Saturday, June 26, 2010

Vague Presents King of the Ring Myers Lansky vs Norm Bates

Myers Lansky started the rap battle with a cocky attitude just as most Lyricist's do now a days. He started off by speaking about what he heard about his opponent. He claimed not o care if his adversary had guns and said that there would be no way that he would get bombed. He said that he would make him go away like Atari basically. He used a big word or two like sogginess. He compared his rival to the duck hunt video game and made a reference to shoot him out the window. He compared his adversary to a step son. The last comment he made was in reference to the crew of his opponents. Norm Bates tried to say that his rhyme style was like fighting and when the round was over his challenger was gonna feel the pain. He had a rap flow that would be more relevant to put on a rap beat in my opinion. He also tried to say that he would stab rival up if he ain't got the heat up on him. He compared being gifted to Christmas presents. He compared Myers Lansky to jason with his mask off and called him feather soft like his winter jacket. Norm Bates said he's good at fighting but he doesn't ever swing. He compared his challenger to an ass hole. It almost seemed like he made up a word "animality". This round of the rhyme battle was a tie because both of these emcees were shaky.

In round three of this lyrical battle Myers Lansky went in but had to stop right quick because of a loud obnoxious crowd. He said that he heard someone say that he's gonna lose to Norm Bates. He compared this rap battle to making a bad gamble. He said that stays masked up and called him self a garbage man because his his opponent was supposedly trash. He said that he'll drown his adversary if you find him a big river. He said he's gonna torture his rival so bad that he will be wishing for the end. He said that he will stick pills down his opponents throat and call him Pac-Man. He called his rival rhymes the opposite of hot. Norm Bates went in when it was his turn to rhyme.He had a slick metaphor about trick or treating disguised as Myers Lansky's mother, that punchline was quotable. He even compared himself to Steve Erkle. He even compared his challenger to Joe Budden He ended off saying that he would basically shoot his challenger. I would have gave this round of the rhyme battle to Norm Bates but I feel like they ended his verse too quickly so in my opinion this round of the rap cypher was a tie.

In the third round of this rap clash Myers Lansky went in spitting that fire. He said that he's here to put him in his place. He tried to make a reference to Pop Eye. He compared leaving his opponent dead to taking insulin shots. He made the comment that he's no from Harlem but he said he's got a four fifth. He compared his guns lifting up his adversary to a chick putting her legs up in a porno flick. He continued with his cocky raps and compared himself to Johny Depth. He compared his rival to Ja rule after Fifty Cent. Myers Lansky ended with funny rap bars. Norm Bates went in to spit right after. Norm Bates started off telling his rap opponent that he's not a threat and he's mad trash. He brought up the fact that they both rep the Bronx. He tried to call his challenger a little nigga. He also made a reference to Pop Eye in his rhymes. He said based on his rivals last battle that it's evident that he doesn't have skills. He thought that Myers Lansky's last battle was to see who is the worst. He compared his opponent to Ray Charles because he can't see him but he can still feel it like. This round of the rapping battle was a tie as well it's way too hard to call in my opinion.

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