Sunday, June 27, 2010 tryout Rap Battle: Agez vs Sober 1

Agez started the rhyme battle calling his opponent blessed to face him he had a lyrical approach. He made George Lopez rap jokes when he spit his lines which is a common thing for a whole lot of emcees that go up against Mexicans it's kind getting played out and whack but whatever. He claimed that his rival had no neck He tried to imply that Mexicans create swine. He brought up facts about his adversary's battle history and called him a bitch that ain't built for Vegas. He finished off by using a few spanish words. Sober 1 went in and spit hard you can tell he was rapping a freestyle but he had a bit of a slip up in the beginning. He said he would put his gun to his rivals mouth. The hottest thing he said was he's hotter than fat people rocking sweaters. Sober 1 ended the his verse by calling his challenger nothing but dreamer basically. Agez won this round of the cypher in my opinion.

Off the rip when Agez started to spit he called his opponent fat Zorro. He seemed to coming off the top with a freestyle. He said that he would dismantle Sober 1's whole platoon and said that he is guessing that his adversary's father is sober 2 he seemed to have messed when he was rapping. He had too many metaphors to count it seemed that O.D. stopped him early after Agez compared his rap skills to a circumcised penis. Sober 1 went in and spit that fire and said he wanted to make him end up in critical condition. He started losing concentration and saying nothing good. He needs to start battling with writtens in my opinion but I will say this he's good at spitting freestyle raps but not good at goine one on one with them. The best line he said was your a goose but this your last flight. Agez won this round of the cypher in my opinion based on having a little more consistency but not that much and his punchlines were funny and he had more of them but it doesn't hurt that he makes more sense.

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