Monday, June 14, 2010

DON'T FLOP - Bomberman Vs Jack Dean

In the first round of this Mc battle Bomberman seemed a tad bit more laid back up to rap and ready to spit that fire. I was digging his rap style and the way he put together rhymes. Both emcees looked like they were pretty young. It didn't seem like Bomberman wasn't very rehearsed with his lines, he was spitting a freestyle rap. This hip hop mc had a one or two good punchlines in round one. My favorite punchline Bomberman came with was his last one about him being the opposite of Christmas his presence will you open and his rap delivery was straight not all that. Jack Dean spit his MC verse in this cypher with more of a stronger presence in his rhyme delivery and a ton of emotion. He made fun of Bomberman for naming himself after a video game. Jack Dean had a real syllabic rap lyrics. He won the hip hop battle in my opinion.

In the second round of this cypher Bomberman stepped his punchline game up. He said, "your so stupid you wear a condom online so you don't catch a virus". That might be my favorite punchline that I heard this week so far. Bomberman was still straight he didn't really step up his delivey. Jack Dean kept up the same MC delivery that hes been hitting Bomberman with. He also had hot metaphors as well. He said that the man reminded of someone who was the main target in dodge ball. Both rappers stayed consistent Jack Dean countered Bomberman perfectly with his lyrical flow won this round of the MC tournament.

In the third round of the Hip hop battle Bomberman started spitting his rhymes. This M C continued his hip hop verse with a dead rap expression. Bomberman accused Jack Dean of practicing incest. My favorite rap battle lyrics were when he said his last punchline, " The only thing better than fucking your mom against a barb wire fence nothing". Jack Dean started his rhyme verse and he made a point that he didn't care if he won the battle because he wins at life. Jack Dean won this rhyme battle based on his rap delivery.

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