Tuesday, June 22, 2010


DIGGZ & RED FRECK started the tag team battle. They said ASHWIN & YESH teaching them a lesson is like Barack Obama being re-elected like Magic johnson having sex without protection and getting re-infected, or catching Osama Bin Laden with weak protection ,asking honor can I please come back with bail I need a second, Tony Starks armor being defective, piranha not eating breakfast, or Young Berg in the club begging for his necklace. They threatened their too rivals to leave or else they would shoot them. DIGGZ & RED FRECK also made fun of there adversaries ears. They tried to impersonate there two indian arabic rap challengers and say that they work at a sweat shop making little to nothing and said DIGGZ specifically said at lunch they make paper planes and throw them at boxes pretending they are towers while the RED FRECK reenacted it out. DIGGZ tried to call ASHWIN an in the closet homosexual and made an interesting reference to C4 the last punchline that they spit about Pakistan having a target on every corner was tough. ASHWIN & YESH were there opponents and stepped in the battle to defend themselves. YESH spit first and compared himself to RED FRECK saying that that he meth coke and crack. ASHWIN stepped in and made a comment about his rivals calling themselves animals and said he would torture them until they file a law suit against him. YESH spit with a strong delivery and described what it was like when they attack and seemed like ASHWIN tried to say that the only time they get shot is for rabies which was on the un predictable side. YESH said they got the heart of a hyena with the charge of a cheetah. ASHWIN said he understood why those babies wanted to shout because they are trying to impress their daddy aka Lethal. He said being Ice Grill is the only way that you shine and stay in peoples mouths. YESH had more rap jokes for the RED FRECK and claimed that DIGGZ associated with him was to make himself look better. They seemed to have stronger punchlines. ASHWIN tried to say that if there opponents are brothers that they aren't blood related. This round of the rap cypher was a tie it was too hard to tell.

In round 2 DIGGZ & RED FRECK started off making fun of these rappers names and there and tried to call one of them parappa the rappa. DIGGZ said that they call his brother cold blooded and RED FRECK said he slapped the dots off there forhead and back on his cheeks. DIGGZ tried to say that he he thinks before YESH eats his pet he says grace. He said for every freckle on RED FRECK's face there is a kid in India starving. These two rappers tried to imply that the only time ASHWIN and YESH is fresh is off their camel and donkey or when you refer to them just leaving their country. DIGGZ & RED FRECK tried to say that they would bash there rival's head until it's wrapped like a hindu. They tried to call ASHWIN & YESH Jafar and Aladin and asked why they are fighting over her when she had sex with mad men. DIGGZ came back with the fact that they are foreign and said that him and RED FRECK hate their accent and said referred to kicking their ass.They tried to say that ASHWIN is the only good rapper out of the two which I totally disagree with. The last thing that they said was no one cares about you. There two adversaries ASHWIN & YESH were up next and would have much to say. ASHWIN called both of his rivals jokes. He said they couldn't O.D. If they were getting high off drugs basically. YESH made a statement about keeping his cool when animals attack and compared RED FRECK to the pokemon character pikachu and even though I do think that's a good rap name because it's unique, it does sound like the name of a pokemon well anyways he also played him with an ugly joke. YESH said that the RED FRECK ain't got the right to be talking about the dots on anyones forehead and told his adversaries how he throws punches from every direction and asked them how they plan to duck. RED FRECK rides the dick to go everywhere since he can't drive according to YESH. This round of the rhyme battle was a tie.


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