Thursday, June 17, 2010

DON'T FLOP - Disciple Vs Namz

Namz started this rap cypher he started off making a comment about his last rap battle. He made a comment about being from Sri Lanka and hating the way that Wanka spits and not being indian. Namz seemed to be calling out Innuendo in this round of the cypher as well. He was a real hungry disrespectful dude. The last thing he said was that he plays video games and gets all the beauties. Disciple started his rap verse out giving a shout out to Oshea. He called Namz a wanna be with a face like a wallaby. He tried to say that rap battling Disciple in your own town is something that you shouldn't do and that he makes other battle rappers homicidal. I think this round of the rhyme cypher was a a tie in my opinion.

In the second round of this rap freestyle battle Namz started out making fun of Disciple's accent and saying that no one understood his accent because they are in London. Namz even made references to hitting his rap opponent otherwise known as Disciple in the face. The last rhyme he said that stood out to me he said was that his bars pull you in like gravity. When Disciple spit his verse next. He said Namz probably never seen a shield in his life and basically was trying to call him fake. Disciple also said he would get head from the lyricist Namz mother while he watches and nut in her eye. Disciple won this round of the hip hop freestyle battle

In the third round of this youtube freestyle battle in the U K Namz seemed to be coming off the top of the dome and barely ot to finish his rap verse. When Namz said blows to the cheeks the crowd got unruly. Disciple started out by saying no homo. Disciple stayed consistent with his syllabic rhymes and punchlines. He won this round of the rap clash.

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