Saturday, June 19, 2010


TWILIGHT started the rap battle and seemed to be spitting freestyle raps. He didn't waste time the first thing he tried to do was make fun of UNTAMED-D-BOY's height and a few remarks about his hygiene. TWILIGHT asked UNTAMED-D-BOY's why is his head bigger than the rest of his body. He tried to talk crap UNTAMED-D-BOY's crew but they wasn't having it. UNTAMED-D-BOY didn't hesitate to make TWILIGHT rap jokes and make fun of his dreads when said his rap verse. He said his gun will send his challenger to the TWILIGHT zone. He even said something about giving his opponent the uppercut strong enough to send him to space. The craziest punchline he spit was his reference to jacking off then slapping TWILIGHT with one of his relatives. UNTAMED-D-BOY won this round of the cypher.

In the second of this cypher TWILIGHT spit a super rap verse he might as well as messed up because he didn't say anything special. It almost seemed like he didn't take this battle serious. He started laughing and TWILIGHT had a reference to the judges being on the opposing side. The last he said was when this all over your probably gonna wanna do a track with me UNTAMED-D-BOY started in this round of the cypher cussing at TWILIGHT. He even had a punchline refering to Eminem and After Math. The UNTAMED-D-BOY tried to call TWILIGHT Ass Backwards. Throughout this his whole rap verse you can feel his rap delivery. UNTAMED-D-BOYwon this round of the lyrical cypher.

In the third round of this freestyle rap battle TWILIGHT went sick and tried to call UNTAMED-D-BOY a bum. TWILIGHT had a spontaneous rap flow you can tell he was coming off the top of the dome. He said that UNTAMED-D-BOY is a bum ass looking mini me. TWILIGHT said he's a buccaneer and UNTAMED-D-BOY was done. He said he carries bodies and said that he was crip'n. TWILIGHT was saying some bullshit during some of this round but his delivery made it sound better. This round of the Hip Hop rap battle was a tie.

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