Thursday, June 17, 2010

GOT BEEF? PRESENTS Kase won vs Greeley

Greeley started the rap cypher off with a narrative form of rhyming almost like cat in the hat but a lot more advanced. He claimed to be chatting with Kase won's mates in hope of digging up dirt. Greeley seemed to have been trying to imply that Kase got drunk one night and was cross dressing waking up the next morning with a sore anus. The last thing that Greeleyseemed to imply was that his rap opponent is a drug addict. Kase won didn't hesitate to spit his rap verse when it was time for him to flow. He tried to call Greeley a cheater because he's the founder of GOT BEEF hip hop battles. Kase won even made teethe rap jokes about This first rounf of the cypher

In the second round of this one on one battle Greeley came with his rap game and syllabic word play. He called Kase won an unoriginal fuck face and narrated a new story about Kase won showing his girl enough attention. His rapping challenger Kase won didn't waste time when it was time for him to spit a rap. He started off the rhyme battle making fun Kase won 's head and tried to say he had an ogre looking face. Kase won tried to call Greeley a punk at the end of his rap verse He tried to call Kase won a fagot. Greeley won this round of the lyrical battle

Greeley won this round of the rhyme cypher because Kase won didn't even get to spit his rhymes but any ways he continued to spit his raps with a syllabic rap style.

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