Thursday, June 24, 2010

DON'T FLOP - Zenith Vs Mad Dash

Mad Dash started the rap battle and said from the beginning he said that he knew that he had a thousand things to say to Zenith. He tried to call his adversary's lips flotation devices. He claimed to have heard his opponents music and didn't like it. He said on Myspace his rival looks like a wannabe immortal technique. He said that his adversary rap about snorting come a lot. He told his opponent that he hopes he gets hit by a door in his nose and called it big enough for a genie to come out of it, that was a good one. He said that when his rival figures out that he's a not a good rapper he'll be on the streets singing with a guitar for money. Zenith started by saying none of those rap jokes you are saying is sick. He said that Mad Dash's girl gives him head and changes lip sticks so much his dick looks like a rainbow. He said that when his adversary was born his nose popped out of vagina first and the doctor thought she was growing a dick. He brought up that nobody cool came from South West london. He said that he just got a text that said some dudes car is out his rival's chicks house. Zenith won this first round of the rap battle.

In the second round of the hip hop cypher Mad Dash went in hard and said it was a relief for him to end his sentence. He brought up the fact that his opponent refers to himself as Zenith the Menace and asked why would he name himself after a cartoon character. He said that his adversary has a fetish for men with dresses and especially the kind with pink spots. He said that his rival goes on bike rides with his parents and said his mom and dad were probably mad because he ditched them to be in this battle. Mad Dash accused his adversary eating the muffin man and told him to hibernate before slices his face. Zenith started his verse calling his challenger a weak freestyle rapper. He asked his opponent why he was rocking captain America since they are in the U.K. He said that Concord doesn't exist any more because it's stuck on Mad Dash's face. The man also mentioned how his opponent raps with a ton of syllables and says next to nothing. Zenith called himself a mean guy who's raw when he speaks rhymes and told his challenger that he could have been his daddy but he pulled out.

In the third round of the rap cypher by Mad Dash saying "o.k. so this guys been in Spain". He compared his adversary's rap show to getting stoned alive. He said that he wanted Zenith to die of a coke overdose. He tried to say that his opponent is so stupid that he failed his driving test for a wheel chair. Mad Dash made a comment about his rival being able to sniff up a plane with his nose. He said that he would shit on his opponents face but the man is so wasted that he'd probably sniff that too. His last punchline was implying that his rival can't spit bars. Zenith started off making comments about his challengers girl friend. He started off saying that he would invite Zenith to Spain to watch bulls. He even tried to say that Mad Dashuses ecstasy and the only time he has big pupils is having fat people suck his dick. towards the end of this round he seemed to have ran out of rhymes and started trying to improvise spit off the top. Zenith seemed to have wo this round of the rhyme battle.

In the fourth round of the cypher Zenith went hard talking about how isn't pussy whipped and said that he would penetrate Mad Dash's girl until she suffers from internal bleeding. Zenith brought up old punchlines that his adversary supposedly used. He talked a bout swinging on his opponent. He tried to challenger gay. He bragged that he already beat him in 3 words. When his opponent known as Mad Dash made his debut into this round of the rap cypher he had much to say. He countered all the references Zenith made to the girlfriend that he doesn't have. He said his rival would have to puke up his lungs in order for people to think that he's sick a rapping. The winner of this round of the lyrical battle in my opinion is Zenith.

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