Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Grind Time Now Presents: Clowd9 vs LSP

Clowd9 started the cypher first calling LSP a bench warmer and making a few rap jokes about Clowd9's girl friend. Clowd9 had a shaky rap ending not to mention that it didn't rhyme. LSP started his rhyme verse talking how Clowd9 rap battles don't get posted. LSP said he took this rap battle out of courtesy and it might help him get to battle some one else. LSP a more syllabic rapper with better punchlines and metaphors during this first round of the cypher.The way LSP put rhymes together to finish his last rap verse was too thorough. LSP won this round of the rap cypher.

In the second round of the rap clash Clowd9 seemed anxious to spit his rap verse and he started talking about how LSP tries to sell his rap mixtape for 3 dollars. Clowd9 claimed that LSP had a see through gimmick. LSP had a thorough rhyme scheme and put together his rhymes elaborately down to the T he even gave a little history lesson in his rap verse. LSP won this round of the cypher as well.

Clowd9 seemed to have a little stutter when he started his rap verse. Clowd9 tried to hold his own and he was straight. Clowd9 messed up a very tiny bit in the beginning of his rap verse and at the end he had a big flop. LSP improvised and freestyled his way through this round of the cypher cracking a rap joke or two on dead celebrities. LSP won this round of the rap cypher.


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