Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Daily Duels Presents: Jiggsaw vs. Chewsbakka

Jiggsaw from Los Angeles started of the cypher bragging about how fly he is. I was feeling the way he put rhymes together. His rhyme raps were real syllabic. He tried to say Chewsbakka is a masturbation addict that sits around at his house eating all day while his mother complains. Jiggsaw verse was funny and animated nut I doubt he was freestyle rapping. Chewsbakka started spitting next with a ton of aggression and a similar rap flow but a way different rhyme voice this emcee also spit his lyrical verse in a syllabic manner. Chewsbakka tried to call Jiggsaw a washed up looking version of another rapper. I think was a better Mc in this first round of the rap cypher and won it.

In the second round of the Hip hop battle Jiggsaw a ton of quotable punchlines and continued wit the syllabic metaphors. He told Chewsbakka that he should forfeit and leave. My favorite punchline he spit was the one about letting food orbit your teeth. Jiggsaw also told Chewsbakka not to watch out trying to put on a gangster persona in La. His rap opponent otherwise known as Chewsbakka spit his Mc verse soon after and his lyrics seemed to get into Jiggsaw's ass a lot more with the rhymes, he referred to his opponent being a fag, bum, and a Mal nourished African kid. Chewsbakka won this round of the hip hop cypher.

In the third round of this rap clash Jiggsaw started this verse by calling Chewsbakka a pussy dude with cold sores who couldn't fit through the front door and he continued to recite his lyrics with a syllabic rhyme style. Jiggsaw seemed to be spitting a freestyle rap through part of his verse. He even compared himself to Star Wars character. Jiggsaw ended by making a reference to his opponent coming to this cypher because he wanted a loaf of bread. Chewsbakka went in and spit fire when it was time turn came up. He compared Jiggsaw to soft core porn. The first thing that he said was that his adversary came to the battle to lose and he was trying to expose Jiggsaw for the bitch he claims this man really is. This round of the hip hop battle was a tie.

In the fourth round of this rap cypher Chewsbakka started this round off. He came hammering away with more punchlines than I heard him spit that whole M c battle. He also said he seen him at a gas station trying to wash windows for money basically trying to call him a fiend. Chewsbakka said Jiggsaw looks like a mixture of kris-kross and Das effex. The lyrical beast otherwise known as Jiggsaw seemed to have fell off by this round and didn't even try to freestyle. This round of the mic duel without a microphone goes to Chewsbakka hands down.


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