Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Osna & Everybody Knows Vs Timmeh & Jordan Depanty 2on2 Mc Battle

This rap cypher was sick Osna & Everybody Knows started freestyle off. Everybody Knows had way good metaphors and crazy at putting rhymes together. Osna may have wrote his raps before the battle it's hard to tell but regardless his rhymes were still hot even though I wasn't a big fan of his cocky rap performance. My favorite rhyme Everybody Knows said he'll slap his opponents mothers then turn around and sell him. My favorite rhymes from Osna was his ending rap metaphor. Timmeh & Jordan spit a shaky rap verse. Timmeh & Jordan were straight it was funny when they referred to Everybody Knows as Mortal Kombat video game character. Timmeh & Jordan weren't too bad but they wasn't good enough there were too many awkward silences in there verse. Osna & Everybody Knows won this rap cypher hands down.

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