Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Streetz vs Genie: AHAT.tv Rap Battle

Genie started the rap cypher telling his Streetz that he ain't real. He said that the his rival is a red neck that gets red when he raps. He called his adversary Master Splinter and told him he'll leave him down in his trap. He called his competition a bigger hater of Bush hater than the kids in Iraq. He was even getting on the other mans girl calling her nasty and all other types of names. He tried to say that he would turn his opponent crippled. He finished his verse off by saying that he has stamina and told his rival to ask his girl. Streetz came in to the cypher with his syllabic rap flow and was handling. It seemed like he tried to say that his adversary Genie lacked substance and called his rhymes BS. He called his challenger a clown swimming in a pool full of serpents. His last statement was to basically tell his opponent to take a shot at him basically. I would say that this round of the match up was a tie.

In the second round of the cypher Genie told his rival that the only way he cooked with powder was when he worked at KFC breading chicken. He called his adversary the AHAT version of Joe Dirt. He called his opponent weak with his grammar and as gangsta as Hannah Montanah. He tried to imply that the other guy is trailer park trash and tried to imply that the man was too skinny for his frame. Streetz started off this round of the rhyme battle trying to make fun of his mix tape. He said that the only reason Genie is battling him is so he'd have a story to tell. He continued to go sick with the syllabic raps that he spit. Some of his metaphors were a real riddle he kind of reminded me of the riddler from Batman. The last punchline Streetz said was to make sure that next shot he takes doesn't miss him. This round of the cypher was a tie as well because I like Streetz rhyme style better but Genie's bars hit a tad bit harder probably because his word play and point was clearer.


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