Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Grind Time Now / The Panic Room: Lottazay vs C4

LOTTAZAY started the rap cypher off. LOTTAZAY had some ill metaphors. LOTTAZAY started his verse talking about C4's girl being white and have an ass like a black girl. LOTTAZAY was super charasmatic when he spit his rap verse. LOTTAZAY didn't even get to finish his rap verse time was over before he could. C4 started his rap verse talking about LOTTAZAYs mother and girl. C4 also brought up some facts LOTTAZAY and his rap crew running in the midst of drama at some place in New York. This round of the rap battle was a tie.

LOTTAZAY started rhyming with a slick metaphor about getting head from C4's girl. LOTTAZAY had some hardcore punchlines but my favorite was when he said he would take C4's head off his shoulders and bowl a strike, this is probably going to be one of the best rap punchlines I heard this week. C4 spit his rap verse with a ton of charisma and a crazy rap delivery.C4 was trying to say that LOTTAZAY and his brother had an affair going on. C4 also spit a rap punchline that I would say was really thinking out side of the norm when he mentions having sex with LOTTAZAY's mother over his casket. C4 proceeded to make rap jokes about LOTTAZAY's girl and his ending was slick. This round of the rap clash was a tie.

LOTTAZAY got real syllabic with his raps and metaphors. LOTTAZAY countered C4's lyrical attacks on his wife. LOTTAZAY had a few Spanish rap slurs. C4 called out LOTTAZAY's crew and had a syllabic rhyme verse. C4 had a funny rap metaphor that had to do with clap on lights. Both of these rappers went all out and hard but it was a tie in my opinion.

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