Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Rap Battle: Nov vs Fatz: dope white rapper

Fatz started the cypher by identifying all of Nov's supporters off hard he even brought up information about Novin which I don't know if he really used to work at Nextel or not. Fatz made a good point when he said Nov looks like Don King. Fatz even brought up the fact that Nov's hair is always nappy even though his baby mother works at a salon. Nov started his rap verse accusing Fatz of having tourettes syndrome. My favorite punchline that Nov made was when he made that white boy Malcolm x rap joke and it seemed through out the Nov seemed to be slipping in and out of freestyling, I liked Nov's spontaneous approach. This round of the rap cypher was a tie.

Fatz seemed to have stepped up his rhymes and punchlines up another level. Fatz had an in your ass and personal rap delivery. Fatz was really spitting about Nov and his girl who happened to be at the battle. Personally I don't know whats up with these A hat rappers bringing there girlfriends and mothers to rap battles but whatever, Fatz didn't care he was relentless. I liked when Fatz said try to act like a piranha get and get turned into filet fish. Nov had aggresive raps when he spit his rap verse. Nov had a pretty straight metaphor about Grand daddy. Fatz won this rap battle by a tad bit more in my opinion.

In the third round of rhyme battle Fatz brought up the fact that Nov had a shirt that said the King of Sin City and didn't think it made sense. Fatz continued the relentless metaphors and raps about Nov's girl right in her face. Fatz was thorough when he said he could beat nov in sign language that was my favorite and his ending was pretty good. Nov's freestyle approach didn't really help him. Nov repeated him self and started pausing too long in between his rap verses. In my honest opinion Fatz won this round of the rap battle.


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