Saturday, June 12, 2010


ELLZ started this rap battle calling NEW BREED a fagot because he's trying to be hard for his nigga's. I found it kind of interesting that how he used the Wayans Brother movie titles in his rap battle lines. NEW BREED had a thorough syllabic rap flow. NEW BREED's two best punchlines with the one about his ELLZ having a girl that's on her period and the one about NEW BREED's girl throwing ELLZ in the corn field. This round of this Youtube rap battle was a tie.

ELLZ started off spitting in this round of the cypher about how him and his home boys run trains on women. ELLZ said NEW BREED couldn't beat himself in a rap cypher. ELLZ was thorough with his syllabic rhyme delivery but I wasn't feeling how he used pitched over and over in one of his punchlines. NEW BREED started by calling ELLZ a fake and saying he never held a pump and also said he doesn't sell drugs. NEW BREED called ELLZ a broke ass nigga but he messed up towards the end of his verse.

In the third round of this cypher ELLZ said he only shoots at the head. He also brought up a story about sneaking into NEW BREED's house and screwed around with his girlfriend. NEW BREED played ELLZ and tried to call him a lame and said that ELLZ is the type to hang out at the mall all day just because he has a new jacket. NEW BREED also had a few rap jokes about ELLZ girl. In my opinion NEW BREED won this round of the rap battle.

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