Friday, June 11, 2010

Texas Battle League: Throwed Ese vs. Statz

Throwed Ese started rap battling first with a ton of aggression, that boy was hungry. Throwed Ese had a some what smooth syllabic rap flow. Throwed Ese first insult was to call Statz a retard. The last thing Throwed Ese told Statz was not to quit his day job because he's sweet. Statz sounded like rapper HEAD ICE in the voice. Statz came with those hard raps until he messed up trying to be fancy and I guess trying to make a rap joke out of Statz girl friend but it messed him up in the end. Throwed Ese won this round of the rapping battle without a doubt.

In the second round of the rapping battle Throwed Ese made the first punchline referring to Bat man and Robin. Throwed Ese said some hard harmful rhymes that hit harder and he was more consistent. Throwed Ese went sick with the syllabic battle raps and his last punchline got the crowd excited. Statz spit his rap verse and it was straight but it didn't appeal to the crowd very much. Statz seemed to be spitting a rehearsed memorized rap verse and I wouldn't be surprised if I heard this rap verse on one of his songs that he recorded because it sounded real cheesy not spontaneous at all.Statz didn't even hit hard with his raps To top it off Statz messed up even worse this round while rapping. Throwed Ese won this round of the rap battle.

In the third round of this rap battle Throwed Ese said he should have charged him for the rap battle. Throwed Ese even said he be watching Grind Time just to find his next rap victim but I think he was just talking, trying to get the attention of someone from Grind Time to notice him. Statz said he was freestyle rapping in this last round of the rap battle and to tell you the truth this was his best round of the rap cypher but at the same time i can't say that he won it. Throwed Ese won this round of the rhyme battle.

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