Saturday, June 19, 2010

DON'T FLOP - Menace Vs Dekay

Dekay started this freestyle battle. She said that Menace's breath stink. She said Menace washes his hands in his own spit. Dekay wasn't bad ad improvising and flowing off the top of the dome. She tried to predict everything he would sway about her. She said when he has sex with his girl his dick be going limp. She called him an over weight spastic Menace said she has a lisp in her speach put it out there that he has a big head and he's a fat prick before she said some thing about it. He tried to say that she most likely rehearsed and practiced for him and claimed to had been flattered. He asked her why she hangs with tramps to keep her company. Menace said you get lyrically battered if you mess with him. He said she should wipe his ass with her rhyme book pages because they are weak. He said she has suicidal tendencies. He said she should quit spitting rhymes and keep on using the drugs that she uses. Menace won this round.

Dekay started this round of MC battle rebuttling what her opponent said about the drugs and said she needs to climb back in her mothers cunt because she should have never been born. She's a nasty Mc literally said he makes her wanna fart and she said she'll shit on him. Dekay told her to go back to where he came from and said his girl is a fat ugly cow. Menace said his flow is potent and all the rhymes that she said she should have never wrote them. He said Dekay the rapping tramp is homeless. He said that she's such a little kid and she needs to bur her rhyme book. Menace won this round of the rhyme battle.

Dekay started this third round of the rhyme cypher of right after he was finished but the crowds loud noise was overpowering her voice. She said the day she flops is the day that she flops is the day he gets skinny. She said she'll give him a penny because that's all he's worse and she called him a cunt. Menace started his rap verse and said he seen her on face book. He named her two races well at least he tried. He said he would cut off his right hand be fore he does a track with her. He said he met her mother strung out on drugs. This round of the rap cypher was a tie.

Dekay spit another rap verse I guess for personal reasons but she still lost the battle she just confronted everything that Menace said in the last round like all the mother jokes or momma jokes whatever you wanna call them.

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