Saturday, June 12, 2010

Grind Time Now presents: G Souldier vs P Nut

P Nut started this rap clash first I liked his fluent syllabic rap flow. P Nut spit straight rap verse but he didn't have many quotable punchlines. G Souldier had a way more sloppier rap flow and his rhymes didn't fit together as smoothly. G Souldier had more hard hitting punchlines. G Souldier won this round of the rap cypher

In the second round of the cypher P Nut had a sick rap verse especially with the syllabics. P Nut had a few punchlines but nothing special but he had some personals he tried to say that G Souldier's home town doesn't like or support them. G Souldier continued to spit with his some punchlines and personals. G Souldier's last metaphor about P Nuts girl giving his computer a virus was thorough.

In the third round of the cypher P Nut was ill with the fluency of his rap delivery. P Nut said that G Souldier wasn't telling the truth and made up fake research claims. G Souldier countered with some awesome punchlines and he threatened to do mean things to P Nut's family, he even stated interesting facts about where P Nut comes from.

I must say I'm glad to see this rapper G Souldier sticking with it and doing his thing and battling because I could sware in the first one of his rap battles he lost pretty badly but this one he killed all three rounds.


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