Friday, June 18, 2010

DON'T FLOP - Verb T Vs Press1

Press1 started the first round of the hip hop rap battle and brought up Verb T's history as far as rap goes. He said that his MC opponent Verb T's struggle is in vain. Press1 spit with a syllabic rap style. He also said that when Verb T folds his arms he can't tell where his neck finishes or his shoulders start and tried to call him an old and needs rest and then asked him if he was being bold with his out fit or just trying to make a statement. Verb T spit his verse next and said that Press1 makes songs about how girls crew him over and he said he got him depressed once and said girls ain't impressed by his sex game they only let him press once. Do you get it? Verb T said that he was a real rapper and he has a catalog of accomplishments The closest Press1 comes to that is jacking off to the magazine section of a catalog. He called his challenger Press1 a fan and said he should send him to the back of the crowd to watch and made comments about his girl. Verb T tried to say he left Press1's girl teeth pearly white. He won this round of the rap battle in my opinion.

Press1 was anxious to start spitting his verse in this rhyme battle and his first punchline was thorough. He said he had sex with Verb T's girl who is so big she counts as being two women. Press1 tried to say that Verb T has a big head. e tried to say that when Verb T goes to bed his pillow cries it self to sleep he even said that he has to use a whole mattress as a pillow. Verb T tried to come back on him but he couldn't seem to make a come back. He had no good punchlines. He basically flopped once and was freestyle rapping most of the time. Press1 won this round of the rap cypher.

In the third round of the close rap battle Press1 held it down he admit the fact that his nose is extra big and tried to say that it's bigger than Verb T's penis. He even said that he be sleeping with his opponents girl. Press1 said if his opponent touches he'll put him on the ground. Verb T was basically trying to call Press1 a square that is bad with woman. Press1 took this round of the rapping battle without a doubt.

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