Monday, June 21, 2010

Grind Time Now presents: Sonny Bamboo vs Johnny Storm

Sonny Bamboo started this cypher and he was truly ready off the bat with a syllabic rhyme style and he tried to say that Johnny Storm has no rhythm and is a no name in his own state of Rhode Island. He called Johnny Storm a puppet who gets his strings pulled while he does Mexican hat dance and he called him an Avatar. Sonny Bamboo said he would body his rap opponent and they would make him a monument. Johnny Storm said they thought his match with his challenger would be a funny promotional rap battle because his rap career is going down the drain. Johnny Storm tried to basically say that say that Sonny Bamboo underestimated him and said that he's afraid to step up to the plate to face the greats and that Sonny Bamboo rather see him do it instead. Johnny Storm told his challenger that he looks like the same size as Hank hills father. His last statement was that in California Sonny Bamboo would be the lowest tier. This round of the cypher goes to Johnny Storm in my opinion.

In round two of this lyrical battle Sonny Bamboo seemed to have step up his rap bars.He started off the rap battle saying that him and someone else is gonna run a train on his girl and hen he sees Johnny Storm's house he's gonna smash it in. Sonny Bamboo made some goods points. He made fun of Johnny Storm's voice and word pronunciation. He basically let his opponent know that he doesn't care about being small or not because at his height he can see easily that his lyrical opponent has no heart.Sonny Bamboo bragged about how he makes money off of Johnny Storm's Grind Time Youtube rap battles Johnny Storm started off rhyming about how paleSonny Bamboo's skin tone is and told the crowd not to listen to Sonny Bamboo. Johnny Storm called Sonny Bamboo a troll. He said his challenger is so small that if he went down on a girl he'd be sucking her toes. Johnny Storm somewhat of a laughing stock of Sonny Bamboo. This round of the rap clash was a tie in my opinion.

In the third round rhyme battle Sonny Bamboo named a bunch of Grind Time rappers including Johnny Storm and said they all ride to battles in one car and it's a 2 seater. Sonny Bamboo had one of the deepest punchlines that Iever heard about Johnny Storm's mother being. He finished off his rap verse talking about how he wanted to barry Johnny Storm in the same slump that his state has been in. Johnny Storm said that Grind Time is gonna make a lot of money this year and won't give him any because he's corny. Johnny Storm continued with the small man rap jokes.this round of the rhyme battle was a tie.

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