Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Da Kid Vs. John John Da Don

John John Da Don and Da Kid started the rap tournament but they both seemed to have messed up. John John Da Don had some hard rhymes in the first round. He said that he got head from Da Kid's girl so much that he only recognizes her by the top of her head. He even made fun of Da Kid's Jays and called them fake. Da Kid jumped in next and finally got a chance to rap. Da Kid went hard when he was spitting and said he would slice his opponents face. Da Kid tried to say that his challenger is a fart whistler and called John John Da Don the type to call shot gun and end up in the back seat. Da Kid compared ripping his adversary to Hulk Hogans shirt. Both of these rhyme lyricists had thorough bars and hard punchlines but Da Kid had more so in my opinion he won the first round of this cyhper.

In the second round of what some may have called a freestyle battle even though I think they had written raps as well. John John Da Don went in next and made comparisons to picture cropping and his car system popping. He also compared his rival to inner tubes and 2Pac. Da Kid started off pointing out that John John Da Don rhymes timid and said he would take the tazer off the security and slap his challenger with it. He called his adversary's crew soft. He said he wouldn't give John John Da Don dap and called him a fruit cake. He made a reference to the pizza shop Papa Johns at the end of his verse, he tried to say that he was John John Da Don's father. In my opinion Da Kid won this round of the freestyle.


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