Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Texas Battle League: Dubb Sicks Vs. Manafes

Dubb Sicks volunteered to start the cypher off with a colorful rap delivery and he was good at putting rhymes together. He said he wishes that Manafes lived Arizona. Dubb Sicks made a statement about San Antonio being a different breed of fagots. He had a pretty spit those syllabic raps. He said he would go to the Alimoe and slap Manafes with a cinder block. In his last punchline during this round of the hip hop battle was that his rap opponents breath smells like ass and bad eggs. Manafes went hard when it was his chance to rap he didn't waste time to talk shit about Dubb Sicks mother calling her easy enough for a cave man to do it. He said that his rap challengers had to use Viagra just to jack off. Manafes's last punchline was a threat to break both of Dubb Sicks's legs and telling him good luck. Dubb Sicks won this round of MC battle.

In the second round of the Hip hop cypher Dubb Sicks started by calling Manafes the fourth best rapper in Texas. He also said that his rap opponent won the best dressed for wearing ass less chaps in a homosexual rodeo. Dubb Sicks said that Manafes dropped out of school to become a rapper I don't now if it's true or not but he tried to say that it's not a career path and he is corny. he finished off making racist rap jokes and talking about Manafes's girl having chest hair. Manafes spit counter raps. He said that Dubb Sicks sucks and he says nothing just like Maggie Simpson and the other punchline that stood out to me was the one about you couldn't cum clean if you pissed out tooth paste. Dubb Sicks won this round of the rap clash even though Manafes had a lot of quotable rhyme schemes.

In the third round of the rap cypher Dubb Sicks said Manafes's wife looks like Manny Ramirez but he calls her Tranny Ramirez. He said that his rap opponent does three ways with three gays dressed up. Manafes seemed to be getting mad when Dubb Sicks was making those Mexican rap jokes. He stepped up his game during this round of the match up. Manafes said the game is over like when Vince Carter stuck his arm in the rim. It was funny and interesting when this emcee brought a picture of Dubb Sicks with a blow up doll. Manafes accused Dubb Sicks of having sex with the blow up doll. This round of the rap confrontation was a tie and both rappers

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