Wednesday, June 2, 2010


In the first round of this rap battle LIL D started the cypher off with a super explosive delivery. LIL D was a dog off the leash and started off this rap cypher by making mad comparisons and putting it into his rhyme verse. LIL D's rap verse was on of the most creative verses I heard this week. SLICE 1 had hot punchlines and metaphors but his rap delivery was inconsistent and SLICE 1 was messing up when he spit his rap verse. LIL D won this round of the rap battle because SLICE 1 just didn't come hard enough.

In the second round of the rap cypher LIL D went in with a hardcore rap delivery. LIL D went hard but he didn't have enough punchlines but he was full of personality and charisma.LIL D had to stop rapping before he was ready SLICE 1 was making rap jokes about his girl and his hygiene. SLICE 1's last punchline was perhaps the best punchline of round 1. This round of the rap battle was a tie in my opinion.

In round 3 of the rap battle LIL D was hungry but he was freezing up and he tried to make up for it with a mediocre punchline I guess I didn't really understand what he said. By round 3 the only thing hot in my opinion was LIL D's rap delivery. SLICE 1 had hotter punchlines and metaphors but he was messing up and his rap verse had less consistency. LIL D won this round of the rap clash he might have froze up but it sounded smoother plus he had a better crowd reaction even though I think most of the people there were friends of his.


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