Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Grind TIme Now / Golden State Bullies Presents: Oh Blimey vs True Temper (Tryout)

True Temper started the rapping battle first and he wasted no time making lesbian rap jokes about Oh Blimey. True Temper had harsh metaphors said mean things in his raps that would probably offend the average person and didn't hesitate to call her a bitch. True Temper had a freestyle rap approach to spitting his rap verses. Oh Blimey had a few nice metaphors as well, and a racial subliminal or two. Oh Blimey had a syllabic rap flow. Oh Blimey even called her self an over weight bitch. It never hurts to talk junk about yourself in a rap cypher. This round of the cypher was surely a tie.

In round two of the rap cypher True Temper went in straight hard and tried to say that Oh Blimey bit rhymes off of him. True Temper had a funny punchline when he referred to Oh Blimey braking her car when she ghost rides. True Temper payed homage to CL Smooth and Peter Rock in his rap verse giving his opponent a little old school hip hop lesson. Oh Blimey seemed to be telling everybody True Temper's real name and tried to imply that her opponent was a homosexual. Oh Blimey called True Temper a 40 year old version of that battle rapper named Gin. Oh Blimey won this round of the rap battle by a tad bit more.

In round 3 of the rap battle True Temper tried to spit his rap verse but everyone kept on laughing and it made it hard for him to continue at first. True Temper had a smoother rhyme delivery during this round of the rap battle. Oh Blimey tried to say that True Temper is obsessed over the Grind Time rapper that they call Tantrum. Oh Blimey messed up in the middle of her rap verse but it's a shame because she was on a roll. Oh Blimey won this third round of the rhyme battle.

In the fourth and last round of this rap battle Oh Blimey tried to say her grandmother went to school with him. Oh Blimey tried to say that she turned True Temper's girl into a lesbian. The last insult that Oh Blimey made was on True Temper's rap delivery and I can't say that I dis agree with her because it was taking True Temper kind of long to spit his verses out. True Temper was next up at bat to rap during this round of the rap battle. True Temper had sexist rhymes in his round of this rap battle. True Temper had counter raps for just about everything that Oh Blimey mentioned turning the glass ceiling into concrete so he wouldn't have look down that metaphor was dope. True Temper totally won this round of the rap battle



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