv made a reference about blowing cartridges. He just made a bunch of thorough to punchlines referring to guns and shooting as usual. The lyrical rhymer known as Tv said his girl is the bomb because she has Asian in her. He tried to call his challengers crew lame. This round of the cypher was definitely a tie no body out shined anyone.

In the third round of this cypher mckims went in rapping about the same old stuff his guns and shooting the crap out of his rival. He said that he spits crack and called his opponent an addict. He said that he paints pictures with no paint brush. He seemed to have maybe spitting a freestyle towards the end of his verse. He ended by saying he got bars like a hockey mask. Tv went in next and spit fire. He was rapping about most of the same things as well guns and murder. He compared his challenger to Sailor Moon. He made a good reference to wrestling and Mick Folly at the end of him rhyming. I would probably give this round of the one on one battle to Tv because he had longer bars.




Puerto Rico vs Venom, AHAT.tv tryout Rap Battle

Venom anxiously went first and had a smooth flow and you can tell that his raps were written. His metaphor were hard but not that clever and animated all he did was spit murder raps. The only line I liked was when he said put your demo like a train put tracks on the ground. Puerto Rico spit with a freestyle you can tell. He's pretty good at putting rhymes together. He was straight but his delivery was a bit stronger. The best thing he said was when he tried to say he would put his adversary's tongue in the toilet I feel like he may have ended his verse a little too soon. I think this round of the cypher is a tie in my opinion.

In the second round of this tryout Venom fronted to like he was gonna do something spectacular but in my opinion his raps were straight. He compared himself to spider man. He compared himself to cashes clay. He continued to rap about shooting his rival. He said that he would his adversary was garbage like a Vegas stretch. Puerto Rico went in and started flowing right after. He said that Jessica James would come through with a strap on and get in his opponents butt hole. He continued with his hungry delivery was really holding his own. This round of the rap battle was a tie.


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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Daily Duels Presents: Duma vs SNK (Promo)

SNK started this lyrical cypher first with excitement but he couldn't quite finish off. He seemed to be forgetting his writtens. He tried to call his rival a prince while he is a king and he tried to say that it's a fact. He said that his adverasry does regular poetry I'm not sure if this is true. The last comment this rapper made referencing his opponents alleged tattoo. Duma spit his verse after he asked his adversary race. He said that the crowd doesn't react to SNK's rhymes because nothing he says is ever heard and said that it doesn't help that he stutters in every line which was kind of true. The last thing he told his challenger to take him self to school and learn something. This round of the rap cypher was taken by Duma in my opinion.

In the second round of this cypher SNK wasted no time at all going in. He told his adversary that he's gonna fall out the window and fall to his death and he started to forget his rhymes again and got surprised when no one in the crowd reacted to his raps. He seemed to comparing his opponent to Luigi. He continued to make racist raps about his egyptian rival talking about houses made out of sand in this round of the rhyme battle. Duma then went in and started flowing next. He called SNK's mother a Jay-z look alike just like Joe Camel. He said he knew some homo people that would beat his challenger's ass and dress him up like a girl. Duma won this round of the rap cypher.

In the third round of the rap battle SNK started his verse and messed up again. He accused his adversary of looking at his step brother. He compared his rival to a were wolf. He tried to call his opponent a pedophile. He was still forgetting his punchlines. Duma spit his rap verse next and straight up played his challenger. He basically tried to say that his rival is un cool and sounds slow and retarded and called his nick name 69 king a joke as well. He said that SNK friends only keep him around because he feels sorry for them. Duma won this round of the rhyme battle as well.


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AHAT.tv tryout Rap Battle: Agez vs Sober 1

Agez started the rhyme battle calling his opponent blessed to face him he had a lyrical approach. He made George Lopez rap jokes when he spit his lines which is a common thing for a whole lot of emcees that go up against Mexicans it's kind getting played out and whack but whatever. He claimed that his rival had no neck He tried to imply that Mexicans create swine. He brought up facts about his adversary's battle history and called him a bitch that ain't built for Vegas. He finished off by using a few spanish words. Sober 1 went in and spit hard you can tell he was rapping a freestyle but he had a bit of a slip up in the beginning. He said he would put his gun to his rivals mouth. The hottest thing he said was he's hotter than fat people rocking sweaters. Sober 1 ended the his verse by calling his challenger nothing but dreamer basically. Agez won this round of the cypher in my opinion.

Off the rip when Agez started to spit he called his opponent fat Zorro. He seemed to coming off the top with a freestyle. He said that he would dismantle Sober 1's whole platoon and said that he is guessing that his adversary's father is sober 2 he seemed to have messed when he was rapping. He had too many metaphors to count it seemed that O.D. stopped him early after Agez compared his rap skills to a circumcised penis. Sober 1 went in and spit that fire and said he wanted to make him end up in critical condition. He started losing concentration and saying nothing good. He needs to start battling with writtens in my opinion but I will say this he's good at spitting freestyle raps but not good at goine one on one with them. The best line he said was your a goose but this your last flight. Agez won this round of the cypher in my opinion based on having a little more consistency but not that much and his punchlines were funny and he had more of them but it doesn't hurt that he makes more sense.



Grind Time Now Presents: Cadalack Ron vs Knowledge Medina

Knowledge Medina started the rap battle spitting about how he would leave his opponent in a hospital stretcher because he came to get his positive record back. He called his rivals over. He called his adversary a fake in my opinion basically and that he should just keep on battling kids. The last rhyme he spit was a reference to Sean Conner. Cadalack Ron then went up to spit his verse next but not before criticizing his opponent's ability to put rhymes together. He started this rap cypher saying that he came to expose Knowledge Medina and said he was a bitch. He said that his rival never seen hard times and never seen crack and wasn't ghetto. He said the hardest time his adversary has in life is trying to figure out what hat to wear. He ended his verse saying that his opponent reminded him of a transvestite. Cadalack Ron won this round of rap battle in my opinion.

In the second round of this cypher Knowledge Medina wasted no time at going in. He said if his opponent had guns he wouldn't shoot him. He called his rival an ugly stripper. He mentioned Rhetoric throwing up L.A. backwards. He told his rival that he would grow in time but his style is retarded and for slower people. He tried to get on his adversary's rap style and he takes too long to get his rhymes out and called him the skeleton with the shades from the 9 5 eyewear logo. Cadalack Ron started his verse saying, "yo you wanna diss my music bitch?" He also continued to call his challenger a homo. He said that he had orgies with diseased ridden freaks while his rival was a geek jerking off to the Source every week. This round of the lyrical battle was a tie.

Knowledge Medina started this round of the rap cypher he started off saying that he heard his adversary's first album and it basically sucked. He also proceeded to male fun of the fact that his opponent uses drugs. He tried to say that his rivals kids won't live past birth I guess because he uses all those drugs and tried to call him an old man. Cadalack Ron went hard he didn't hesitate to spit those racist raps. He said that Knowledge Medina skin is so greasy it should come with a wet nap. This round of the rapping battle was a tie.


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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Grind Time Now/Golden State Bullies Presents: Cypher vs Prolix

Prolix started the rhyme battle with a minute on the clock his rap verse was sick. He had a strong syllabic rap style. He called his opponent an ass hole and called himself a dick. He said that he hopes to catch his rival performing at an aids benefit. He said that his bars are great and give ugly girls sexiness. He had one punchline that wasn't very hot to me because I didn't understand it about turning the gays into Mexicans. He said he would turn Burger king into a murder scene. Cypher started out saying that he was told to step it up so he came prepared to take out his competitor. He said he'll sneak up into him with a Louieville slugger and compared it to Dracula. He said that he's back on his a game now. He had referrences to Smack DVD URL. He said that his challenger was wasting his time. This round of the rap cypher was a tie.

Prolix had a dead verse this round and used big words. He first went in trying to imply that his rival was gay. He said that if his opponent does have a girl he'd rape the chick. People were quite when he spit his verse this round. Cypher began to rhyme next. He came with a thorough rap delivery and he assumed that his opponent is Asian I don't know if it was true. He told Prolix that he hates him because he's in his way. He compared his game to offense and told his challenger they need to re up. Cypher won this round of the rhyme battle.

In the third round of the lyrical battle Prolix went in trying call Cypher a homo. He said he had sex with his opponents girl friend. He tried to call his rival fat and tried to say that he was no stranger to onion rings. He said after he is done with Prolix he'll take on any Grind Time Rapper they have and he would line them up and body them. He said this battle was over from the start and said he wanted to throw his challenger in a jar. Cypher won this round of the rapping battle.


Vague Presents King of the Ring Myers Lansky vs Norm Bates

Myers Lansky started the rap battle with a cocky attitude just as most Lyricist's do now a days. He started off by speaking about what he heard about his opponent. He claimed not o care if his adversary had guns and said that there would be no way that he would get bombed. He said that he would make him go away like Atari basically. He used a big word or two like sogginess. He compared his rival to the duck hunt video game and made a reference to shoot him out the window. He compared his adversary to a step son. The last comment he made was in reference to the crew of his opponents. Norm Bates tried to say that his rhyme style was like fighting and when the round was over his challenger was gonna feel the pain. He had a rap flow that would be more relevant to put on a rap beat in my opinion. He also tried to say that he would stab rival up if he ain't got the heat up on him. He compared being gifted to Christmas presents. He compared Myers Lansky to jason with his mask off and called him feather soft like his winter jacket. Norm Bates said he's good at fighting but he doesn't ever swing. He compared his challenger to an ass hole. It almost seemed like he made up a word "animality". This round of the rhyme battle was a tie because both of these emcees were shaky.

In round three of this lyrical battle Myers Lansky went in but had to stop right quick because of a loud obnoxious crowd. He said that he heard someone say that he's gonna lose to Norm Bates. He compared this rap battle to making a bad gamble. He said that stays masked up and called him self a garbage man because his his opponent was supposedly trash. He said that he'll drown his adversary if you find him a big river. He said he's gonna torture his rival so bad that he will be wishing for the end. He said that he will stick pills down his opponents throat and call him Pac-Man. He called his rival rhymes the opposite of hot. Norm Bates went in when it was his turn to rhyme.He had a slick metaphor about trick or treating disguised as Myers Lansky's mother, that punchline was quotable. He even compared himself to Steve Erkle. He even compared his challenger to Joe Budden He ended off saying that he would basically shoot his challenger. I would have gave this round of the rhyme battle to Norm Bates but I feel like they ended his verse too quickly so in my opinion this round of the rap cypher was a tie.

In the third round of this rap clash Myers Lansky went in spitting that fire. He said that he's here to put him in his place. He tried to make a reference to Pop Eye. He compared leaving his opponent dead to taking insulin shots. He made the comment that he's no from Harlem but he said he's got a four fifth. He compared his guns lifting up his adversary to a chick putting her legs up in a porno flick. He continued with his cocky raps and compared himself to Johny Depth. He compared his rival to Ja rule after Fifty Cent. Myers Lansky ended with funny rap bars. Norm Bates went in to spit right after. Norm Bates started off telling his rap opponent that he's not a threat and he's mad trash. He brought up the fact that they both rep the Bronx. He tried to call his challenger a little nigga. He also made a reference to Pop Eye in his rhymes. He said based on his rivals last battle that it's evident that he doesn't have skills. He thought that Myers Lansky's last battle was to see who is the worst. He compared his opponent to Ray Charles because he can't see him but he can still feel it like. This round of the rapping battle was a tie as well it's way too hard to call in my opinion.




Friday, June 25, 2010

DON'T FLOP - Lyricist Vs ToeToe

ToeToe started this rap battle off He said that he hopes his opponent gets home and finds out that his house had been flooded. He said that he can't figure out his adversary's race. He said that his adversary's fore skin is gone and it ain't coming back. He called his adversary a mistake who's got raped by someone white. He told the crowd that he wasn't racist. He just seemed to be saying anything in his verse. He seemed to have ended rapping first Lyricist started his spitting his raps aggressively. He asked his adversary otherwise known as how he can mistake him for being Chinese and called him a racist. He called ToeToe a squawking bitch. I would say it was more entertaining when he was rap battling. He said that his challenger's couldn't be ill he caught a disease, called Chronicle his personal chewer and tried to imply that the man impaled his face. Lyricist tried to say that his rival in this battle had to ginger kids living in a T.P. and apparently one of them looks like Ronald Weasley. He said that battle rapper known as ToeToe threw his threw his kid through a wall and called him Redzer's little sister with down syndrome. Lyricist won this round of the cypher

ToeToe started his round off saying very little to nothing but he looked funny with his delivery it seemed like he was trying to improvise and freestyle but he couldn't quite pull up the words to spit. For some one from England he didn't sound very proper he didn't make much sense. He said that he forgot his rhymes and started to say something racist. Lyricist supposedly put ToeToe's business on blast about him and his girl having a miscarriage from what he described he found out by looking him up on Myspace but anyways he tried to say that his adversary's girl privately had an abortion because of their financial status. He then started calling his opponents kids homo. He made so many ho rap jokes in this round it's not even funny. Lyricist killed his opponent in this round of the rhyming battle.

In the third round of this rap cypher ToeToe continued to give up what could've been an easy win. He started off a little funny but his rhymes were inconsistent. He said something about hoping that his opponent grows older and called him a dick. Lyricist went in and started flowing right after and went right in and started talking about his bike. He also made more comments about his challenger's girl. He compared her pussy to trampoline springs the way it gets bounced. He said ToeToe's girl get banged all the time and goes to mis carriage doctors on a regular. He compared his adversary to Justin Beaver. Lyricist definitely won this round of the hip hop battle.


KOTD - Hollohan & Sketch Menace vs Daley & Bruce B

Bruce B started the rhyme battle for his team with a truly syllabic style of spitting. Bruce told his opponent Hollohan that it is un acceptable to lose your title to an American rapper. I think he was referring to his rival losing to Thesaurus. Daley accused a member from the opponents squad of craving drugs such as blow and meth. Then he turned and said tried to tell Sketch Menace that he wasn't such a great lyricist and compared telling him he's a good to telling a bum that he can dress. Bruce B than spit his verse next and put the Genius On Drugs otherwise known as Hollohan on blast and told his business about how he use to work at a pizza shop, It was funny how he put on the skit and then Daley put him on blast for his digestive problems and called his partner a wanna be fire man. The next up two rappers to spit was the opposing team Hollohan went first countering his rival Bruce B for trying to expose his secrets. He had a strong voice and flipped it by saying that he got fired for raping the waitresses and taking their tips then he said that he was the boss not a server he was a general manager. He tried to imply that he got demoted to facing unworthy challengers. That thorough lyricist known as Hollohan tried to get on Bruce B for taking his style while Daley got on him for being an Italian who wears Ed Hardy cologne and finished of by calling there team gay altogether. This round of the battle was a tie in my opinion.

In the second round of the cypher the battle rapper known as Bruce B started out twisting Daley's homosexual allegations and playing a joke with them. He told his opponent that he wants to hate him but he's way too cute and cuddly. He warned the girls that were in the building to watch out for his two adversary's because the two of them in the same room put women at risk for date raping. When it was time for Daley to spit his verse he told a story and he confronted a his opponents allegations and them that his son is only 9 months old. Bruce B said he gave his rival a.k.a. Hollohan a pill once and his jaw started shivering like he caught hypothermia. His partner in this battle Daley tried to say that if Sketch Menace has a girl he better propose to her because no one else wants his ass. It seemed like these rappers were finished a little sooner than expected but not that much. It was then time for there adversary's to spit. Hollohan the former King Of The Dot champion was saying his bars first. He chose to tell a story and said that Bruce B did crack with him and started tucking in his shirt and took out his glow sticks so that's when he decided he had to leave. Sketch Menace was the first to say that him and his team don't buy the tough guy act and that it's all talk and he was just blowing smoke like John Lock. Hollohan then jumped in next an wasted no time calling Daley lazy and his partner tried say that night out with him was nothing but a night popping prescription pills and watching Disney Films. Apparently Bruce B's favorite Disney Cartoon is Little Mermaid. The last thing he told one of the opponents is that he gave him life in the league and just as quickly he can take it away.

In the third round of this rap cypher Daley started it off this round and tried to say that Hollohan isn't going to the gym much anymore then tried to say that Sketch Menace was the biggest punk out of the two. Bruce B that his adversary got wiser when they told him to go against somebody his own size. His partner in this battle then made a statement about his partner and then told adversary's to get on there knees and kiss his shoes. Hollohan then jumped in immediately and started spitting his verse. He said he would take his arm off and beat Daley to death with it. He even spit about how he be at the gym getting himself into shape and up to par and his challenger Bruce B be wishing he could do the same and he felt like stomping him to the ground and using his lifeless body as a dead lift. He said that they left the gym to go to his house and drink then he tried to say Bruce was a little too much into his workout. Sketch Menace then went onto say that everyday he gets a text message form Bruce to come over so they can do Bench presses. Hollohan admitted to Daley that he gets aggressive when he raps and seemed to be threatening hit him. The ended this roun by calling his son a fagot some more. This round of the rap battle was a tie in my opinion.

In the fourth round of this rhyme battle the lyricist know as Hollohan said that Bruce B just obsessively wants to be like him. Sketch Menace proceeded to talk about Daley's girl he said he put her on her knees between the two battle rappers and nutted on her face, his partner claimed that she was so loose he stuck his hole arm in her pussy. These two rappers wasted little to no time telling everyone that there opponent walks now. They told there adversary's that if they release an album that they hope it does bad. Daley started his verse confronting every thing their two rival's said about his love life and kids. He called Sketch Menace a down syndrome fagot and Hollohan a leprechaun on steroids. Bruce B called Sketch Menace a BAD RAPPER with a mother who was a rape victim. He said both of his adverary's were so freaking sloppy it hurts and born into poverty and they were called so poor that they steal toilet paper from port o potty's. Daley tried to imply that his two rivals wanted to get married in a syllabic fashion. This round of the rap cypher was a tie as well.


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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Got Beef? Presents: Savij Tung vs Sprungy

Savij Tung started this cypher off first for this round. He started then he stopped I guess he forgot what he wanted to say so his opponent Sprungy started first. He started off by talking crap about his rivals girlfriend. These two rappers were pretty good to be drunk. He started out by saying that when it comes to rhyme battles his opponent is the worst. He said the only real reason his name is Savij Tung is because he ruins every verse that he spits an he's a bitch. He also said that his competitions girl has no tits but he'll still cum on them. Sprungy tried to say that he doesn't care if his adversary thinks that he is a bastard because he got some sex the night before Hanah White and apparently that's Savij Tung girl friend. This funny rapper even went so far to say that he played her because he's far too good for her. The MC tried to imply that he was the worst emcee in his country. He made the statement that New Zealand is a smaller cornier version of his country. The last thing this rapper spoke about was his adversaries last match up. Savij Tung started off this rhyme battle pretty good for a drunk person he held it together. This thorough spitter tried not to be a hypocrite. He told him what he could do earn his respect. He tried to imply that his challenger is a fat idiot. He tried to get syllabic during this round of the rap cypher as well. This lyricist told him to hop on a plane and go back to England. Sprungy won this round of the one on one battle.

In the second round of this very competitive somewhat lyrical match up Sprungy started it off spitting fire. He tried to say that his one one rap cypher's have more views than his opponents. He said that his rival claims to be hard. He was going off the top towards the middle of his verse. He said that he can tournament without rhyming because he is just that good. He said he'll beat his opponent up until he has no body. He even said that he'd cut off the guys head. His delivery was that of a crazy mans. Savij Tung wasted no time calling his rival the offspring of the little Britain cars. He said that he was kicking ass but he needed bigger shoes since he has kicked ass in his time but he said that boy was huge. He tried to say that Sprungy came more so to eat and not to battle and tried to imply that the man goes to sleep dreaming about deserts. He tried to accuse his adversary of using a splash instead of a swipe like the Grind Time Rapper Tiger ty. I would have to say that Savij Tung stayed more consistent throughout this round of the battle with less slip ups and won.

In the third round of this lyrical battle Sprungy seemed to be saying that his rival is from a country that has a rugby team called all blacks but every player is white. He said that Savij Tung's beard is worse than Dirtbag Dan. The crowd was laughing but he didn't seem to know why. He tried to call his adversary's raps inappropriate and say that it's like he adds another o to the vowel sound of everything he spits. He made his own reenactment of the man. The last thing he said was a question. He asked the crowd if they knew what his opponent says in his raps. Savij Tung than spit his verse soon after. He claimed to be about to give Sprungy a history lesson. He said something about using his cannibal instincts to eat them all until there is nothing left but his finger nails and genitals. He said that he' make the challenger his bitch and call him Elizabeth. He made a statement at the end of this rap cypher saying that they live in the southern hemisphere so it isn't football it's soccer. This round was a tie in my opinion.


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DON'T FLOP - Zenith Vs Mad Dash

Mad Dash started the rap battle and said from the beginning he said that he knew that he had a thousand things to say to Zenith. He tried to call his adversary's lips flotation devices. He claimed to have heard his opponents music and didn't like it. He said on Myspace his rival looks like a wannabe immortal technique. He said that his adversary rap about snorting come a lot. He told his opponent that he hopes he gets hit by a door in his nose and called it big enough for a genie to come out of it, that was a good one. He said that when his rival figures out that he's a not a good rapper he'll be on the streets singing with a guitar for money. Zenith started by saying none of those rap jokes you are saying is sick. He said that Mad Dash's girl gives him head and changes lip sticks so much his dick looks like a rainbow. He said that when his adversary was born his nose popped out of vagina first and the doctor thought she was growing a dick. He brought up that nobody cool came from South West london. He said that he just got a text that said some dudes car is out his rival's chicks house. Zenith won this first round of the rap battle.

In the second round of the hip hop cypher Mad Dash went in hard and said it was a relief for him to end his sentence. He brought up the fact that his opponent refers to himself as Zenith the Menace and asked why would he name himself after a cartoon character. He said that his adversary has a fetish for men with dresses and especially the kind with pink spots. He said that his rival goes on bike rides with his parents and said his mom and dad were probably mad because he ditched them to be in this battle. Mad Dash accused his adversary eating the muffin man and told him to hibernate before slices his face. Zenith started his verse calling his challenger a weak freestyle rapper. He asked his opponent why he was rocking captain America since they are in the U.K. He said that Concord doesn't exist any more because it's stuck on Mad Dash's face. The man also mentioned how his opponent raps with a ton of syllables and says next to nothing. Zenith called himself a mean guy who's raw when he speaks rhymes and told his challenger that he could have been his daddy but he pulled out.

In the third round of the rap cypher by Mad Dash saying "o.k. so this guys been in Spain". He compared his adversary's rap show to getting stoned alive. He said that he wanted Zenith to die of a coke overdose. He tried to say that his opponent is so stupid that he failed his driving test for a wheel chair. Mad Dash made a comment about his rival being able to sniff up a plane with his nose. He said that he would shit on his opponents face but the man is so wasted that he'd probably sniff that too. His last punchline was implying that his rival can't spit bars. Zenith started off making comments about his challengers girl friend. He started off saying that he would invite Zenith to Spain to watch bulls. He even tried to say that Mad Dashuses ecstasy and the only time he has big pupils is having fat people suck his dick. towards the end of this round he seemed to have ran out of rhymes and started trying to improvise spit off the top. Zenith seemed to have wo this round of the rhyme battle.

In the fourth round of the cypher Zenith went hard talking about how isn't pussy whipped and said that he would penetrate Mad Dash's girl until she suffers from internal bleeding. Zenith brought up old punchlines that his adversary supposedly used. He talked a bout swinging on his opponent. He tried to challenger gay. He bragged that he already beat him in 3 words. When his opponent known as Mad Dash made his debut into this round of the rap cypher he had much to say. He countered all the references Zenith made to the girlfriend that he doesn't have. He said his rival would have to puke up his lungs in order for people to think that he's sick a rapping. The winner of this round of the lyrical battle in my opinion is Zenith.


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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

DON'T FLOP - Bony Vs Nu-Centz

Nu-Centz started the first round of the rap battle. He tried to say that Bony his opponent was a queer ain't never sold a bag of smoke. He said that there was no way he was gonna lose to his rival in this competion. He was thorough at putting syllabic rhymes together. He told him on the way home he hopes that he has a stroke and falls down the stairs which was mean as hell. Nu-Centz tried to say that his adversary didn't deserve his last victory and had an unfair crowd and that he shouldn't feel proud of it and that his girl only like him because she can take advantage of him. He tried to say that his adversary stuffs his ass with soap. Bony started the rap battle trying to say that Nu-Centz was a Colly flower head a new sense closet homo that fantasized about having sex with his friends and said that his opponent likes to play rodeo on a guys leg. he even made rap jokes about his challengers scent. He said that Nu-Centz went from being cool to being nerdy to being the hardest working man. Bony said that Nu-Centz plays X Box under the nick name sneaky Charly. The last thing he tried to imply was that his competitor only appealed to depressed teans. This round of the rhyme battle was a tie.

In the second round of this rap cypher Nu-Centz started off by asking anybody if they feel any different because some thing about his competition seemed queerish. He said that his opponent is spitting multi syllables like he's missing a gear. He called his rival Nu-Centz while him and his posse is way ahead. He continued to rap with syllabic rhyme flow in this round of the cypher. The last good thing he told his adversary was to keep on sucking dick in his Youtube comments. Bony spit his verse next. He told a rap story about when he got a text from Redzer about the rap cypher. Bony threatened to smack him in the dome for messing with him and attack him in his home as well as jack him for his phone. He said he'll bash him with a chrome pipe and slash them and called him the equivalent of a sitting duck. Bony made the point that talking crap when you rap means nothing if you can't back it up. The last statement he made was that he sounds like Daffy duck. This round of the rap battle was a tie.

In the third round of the hip hop battle Nu-Centz started this round of the battle by asking the crowd would someone please punch him in his fagot mouth. He said his Dj mixes were the worst out. He said that Bony needs to practice his speech more. He compared his opponents wins to double penetration porn. Bony started his rap verse referring to Nu-Centz as a Don't Flop mockery and called him a dweeve that's caught up in Hip Hop dreams. Bony went in hard with the syllabic rhymes during this round. He said make Nu-Centz run for cover then fuck his rivals her and leave his opponent with another brother. Do you get it? he called his opponent a dummy at the end. This round of the rap clash was a tie.

In the fourth and last round of this rap clash Bony started it off. He said that Nu-Centz thinks he's mister perfect with a big ego until he said to asked his girl if he looked good in speed-owes. He tried to say that Nu-Centz goes up to kids with a bag of Doritos and they just look like him like he's pedophile. He said that his adversary peaks through the key hole when his mother is changing. He told his challenger that he has some nerve and said that his rival got his rap name from his mother. The first thing Nu-Centz asked was about his adversary's confidence. and told him to shut his rotten mouth. He said that Bony looks extra freaky and gives him the hee-bee jee bees. He called opponent the prime product of a crystal meth rack. Nu-Centz told his rival to compare losses with his friend for his last statement and won this round of the rap tournament


WeGoHardTv Rap Battle K.M Vs Prince Da Velly

Prince Da Velly started the lyrical battle the first thing he said was he'll smack K.M and he has sex with all the same girls that hi adversary wifes up. He tried to say that he a gangter he'll give K.M the Hearse I didn't think it was that hot but the crowd did. He said that he leaves peoples family members missing.Prince Da Velly claimed to be chopping dudes up and leaving there arms in kitchens. He told K.M that it was easy to divide him because he ain't long division. He called his adversary a bitch who's rolling with sissies and threatened to get clapped in the park as he referred to him as the bastard that isn't touching him in skill. He compared the battle to Jarule verses Hip hop rapper 50 cent. Prince Da Velly claimed that somebody said his budget was low and they wanna give him a check again. It sounds like he already has a record deal or something. He said that his rival looked like Ray Masterio from wrestling. Prince Da Velly referred to his rival as a gerbal with ear rings that belonged in the pet store. He said he'd smack up his adversaries whole squad and doesn't care and claimed that his gun is never empty. This dude said he could get the three musketeers killed. He told K.M that nobodies feeling him. He said his guns like zip locks easy to stash. Prince Da Velly said his opponent doesn't play with guns he plays with darts. He said if you wanna be GOODZ I'll put you in your own can. K.M started his round of the cypher with a confrontational approach airing out the truth because his challenger was supposedly rapping like he was hard. He said the only time that dude is shooting is on Grand Theft Auto. He seemed to be an Mc with a good presentation and delivery but his rhymes are questionable. He tried to say that he would have Prince Da Velly like Anne Frank. K.M said who ever thinks he's nice sucks dick. I don't have much to say about the boy K.M for this round but his bars weren't all that good. Prince Da Velly won this round of the rap cypher.

In the second round of the street battle Prince Da Velly said that this was the last race even though they had one more round left after that. He called K.M a dike and a queer who always raps about his guns that he grips in the air. He said he's gonna screw his adversaries mother and his bars are s trash that he wanted to laugh at him. He tried to say got that his rival hiding from him everywhere even online. Prince Da Velly called K.M a snitch. He said that his money is straight like pressed out hair. He called his opponent a bitch your a mommas boy and your pops was never there for ya and said his mother use to cop dimes but now she's copping nicks and tried to say that his mother buys him his gear with the money she make from being a whore. He said that if K.M acts up he'll get the same treatment as Kobe got from Chris Giles. The last good thing Prince Da Velly said that he'd catch his adversay slipping like Amillio from Dangerous Minds. His opposition started otherwise known as K.M started rapping next and had much to say but first off he started by apologizing for his slip ups in the last round. K.M seemed to be freestyling He started out calling his rival a bitch that he was gonna bury and calling another rapper out from the crowd. He told Prince Da Velly not to play with him because he got guns and clips and called his challenger a broke nigga that looks like a nomad and said that he's about to lose his home boys money. He called his adversaries mother a crack head and said that the got the white on the side like dry mouth. He said that Prince Da Velly's mother sucks dick for coke. He said he'll let the bullets give him attitude adjustment like John Cena. He tried to say that his challenger is unknown when he asked him who he is. He was rapping about trying to run up in his adversary house. K.M messed up on his last rhyme and Prince Da Velly won this round of the rap battle.

In the third round Prince Da Velly started off spitting that fire. He said he shoots shots like a photo who's gonna get that next flick. He went to spit about all of the rings he got and said he'll take every chain every watch away and necklace that K.M has. He claimed that he didn't eat dinner yet and referred to his adversary as being breakfast. He said he would smack a little nigga who's only sixteen like a fiend. Prince Da Velly compared this round of the rhyme battle Fight Klub. He called called his opponent garbage. He was gonna go in some more but they stopped him. K.M continued with the strong rap delivery and call his challenger and there crew apple sweet. He had the presence but not enough of the rhyme content to go with it and he moved around real fast you can tell that little dude can fight by the looseness in the way that he was bobbing and weaving and his energetic ass movements but anyways it didn't help him win this round of the cypher. Prince Da Velly won this round of the rhyme battle.





Tuesday, June 22, 2010


DIGGZ & RED FRECK started the tag team battle. They said ASHWIN & YESH teaching them a lesson is like Barack Obama being re-elected like Magic johnson having sex without protection and getting re-infected, or catching Osama Bin Laden with weak protection ,asking honor can I please come back with bail I need a second, Tony Starks armor being defective, piranha not eating breakfast, or Young Berg in the club begging for his necklace. They threatened their too rivals to leave or else they would shoot them. DIGGZ & RED FRECK also made fun of there adversaries ears. They tried to impersonate there two indian arabic rap challengers and say that they work at a sweat shop making little to nothing and said DIGGZ specifically said at lunch they make paper planes and throw them at boxes pretending they are towers while the RED FRECK reenacted it out. DIGGZ tried to call ASHWIN an in the closet homosexual and made an interesting reference to C4 the last punchline that they spit about Pakistan having a target on every corner was tough. ASHWIN & YESH were there opponents and stepped in the battle to defend themselves. YESH spit first and compared himself to RED FRECK saying that that he meth coke and crack. ASHWIN stepped in and made a comment about his rivals calling themselves animals and said he would torture them until they file a law suit against him. YESH spit with a strong delivery and described what it was like when they attack and seemed like ASHWIN tried to say that the only time they get shot is for rabies which was on the un predictable side. YESH said they got the heart of a hyena with the charge of a cheetah. ASHWIN said he understood why those babies wanted to shout because they are trying to impress their daddy aka Lethal. He said being Ice Grill is the only way that you shine and stay in peoples mouths. YESH had more rap jokes for the RED FRECK and claimed that DIGGZ associated with him was to make himself look better. They seemed to have stronger punchlines. ASHWIN tried to say that if there opponents are brothers that they aren't blood related. This round of the rap cypher was a tie it was too hard to tell.

In round 2 DIGGZ & RED FRECK started off making fun of these rappers names and there and tried to call one of them parappa the rappa. DIGGZ said that they call his brother cold blooded and RED FRECK said he slapped the dots off there forhead and back on his cheeks. DIGGZ tried to say that he he thinks before YESH eats his pet he says grace. He said for every freckle on RED FRECK's face there is a kid in India starving. These two rappers tried to imply that the only time ASHWIN and YESH is fresh is off their camel and donkey or when you refer to them just leaving their country. DIGGZ & RED FRECK tried to say that they would bash there rival's head until it's wrapped like a hindu. They tried to call ASHWIN & YESH Jafar and Aladin and asked why they are fighting over her when she had sex with mad men. DIGGZ came back with the fact that they are foreign and said that him and RED FRECK hate their accent and said referred to kicking their ass.They tried to say that ASHWIN is the only good rapper out of the two which I totally disagree with. The last thing that they said was no one cares about you. There two adversaries ASHWIN & YESH were up next and would have much to say. ASHWIN called both of his rivals jokes. He said they couldn't O.D. If they were getting high off drugs basically. YESH made a statement about keeping his cool when animals attack and compared RED FRECK to the pokemon character pikachu and even though I do think that's a good rap name because it's unique, it does sound like the name of a pokemon well anyways he also played him with an ugly joke. YESH said that the RED FRECK ain't got the right to be talking about the dots on anyones forehead and told his adversaries how he throws punches from every direction and asked them how they plan to duck. RED FRECK rides the dick to go everywhere since he can't drive according to YESH. This round of the rhyme battle was a tie.


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Texas Battle League: Blaze Won vs. Core

Blaze Won started the cypher talking about how he heres a whole bunch of stuff from over analytical online rap fans. They apparently have criticized him in the past about having played out Fight Klub punchlines. He compared Core a young bum looking version of George Lopez. He claimed that he was gonna brake him down to the Core just like his rap name,Do you get it? He said he rather be judged on thousands of name flips when he raps instead of digging up dirt about his opponents and using personal info to win a rap cypher. He said he'll shoot Core in the forehead if he even thinks about taking his corn bread and said that Core Looks like Cortez. Blaze Won compared himself to Don Corleone. His advesary otherwise known as Core he called his raps foolish and his flow is generic and he shout be embarrassed for even trying to rhyme. He claimed that he's just gonna keep losing his battles especially to him. Core compared his own rap game to Labron James basketball skills. He tried to say that Blaze Won under estimated him and is a fake thug that nobody respects. Core claimed that his foe claims to keep heat but wouldn't squeeze a lama at at a petting zoo and tried to call him a nice white guy because he doesn't give real daps he gives high fives. The rapper know as Core was getting syllabic with putting rhymes together at times. He said that his foe get has a bi-guy watching his blind side at night time. Core said he lacks the patience for someone who's fake. He called Blaze Won a drag queen that wore a purse and said it probably humiliated his father and told him to go back to Dallas because he just killed him in a this battle in round one like the Spurs and the Maverics. Core won this round of the battle in my opinion.

In the second round of the cypher Blaze Won gave respect to the San Antonio Spurs but referred to there rappers as being fags. He went as far to say that he's a cross over between Marcus Garvey and Pimp C and compared to being somewhere between his feet and the concrete so he said that he was gonna stomp him down. He warned to Core to retreat with his nuts tucked and to keep his lips sealed and gums shut. Blaze Won told his adversary you wouldn't squeeze triggers and duck hunt you would't throw dirt at a dump truck and the only keys he ever pushed was an F sharp major. He called himself a nextel GTS and his opponent a skytel pager. He said that Core and his friends be having T parties. Blaze Won tried to say that all his adversary does is make rap jokes like Steve Harvey. He ended his verse rapping about shooting away his rival and their posse. Core started rhyming next and said that he doesn't have to cuss a lot or rap about busting shots. He said that Blaze Won is a scared timid type of man. He called him a cock loving sucking jock and asked him how is his name blaze when he ain't never said nothing hot. He said that his rival isn't packing a full clip and his act was amusing and it made him happy that he only had one ear so he doesn't have to listen to half of what Blaze Won spit. He called his adversaries rapping useless. He tried to make jokes about Blaze Won's lyricist skills. Core asked when did uncle cracker become such a punk ass rapper. This round was a tie.

In the third round of the rhyme battle Blaze Won claimed that Core his opponent was finished. He said this battle is like Danny Daveto going up against someone with the strength of Dee bow. He said his rival still goes to the restaurant and orders chicken strips off the dollar menu. He ended by spitting about how he tea bags on Cores chicks face and tried to imply that his opposing challenger kisses her right after. Blaze Won messed up on his rap lyrics right after he said that and didn't even finish the battle. His rival Blaze Won was next up to rap.Already lost He told him that he could try all that he like even though he already lost. Core said that Blaze Won lies when he rapsand he said that Blaze Won's vagina is tight. He said that his challenger kept on licking his lips. Core's last statement was that Blaze Won will always be hot because he'll never have fans and in my opinion he ultimately won the rap battle.


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Monday, June 21, 2010


LEV started the rap battle He asked YOUNG ALE,"So you gonna be clapping them shells". He called his cypher opponent weak and frail. He asked his opponent how he called himself Al when there is an Eat the end of his rap name, he tried to get technical and grammatical. He called this battle a lame fight and he asked the crowd why they got him battling a retard that can't pronounce his name right. He even got on his opponents hair do. He tried to say that YOUNG ALE was rocking a Dominican mullet and asked him what was up with his voice and asked him if he swollowed a frog? LEV said YOUNG ALE sounded like Reggae-ton version of Hollow Da Don. LEV said YOUNG ALE would have a harder time winning this battle then Lethal does saying the S sound. He also said that YOUNG ALE has a Dutch Vega gap that he can fit a blunt through and said that the crowd was riding his opponents sack. YOUNG ALE started his verse of this rhyme battle bringing that heat. He had a some what disturbing rap delivery. He said that Lev would levitate from a gun shot and asked him what he's gonna do and claimed that Lev was talking junk online. YOUNG ALE compared his guns to Bret Favre and Mike Tyson. He claimed that he was psycho. YOUNG ALE used a reference from the movie don't be a Menace. He tried to call Lev a groupie. He made up or it was true a story about his rap challenger talking junk about him on the internet. He had his boy jumping and say the last rhyme of this battle. This round of the punchline battle was a tie.

In the second round of the rhyme battle Lev brought up history about YOUNG ALE on this cypher. He said the best thing his opponent was a Lil John style chorus. He claimed that YOUNG ALE was mad at Lev for turning his girls body into his own personal playground and he said that she swings on his dick. Lev called him a fat bitch like the girl who ad libs for Ice Grill and was trying to say that Lev says his rhymes loud as hell to cover up the fact that they are corny He compared his teck to a red card. Lev said he wouldn't lose to his opponent implying that he looks like the guy who played a pirate in the tripple play commercial. YOUNG ALE started off rapping about how he'll shoot Lev. He said that he gives people nightmares that Freddy wouldn't step into. He said that Lev would't say a hot line if he burned his mouth. YOUNG ALE compared himself to and claimed to be in the category of Eminem, Jay-z, Lil Wayne mixed with Obama while Levis more like Soulja Boy Hurricane Chris mixed with Lady gaga . This round of the Hip hop battle was a tie in my opinion as well.

In the third round of the rhyming battle Lev went hard at putting rhymes together. He said he'd leave him under water like an oil spill. He said with a syllabic rap style he would respect YOUNG ALE skills better if he didn't use punchlines that have already been used. Lev said his opponent looks more like a dick than a Gatorade bottle. He ended spitting with a unique witty hip hop performance. YOUNG ALE was all deliivery with no good metaphors worth quoting.He compared his bullets to Viagra. He said he'll treat him like a video game make him do a 360 and said I know you mad because I'm styling on you. YOUNG ALE said his homies will start wilding on his rhyme challenger. Lev won this round of the rap cypher.



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DON'T FLOP - Bigg Cuz Vs Stowaway

Bigg Cuz started the rap battle Bigg Cuz spit with a grime rap style of delivery but he seemed to be rapping with a quiet voice. you can tell he memorized his rap verse. He kept on forgetting his rap battle lyrics. He started over his his rap lines like one two or three time. I heard his punchline but they are too elementary. Stowaway was a hundred times better and has a syllabic rap flow. He was truly great lyricist. He said that his rhyme style is different from his challenger at the begginning of this cypher and referred to be for copied from a kid. He said he would piss on Bigg Cuz's dinner and give his kid sister the middle finger.He said Bigg Cuz's girlfriends naturally habitat is on the side of a lake and basically tried to call her an animal. Stowaway's time was up before he could finish. In my opinion he won this rap battle.

In the second round of the rhyme battle Bigg Cuz said Stowaway was spitting some dumb raps like a girl. He tried to get syllabic with the rap flow but his delivery was still hard silent and didn't grab anyones attention. His rap rhymes were not all that good at all and he kept on messing up and had to start rhyming again with his rehearsed lyrics. Stowaway tried to say thay he's not tough and says that Bigg Cuz is a fake thug with no real character or personality and he has a picture of him holding a gun on his facebook. Stowaway said that Bigg Cuz looks like a childs drawing of a rapper. This MC said just because he talks and looks street but it means nothing and that he is a chipmunk. He tried to say that if Bigg Cuz is slanging drugs Stowaway is Big Pun. His last punchline suggested that Bigg Cuz could not win this battle eventhough if was using drugs.

In the third round of the lyrical battle Bigg Cuz tried call Stowaway a pussy. Bigg Cuz continued to mess up on his rehearsed raps. He was still rapping with that dull rap voice and corny rhymes. The last thing Bigg Cuz told his rap opponent was to cry to his father. Stowaway claimed to be keeping his verse factual and to the point.He said he seen Bigg Cuz shaking to Craig Davis in the night club. He said he flowis crazy naturally. Stowaway won this round of the rap cypher.

Grind Time Now presents: Sonny Bamboo vs Johnny Storm

Sonny Bamboo started this cypher and he was truly ready off the bat with a syllabic rhyme style and he tried to say that Johnny Storm has no rhythm and is a no name in his own state of Rhode Island. He called Johnny Storm a puppet who gets his strings pulled while he does Mexican hat dance and he called him an Avatar. Sonny Bamboo said he would body his rap opponent and they would make him a monument. Johnny Storm said they thought his match with his challenger would be a funny promotional rap battle because his rap career is going down the drain. Johnny Storm tried to basically say that say that Sonny Bamboo underestimated him and said that he's afraid to step up to the plate to face the greats and that Sonny Bamboo rather see him do it instead. Johnny Storm told his challenger that he looks like the same size as Hank hills father. His last statement was that in California Sonny Bamboo would be the lowest tier. This round of the cypher goes to Johnny Storm in my opinion.

In round two of this lyrical battle Sonny Bamboo seemed to have step up his rap bars.He started off the rap battle saying that him and someone else is gonna run a train on his girl and hen he sees Johnny Storm's house he's gonna smash it in. Sonny Bamboo made some goods points. He made fun of Johnny Storm's voice and word pronunciation. He basically let his opponent know that he doesn't care about being small or not because at his height he can see easily that his lyrical opponent has no heart.Sonny Bamboo bragged about how he makes money off of Johnny Storm's Grind Time Youtube rap battles Johnny Storm started off rhyming about how paleSonny Bamboo's skin tone is and told the crowd not to listen to Sonny Bamboo. Johnny Storm called Sonny Bamboo a troll. He said his challenger is so small that if he went down on a girl he'd be sucking her toes. Johnny Storm somewhat of a laughing stock of Sonny Bamboo. This round of the rap clash was a tie in my opinion.

In the third round rhyme battle Sonny Bamboo named a bunch of Grind Time rappers including Johnny Storm and said they all ride to battles in one car and it's a 2 seater. Sonny Bamboo had one of the deepest punchlines that Iever heard about Johnny Storm's mother being. He finished off his rap verse talking about how he wanted to barry Johnny Storm in the same slump that his state has been in. Johnny Storm said that Grind Time is gonna make a lot of money this year and won't give him any because he's corny. Johnny Storm continued with the small man rap jokes.this round of the rhyme battle was a tie.



KOTD - Grand Prix Finals - Loe Pesci vs Arcane

Loe Pesci started the rap battle he wasn't hesitant to talk about how he toured the nation to represent for Canada. He accused his opponent Arcane of harassing foreigners. He said he wanted to get piffed up and heard that that Arcane had that white rhino but he was talking about his ecko jeans. Loe Pesci brought up the fact that he had so many views and that Arcane got his views off of somebody else. He said on Halloween Arcane was harassing his black neighbors on Holloween. Arcane spit fire when it was time for his verse and making jokes about his challengers nose . He said that Loe Pesci like snorting coke. Arcane asked him why is he always touching his nose he has no expensive heat. Arcane tried to say that Loe Pesci is having an identity crisis because his real last name is Kumar an Arabic last name and he this is the second last name he used with an Italian ending. He tried to say that Loe Pesci thinks he's Joe Pesci. Arcanesurely won this round of the hip hop cypher.

In the second round of the rhyme battle Loe Pesci said Skelly's girl wants to beat Arcane up I don't know if it's true but I guess it's worth speculation. He started out with a pretty good dam performance. He tried to call Arcane an old man and he started off thorough but he started to messed up and forget his punchlines. He had more old people rap jokes. Loe Pesci tried to call Arcane a racist some more and said he has African female slaves in his basement like Abrham Lincoln. Loe Pesci seemed he was little madder. He finished off by saying he'd chop Arcane up and place him in compartments for everyday of the week. Arcane decided to give him racial rap jokes since he kept on talking about and brought up the fact that Arabians don't shave. Arcane tried to say that Loe Pesci is ashamed of his heritage. He even brought up the fact that Loe Pesci's father has a diner and he works there in the back doing dishes supposedly. He said the food had an awful taste and his father asked him is the food o.k. so he called him names. Arcane won this round with his racist punchlines.

In the third round of the cypher Loe Pesci said that in World War 1 he survived the collapse of the Austria Hungarian empire. He said Arcane is on some magic shit. He said that Arcane works 7 days a week at Ikea. Loe Pesci said that Arcane slip past each round like Neo from the matrix. Loe Pesci started to slip up during his round of this cypher. In this last round of the rhyme battle Arcane put Loe Pesci's real business out on the table about him molesting his sister. He said he was gonna brake his Ikea check to give Loe Pesci money to get a hair cut. Arcane said at the end of the battle that his opponent needs to step his life game up. Arcane won this round of the one on one battle.


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Sunday, June 20, 2010


King started the first round of this cypher talking slick about breeze's mother and said she has a draw full of condoms. King tried to imply that breeze had a crush on a transvestite. He said that breeze has rap jokes and he would slap him until his neck breaks. King tried to say that breeze tried to call his father on him who is gonna call the cops on him. Breeze started his verse of the rap battle. He started off talking about Kings girl and said he'll send him deep to catch a bullet. He called King all types of names a fagot and everything. Breeze even said that his Mc opponent King better do the right thing like Spike Lee. Tis round of the rap cypher was a tie.

In the second round of this rhyme battle King pointed out that Breeze called him a young nigga but when they both the same age. He said he'll punch him in his mouth untill his jaw starts to swell. He said he would shoot Breeze but too many people are snitching now days. He said that King doesn't pop guns but he works at Wal-Mart. He said that Breeze can't smoke weed because he works for Wal-Mart so he can't smoke weed but he smokes all the black and Milds. My favorite punchline that king said was,"take a shit on your world and wipe my ass with your stars. He said thast he heard breeze was bitch when he kicked it with his grandma He gave a shot out to Atlanta and Savanah Georgia King said he freestyles all day because he ain't got to write. He said that his young boys would take Breezes swag then go and sell it. Breeze started his verse off telling King to go to church if he want to be save because he'll put money on his head. He said he would swing a bat at King's head like Ken Griffy. He said he'll shoot a chunk off of King's face. Breeze referred to himself as being top seeded and said if you mess with him you'll be at home trying to count all of your stitches. His raps were extra cocky. He accused King of getting bitch slapped back in high school. The best punchline that King said was, "watch this bitch nigga run like he got a lot of legs." This round of this cypher was a tie.

In the third round of this rap clash King said that he was gonna shift his attention towards some others. He said seemed to be calling out a few rappers. He said that Breeze was rocking his brothers chain. King said fuck 50 and he was referring to the rapper fifty cents. King said Missy Elliot should come and pick a couple of niggas up. He called Breeze a hoe nigga. King told Breeze to get the bread in aisle 10. Breeze started his verse calling his rap challenger a dwarf in the beginning of the rapping battle saying that he would leave King dieing in the freezer section. He called King a fagot. He brought up the fact that his opponent is from Newport News and the were in Norfolk, Virginia. He said he was gonna punch King in the face and he tried to bring up that his challenger went to every private school academy in his school days. Breeze seemed to be freestyle rapping towards the end of his rap verse. He finished off by saying he would getting King hanged with his chain. Breeze won this round of the lyrical battle.



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BIGG K started this round of the rap battle and he let the crowd know that the first thing his rap opponent is probably gonna bring up the fact that he is white. BIGG K said he could beat LIL NAY's ass and had cross eyed rap jokes on him. He said he would put him in the bone yard and slice him up and said if his challenger can't see the future or he probably wouldn't have came. He had a lot of references to wrestling in his rap verse. He told LIL NAY to put treble in his voice. Big K finished off by saying he got enough guns to take on Megatron. LIL NAY started his spitting about his rap track record. He said when he first started people were calling him garbage and asking him what he's rhyming for and now it's 12 battle raps later. He said people on Youtube are looking him up now and trying to him face to face and he said thats there first mistake. He said he was struggling last year without a dime. He said screw shaking hands after the battle and screw Virginia but let me remind you the rap cypher was in Virginia so the crowd was iffy to that statement he made. He said he would drag Big K all up and down the coast of Virginia. He called Big K and LIL NAY's Magic Johnson. This round of the rap cypher was a tie.

BIGG K started this round of the rap tournament the first thing he said he'll rob LIL NAY out of his sneak and poke him until the blood is squirting in to a fountain stream. He said that his opponent saying weak punchlines no matter how hard he screams. BIGG K said that he never lost a battle because he stays consistent in his training and basically said he would stomp LIL NAY's face to a waffle. He also spit funny rap insults about his opponents lazy eye. He said grimey things about LIL NAY. BIGG K said he should spit on his Mc challenger. He tried to call BIGG K's head big and tell him that he needs to find another head that fits on him and said, "if god don't like ugly I'll bet he'll put out a hit on you" Thats the best punchline I heard all week. He said that LIL NAY looks like a catfish in the face and ended by telling him to give up the money and go back to Maryland. LIL NAY started his verse saying he knows that BIGG K doesn't want to see him when he spazzes out. He called BIGG K pussy and said he would never shoot. He said he said he he'll put knife in him like a cabinet. He said he would put BIGG K and his whole crew in a box and basically said if he snitches he loses his life. Based on punchlines BIGG K won this round of the rap battle.

In the third round of this rapping battle BIGG K rebuttaled LIL NAY saying he's nothing but rap jokes but he said he'll punch him in the face. He said LIL NAY's flow is nothing to raving about. He said operates his trap house with a k in the couch. He said he got weed that be stinking like it's dead. BIGG K said why is he trying to rap when he can't even talk right. He said LIL NAY is so ugly that when he seen him on Youtube he thought they used special effects. He said LIL NAY is from a hood full of clowns. BIGG K said his eyes look like bug antennas. He said he does this for his little homeboy who ain't got nothing going for him but a rhyme that he wrote. LIL NAY tried to confront BIGG Ks Youtube raps. Dam LIL NAY kept on saying disrespectful things about Virginia but it's would be hard for hi to win the prize money if he kept it up especially since he was in there state. LIL NAY said you don't want his niggas stalking him and ended his verse saying that he says whatever he wants to say.




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