Monday, June 7, 2010

Battle Groundz - Dreydle vs Mick Dawg

Dreydle started the rhyme battle and brought up history about the last rap battles that he was involved in. Dreydle focused in on talking junk about where Mick Dawg is from. Mick Dawg started his rap verse by calling Mick Dawg Elmo. Mick Dawg was more thorough on the lyricist tip. Dreydle won this this round of the rhyme battle .

In the second round of this rhyme battle Dreydle started his round of the rhyme cypher with a syllabic rap style. Dreydle made fun of Mick Dawg's parents and his girl. Mick Dawg started his rap verse and was on a roll except for the slip ups he was making he had too many this round. Dreydle won this round of the rap cypher. At the end of this round rapper ENJ told Dreydle and his crew that they need to be more respectful because they were loud in Dreydle's background and I think were psyching Mick Dawg out .

In the second round of the rap battle Dreydle spoke about Mick Dawg's rap track record and even to managed to mention Mick Dawg's real name Mickey Mitchell. The funniest rhyme Dreydle made in my opinion was the one he put together about Rocky.Mick Dawg went in and was holding it down for quite a minute but he started to mess up after the body slam punchline, It's like Mick Dawg left me hanging when he did that I expected him to finish that punchline off. Mick Dawg had another mistake during this round of the rhyme battle that was even worse and it seemed like the ended his round early. Dreydle won this round of the rapping battle.


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