Sunday, June 20, 2010


BIGG K started this round of the rap battle and he let the crowd know that the first thing his rap opponent is probably gonna bring up the fact that he is white. BIGG K said he could beat LIL NAY's ass and had cross eyed rap jokes on him. He said he would put him in the bone yard and slice him up and said if his challenger can't see the future or he probably wouldn't have came. He had a lot of references to wrestling in his rap verse. He told LIL NAY to put treble in his voice. Big K finished off by saying he got enough guns to take on Megatron. LIL NAY started his spitting about his rap track record. He said when he first started people were calling him garbage and asking him what he's rhyming for and now it's 12 battle raps later. He said people on Youtube are looking him up now and trying to him face to face and he said thats there first mistake. He said he was struggling last year without a dime. He said screw shaking hands after the battle and screw Virginia but let me remind you the rap cypher was in Virginia so the crowd was iffy to that statement he made. He said he would drag Big K all up and down the coast of Virginia. He called Big K and LIL NAY's Magic Johnson. This round of the rap cypher was a tie.

BIGG K started this round of the rap tournament the first thing he said he'll rob LIL NAY out of his sneak and poke him until the blood is squirting in to a fountain stream. He said that his opponent saying weak punchlines no matter how hard he screams. BIGG K said that he never lost a battle because he stays consistent in his training and basically said he would stomp LIL NAY's face to a waffle. He also spit funny rap insults about his opponents lazy eye. He said grimey things about LIL NAY. BIGG K said he should spit on his Mc challenger. He tried to call BIGG K's head big and tell him that he needs to find another head that fits on him and said, "if god don't like ugly I'll bet he'll put out a hit on you" Thats the best punchline I heard all week. He said that LIL NAY looks like a catfish in the face and ended by telling him to give up the money and go back to Maryland. LIL NAY started his verse saying he knows that BIGG K doesn't want to see him when he spazzes out. He called BIGG K pussy and said he would never shoot. He said he said he he'll put knife in him like a cabinet. He said he would put BIGG K and his whole crew in a box and basically said if he snitches he loses his life. Based on punchlines BIGG K won this round of the rap battle.

In the third round of this rapping battle BIGG K rebuttaled LIL NAY saying he's nothing but rap jokes but he said he'll punch him in the face. He said LIL NAY's flow is nothing to raving about. He said operates his trap house with a k in the couch. He said he got weed that be stinking like it's dead. BIGG K said why is he trying to rap when he can't even talk right. He said LIL NAY is so ugly that when he seen him on Youtube he thought they used special effects. He said LIL NAY is from a hood full of clowns. BIGG K said his eyes look like bug antennas. He said he does this for his little homeboy who ain't got nothing going for him but a rhyme that he wrote. LIL NAY tried to confront BIGG Ks Youtube raps. Dam LIL NAY kept on saying disrespectful things about Virginia but it's would be hard for hi to win the prize money if he kept it up especially since he was in there state. LIL NAY said you don't want his niggas stalking him and ended his verse saying that he says whatever he wants to say.

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