Wednesday, June 16, 2010

DON'T FLOP - Rawsoul Vs Jee4ce

Rawsoul started the rap cypher first and his verse and rhymes seemed rehearsed and memorized I doubt any of it was freestyle.He had fat rap jokes in the beginning of this rap verse his opponent Jee4ce. Rawsoul rhymes with a syllabic style. He called his opponent an ogre and a balloon that got over inflated. Jee4ce went hard in this first round of the cypher. He had a ton of rap metaphors that were more colorful and animated, they painted the picture better. Jee4ce countered what Rawsoul said specifically his fat man rap jokes. he said that he didn't buy anything that his rap challenger was spitting. Jee4ce made deep comparisons in this rap verse during the first round of the cypher and based on these deep comparisons I would have to say that Jee4ce won this round of the rap cypher.

In the second round of this cypher Rawsoul spit fire and brought the heat for sure. He also made a lot of references to G Force including that he said that Jee4ce caught whip lash from it and he also continued with his syllabic rap style. Rawsoul said every days another meal but everyday you eat he eats more. He even tried to make fun of Jee4ce's voice, and said that his accent makes him sound like he can't rhyme. When Jee4ce turn came he confronted the slick punchlines Rawsoul made about North Ireland saying that this type of behavior can leave you dead in a casket. He also said that Rawsoul's head is bigger than the rest of his face. Jee4ce also made gay hip hop jokes on his opponent. Rawsoul won this round of the rhyme battle.

In the third round of the rap tournament Rawsoul stayed consistent and spit fire. He said that he had to laugh at Jee4ce and that the his opponent had bad breath. This rapper known as Rawsoul was truly prepared for this M C Battle. He called Jee4ce a Sean Connery wanna be. My favorite punchlines that he spit was they made Shrek based on how he looks and the one about him having sex with Rawsoul's mother and owing his penis an apology. Jee4ce was not prepared for this round of the hip hop battle and he tried to come with a spontaneous freestyle rap verse but couldn't quite seem to pull of a successful flow. Rawsoul won this round of the hip hop battle.

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