Thursday, June 3, 2010


BREEZE started the rap clash and BREEZE seemed to have spent most of his rap verse saying nothing. BREEZE was on slipping up in the middle of his rap verse whack made it even worse. LIL NAY went hard and had a ton of metaphors and a sick rap delivery. LIL NAY spoke about what's going on in Maryland for the first round of this rap battle and his last punchline was hot. LIL NAY won this round of the rap cypher.

In the second round of the rap cypher BREEZE spit his rap verse the best punchline I heard from BREEZE was the first rhyme he spit during this round. BREEZE still had a boring rap verse. LIL NAY started off wishing bad things on his opponent BREEZE. LIL NAY had to many quotable punchlines in this round of the cypher. LIL NAY won this round of the rap clash.

In the third round of this rap cypher BREEZE tried to go hard but his rhymes were straight. BREEZE seemed to be spitting a freestyle rap verse or maybe he forgot his written rap verse. LIL NAY went hard in this round of they tried to stop him before he finish his rap verse but LIL NAY had more lyrics to spit. LIL NAY won this round of the cypher hands down.

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