Monday, June 28, 2010


mckims starts off by saying that he's the best and that he has never been to college but can show Virginia tecks, do you get it? He said he spit fire like a drag gun and his called tv a drag queen. He said that he was spitting dope flows and called his rival a crack fiend. He had a syllabic rap style throughout this battle. He compared his match up to child raping. He compared himself to white police in the south the way he'll stop a nigga. He said he's not a racist but he's a star that should be battling somebody on the A list. He said he'll shoot up his opponents house until his attics in the basement. He compare his adversary to a dutch. When tv started flowing in this rhyme battle asked if they wanted to look at his body before they close the casket but no one answered and compared himself to Jack Frost while his verses is lighter fluid. He repeat a few of his lines I guess because because he needed to since the audience was dead. He said that he would turn tv into an underground king like Pimp C and called his opponent a loose screw. The crowd was dead until he started upping the anti a little bit and rapping about mckims girl. He said that he would leave his challengers brain crushed and called his. my favorite thing that he said was choke him with the land line. This rround of the cypher was a tie in my opinion.

I like when mckims started off the best punchline he spit was when he said that tv made his point like when a basketball goes in a net. He compared his challenger to Master P. He had some thorough punchlines real talk. He said he would light up his opponents house like Christmas decorations. He said that Steve Wonders eyes could see that he is a better MC. He said that his adversary will never be seen with a belt unless he's getting his ass whipped. He compared his gun to Scary Movie and said you could see every clip plus a deleted scene. Tv started his rap verse and called mckims a skate boarder type of emcee. He tried to say that his opponent was looking at defeat for the second time and said it would get real ugly. I liked when Tv made a reference about blowing cartridges. He just made a bunch of thorough to punchlines referring to guns and shooting as usual. The lyrical rhymer known as Tv said his girl is the bomb because she has Asian in her. He tried to call his challengers crew lame. This round of the cypher was definitely a tie no body out shined anyone.

In the third round of this cypher mckims went in rapping about the same old stuff his guns and shooting the crap out of his rival. He said that he spits crack and called his opponent an addict. He said that he paints pictures with no paint brush. He seemed to have maybe spitting a freestyle towards the end of his verse. He ended by saying he got bars like a hockey mask. Tv went in next and spit fire. He was rapping about most of the same things as well guns and murder. He compared his challenger to Sailor Moon. He made a good reference to wrestling and Mick Folly at the end of him rhyming. I would probably give this round of the one on one battle to Tv because he had longer bars.


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