Friday, June 25, 2010

KOTD - Hollohan & Sketch Menace vs Daley & Bruce B

Bruce B started the rhyme battle for his team with a truly syllabic style of spitting. Bruce told his opponent Hollohan that it is un acceptable to lose your title to an American rapper. I think he was referring to his rival losing to Thesaurus. Daley accused a member from the opponents squad of craving drugs such as blow and meth. Then he turned and said tried to tell Sketch Menace that he wasn't such a great lyricist and compared telling him he's a good to telling a bum that he can dress. Bruce B than spit his verse next and put the Genius On Drugs otherwise known as Hollohan on blast and told his business about how he use to work at a pizza shop, It was funny how he put on the skit and then Daley put him on blast for his digestive problems and called his partner a wanna be fire man. The next up two rappers to spit was the opposing team Hollohan went first countering his rival Bruce B for trying to expose his secrets. He had a strong voice and flipped it by saying that he got fired for raping the waitresses and taking their tips then he said that he was the boss not a server he was a general manager. He tried to imply that he got demoted to facing unworthy challengers. That thorough lyricist known as Hollohan tried to get on Bruce B for taking his style while Daley got on him for being an Italian who wears Ed Hardy cologne and finished of by calling there team gay altogether. This round of the battle was a tie in my opinion.

In the second round of the cypher the battle rapper known as Bruce B started out twisting Daley's homosexual allegations and playing a joke with them. He told his opponent that he wants to hate him but he's way too cute and cuddly. He warned the girls that were in the building to watch out for his two adversary's because the two of them in the same room put women at risk for date raping. When it was time for Daley to spit his verse he told a story and he confronted a his opponents allegations and them that his son is only 9 months old. Bruce B said he gave his rival a.k.a. Hollohan a pill once and his jaw started shivering like he caught hypothermia. His partner in this battle Daley tried to say that if Sketch Menace has a girl he better propose to her because no one else wants his ass. It seemed like these rappers were finished a little sooner than expected but not that much. It was then time for there adversary's to spit. Hollohan the former King Of The Dot champion was saying his bars first. He chose to tell a story and said that Bruce B did crack with him and started tucking in his shirt and took out his glow sticks so that's when he decided he had to leave. Sketch Menace was the first to say that him and his team don't buy the tough guy act and that it's all talk and he was just blowing smoke like John Lock. Hollohan then jumped in next an wasted no time calling Daley lazy and his partner tried say that night out with him was nothing but a night popping prescription pills and watching Disney Films. Apparently Bruce B's favorite Disney Cartoon is Little Mermaid. The last thing he told one of the opponents is that he gave him life in the league and just as quickly he can take it away.

In the third round of this rap cypher Daley started it off this round and tried to say that Hollohan isn't going to the gym much anymore then tried to say that Sketch Menace was the biggest punk out of the two. Bruce B that his adversary got wiser when they told him to go against somebody his own size. His partner in this battle then made a statement about his partner and then told adversary's to get on there knees and kiss his shoes. Hollohan then jumped in immediately and started spitting his verse. He said he would take his arm off and beat Daley to death with it. He even spit about how he be at the gym getting himself into shape and up to par and his challenger Bruce B be wishing he could do the same and he felt like stomping him to the ground and using his lifeless body as a dead lift. He said that they left the gym to go to his house and drink then he tried to say Bruce was a little too much into his workout. Sketch Menace then went onto say that everyday he gets a text message form Bruce to come over so they can do Bench presses. Hollohan admitted to Daley that he gets aggressive when he raps and seemed to be threatening hit him. The ended this roun by calling his son a fagot some more. This round of the rap battle was a tie in my opinion.

In the fourth round of this rhyme battle the lyricist know as Hollohan said that Bruce B just obsessively wants to be like him. Sketch Menace proceeded to talk about Daley's girl he said he put her on her knees between the two battle rappers and nutted on her face, his partner claimed that she was so loose he stuck his hole arm in her pussy. These two rappers wasted little to no time telling everyone that there opponent walks now. They told there adversary's that if they release an album that they hope it does bad. Daley started his verse confronting every thing their two rival's said about his love life and kids. He called Sketch Menace a down syndrome fagot and Hollohan a leprechaun on steroids. Bruce B called Sketch Menace a BAD RAPPER with a mother who was a rape victim. He said both of his adverary's were so freaking sloppy it hurts and born into poverty and they were called so poor that they steal toilet paper from port o potty's. Daley tried to imply that his two rivals wanted to get married in a syllabic fashion. This round of the rap cypher was a tie as well.

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