Lame Rap Battles

Rap Battle :Reign vs Jay

This was a straight rap battle it was funny you here the white girls in the back round? Reign seemed to be freestyle battle rapping. Jay had mostly written rap lyrics Jay messed up in the middle of his rap punchline at the end. Reign came strong and was free-styling his rap verse it was straight for a freestyle but he didn't say anything worth quoting.

The second round was bad as far as rapping goes both of these rappers had the crowd dead and what was Jay wearing did he just come out of church? This was rap battle round made me have to look away because these guys were embarrassing. This is the worst rap battle I seen this month. Jay's written rap punch lines were wack this round of the rap battle.

The third round of the rap battle was straight when Jay spit his verse. His first rap punchline was straight. Reign tried to free-style his rap lyrics but he sounded more like a boring lecture this round of the rap battle.

This round of the rap battle sucked these guys are wack rappers but Jay was pretty good. Jay won this round of the rap battle but he started fumbling at the end and saying corny rap rhymes. Jay was trying his hardest to freestyle battle rap but he should have just spit written rap verses because he was making me feel embarrassed for him.

The next round of the rap battle sucked.Jay killed Rein with his corny rap punchlines. That dude Reign Sucked in this rap round it was horrible. This was a horrible example of what rap has become. Onto the next rap battle round

Reign is not bad for someone who is freestyle battle rapping. He raps like a lecture when he was rapping again and he was boring. Jay was funny he just kept rapping non stop he was killing him. Jay is retarded for apologizing for making fat jokes in his rap verse.

This rap battle round was stupid I'm not talking about the next rap battle round

Rap Battle The Art Of A Freeslice: Oshea Vs Nate

Nate was drunk in the first round of this rap battle which made it kind of interesting.They both seem to be freestyle rapping because they were both seemed uncoordinated and spontaneous when they were spitting their rap verse. They were truly saying just anything when they were rapping. Oshea wasn't serious at all when they were rapping at all he couldn't stop laughing.

In the second round of this rap battle Nate was tripping how you gonna be talking to a pizza in your rap verse. They both had absolutely no metaphors during this round of the rap battle but it sure was funny.The were rhyming and flowing some of the time.

In the last round of this rap battle Oshea starts his verse of the rap battle but doesn't win so Nate wins the pizza.

SHIZZIO SAGAS - Bobby Friction Vs Shizzio Rap Battle (BBC Takeover)

They had some cheesy battle raps at the end of this see for yourself

Rap battle 2010 D&H Studios youtube.wmv

I can't even judge this you be the judge

Bank$ v. SlickStarr Battle
In the first round of this rap battle both rappers sounded pretty good. but started to sound bad towards the middle of there rap verses. Bank$ was kind of straight as far aas rap battling went. Bank$ v won the first round of the rap battle. Both of these rappers seemed to be freestyle battle rapping and saying anything.

In the second round of this rap battle SlickStarr started to get hyped up like he was really saying something. It was funny how got hyped up like he said something good.
In the second round of this rap battle Bank$ v lost cut SlickStarr off in the middle of his rap verse. Bank$ V started saying some bull shit during his rap verse then after that they both started cutting each other off while they were rapping so I lost track of what happened. You judge for yourself and leave a comment at the bottom.

J Taylor Vs Tom
J Taylor started this rhyme battle off. J Taylor was straight with his rhymes and lyrics. Tom was too but it's hard for me to judge when these rappers are coming of the top of the dome saying anything.

The second round of this rhyme battle consisted of J Taylor starting off making your mother jokes jokes. Tom was wacker in this round of the rhyme battle

In the third round of the rap battle J Taylor admit to spitting elementary, well atleast I don't have to. Tom was saying some B.S. during his verse and in the last round of the rhyme was Tom

Rap Battle: Artisan vs King Lo. Rap Battles

In the first round of this rap battle these two MC's were thorough but for some reason they didn't even finish spitting. They were spitting hard but I was leaning more towards
King Lo won it

The battle goes to a second round with King Lo kicking Artisan's ass lyrically but the battle never finished it stops in the middle see for your self bot of these rappers are ill but what makes this battle lame is that is didn't finish

Uncle Luck versus Emcee Dufsta

Here is another wack rap battle.... Fight almost pops off at rap battle - South Beach

peep what this dude says

Rap Battle2

Dizaster started the first round of the rap battleand didn't hesitate to call Arsonal out of his name aka a pussy and an over rated fagot. He said that he could slice him into a bunch of pieces then watch him put himself together and say that it never happened and his opponent Arsonal would deny the whole thing. he tried to say that every time his adversary raps about he bodied everyone he ever met that when he over does it. He tried to say that the only rapper that his rival did body was Conceited. Dizaster said that this match was confirmed on Twitter but at first Arsonal tried to back out of it he even did his own re-enactment. Dizaster made it clear that his opponent Arsonal wears homo shirts. He also said that he wouldn't diss Smack because he's a business man that's got his head set and he made a comment about adversary not having a ever competing on URL aka Ultimate Rap League. This battle rapper known as Dizaster ended by making a quick reference to Loaded Lux being scared to battle him. Arsonal really brought that fire when it was his turn to spit. The first thing he made fun of was what his challenger Dizaster was wearing. He even spit some racist raps that would be aimed towards somebody of Arabic descent like talking about eating bacon and Dizaster was told to eat poop and called an arabic punk. He tried to call his opponents mother a slut and tried to say that Dizaster practiced some Arabic rituals to aid him in his match against Arsonal. He threatened to high kick his rival while they rush him to the hospital. Arsonal made a comment about his adversary's grandmother. He warned Dizaster about bringing bombs to Newark he said he would hold him hostage and have him mailing his own body parts. My favorite punchline he made was the reference he made his opponents eye brows.

In the second round of this rap cypher Dizaster didn't waste any time going in and talking crap about Arsonal. Dizaster made a comment about Arsonal getting on his knees. He tried to call his adversary a fagot in person. Dizaster had a animated performace during this round. In the middle of his verse the lights turned off. He kept on rapping until after awhile if you ask me who could've kept on going. He tried to say that Arsonal would have to go back to the hood in New Jersey with his head down if he lost. His last metaphor was in reference to the rapper T rex.

Grind Time Now presents: Arsonal vs Dizaster

Knowledge went in to the battle to rhyme first and claimed to be a beast on the Microphone. He stated the fact that he's an underground Indie rapper and said he'd stick knives through his kidneys. He's truly a hardcore lyricist and he said he would make love to his adversary's brain and say screw his thoughts. He even threatened to leave his adversary in the back of an alley. B1 then in to rap next and tried to imply that his opponent was a half ass. He seemed to have been freestyle rapping and said anything because his verse got cut short. Knowledge won this verse of the lyrical cypher.

Knowledge was a bully for kicking a second verse after he killed him like that.

Kidd Vs A Butter

Kidd started the freestyle battle first and said that A Butter's career is on stand still and compared his rap bars to the knees on Grant then brought up Prince. A Butter then went into emcee against Kidd and said that it was his spot and he needs it and said that it can't be taken as long as he was breathing. He didn't throw many punchlines at his opponent so in my opinion Kidd won this round of the cypher.

Evil Poets Society Presents: Double Dice / Sunny Black Vs AZ

I started to really judge this battle but this is ridiculous

streetarena:Philly vs Montgomery (Majorlead-vs-Raw FREESTYLE)

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