Sunday, June 20, 2010


King started the first round of this cypher talking slick about breeze's mother and said she has a draw full of condoms. King tried to imply that breeze had a crush on a transvestite. He said that breeze has rap jokes and he would slap him until his neck breaks. King tried to say that breeze tried to call his father on him who is gonna call the cops on him. Breeze started his verse of the rap battle. He started off talking about Kings girl and said he'll send him deep to catch a bullet. He called King all types of names a fagot and everything. Breeze even said that his Mc opponent King better do the right thing like Spike Lee. Tis round of the rap cypher was a tie.

In the second round of this rhyme battle King pointed out that Breeze called him a young nigga but when they both the same age. He said he'll punch him in his mouth untill his jaw starts to swell. He said he would shoot Breeze but too many people are snitching now days. He said that King doesn't pop guns but he works at Wal-Mart. He said that Breeze can't smoke weed because he works for Wal-Mart so he can't smoke weed but he smokes all the black and Milds. My favorite punchline that king said was,"take a shit on your world and wipe my ass with your stars. He said thast he heard breeze was bitch when he kicked it with his grandma He gave a shot out to Atlanta and Savanah Georgia King said he freestyles all day because he ain't got to write. He said that his young boys would take Breezes swag then go and sell it. Breeze started his verse off telling King to go to church if he want to be save because he'll put money on his head. He said he would swing a bat at King's head like Ken Griffy. He said he'll shoot a chunk off of King's face. Breeze referred to himself as being top seeded and said if you mess with him you'll be at home trying to count all of your stitches. His raps were extra cocky. He accused King of getting bitch slapped back in high school. The best punchline that King said was, "watch this bitch nigga run like he got a lot of legs." This round of this cypher was a tie.

In the third round of this rap clash King said that he was gonna shift his attention towards some others. He said seemed to be calling out a few rappers. He said that Breeze was rocking his brothers chain. King said fuck 50 and he was referring to the rapper fifty cents. King said Missy Elliot should come and pick a couple of niggas up. He called Breeze a hoe nigga. King told Breeze to get the bread in aisle 10. Breeze started his verse calling his rap challenger a dwarf in the beginning of the rapping battle saying that he would leave King dieing in the freezer section. He called King a fagot. He brought up the fact that his opponent is from Newport News and the were in Norfolk, Virginia. He said he was gonna punch King in the face and he tried to bring up that his challenger went to every private school academy in his school days. Breeze seemed to be freestyle rapping towards the end of his rap verse. He finished off by saying he would getting King hanged with his chain. Breeze won this round of the lyrical battle.

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