Saturday, June 19, 2010

Grind Time Now Presents: Richard Cranium vs Tunk

Richard Cranium started the first round of the rhyme battle. He tried to call Tunk a revived mis carriage. He even had little man rap jokes for him as well. He pointed at his rap challenger named Tunk and called him the little abortion that could. Richard Cranium proceeded to make fun of his rap opponent Tunk's sex life and then got real syllabic. I would say that he didn't get much crowd reaction because his delivery. Tunk started his verse spitting fire. He said that if you rewind and watch his plan is to cover up each weak punchline that he's got. Tunk had a fluent syllabic rap style throughout it all. He said he would leave Richard Cranium wit un-affordable medical debts. Tunk said that he would fuck Richard Cranium's girl to death. Tunk won this round of the rap battle by a little bit.

Richard Cranium started the second round of the hip hop rap battle. He started off talking about his side burns. He said Tunk lives in a tree hut in the woods and said his girl probably has big strong pectoral muscles aka beast cups. He said that he's more worried about Tunk's girl beating him up. Tunk spit his verse next. Tunk asked Richard Cranium how he could dis his family when his is not the best. He said his family isn't the best and they use a bunch of drugs and crazy hallucinogenics. He said he would knock his opponent out with a Hamburger Helper glove Tunk won this round of the rapping battle.

In the third round of this cypher Richard Cranium started it off. He said at the beginning that he turned Tunk down because he sucks He tried to say that Tunk can't control his liquor and gets drunk off of beer. He tried to imply that Tunk pimps out his own sister and practices incest. The last thing Richard Cranium told Tunk to eat a dick. Tunk started the rhyme battle trying to call Richard Cranium a fake wannabe gangster. He said that his opponents was named after a penis. He said that
Richard Cranium thought wisdom teeth makes him smart.


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