Saturday, July 31, 2010

Grind Time Now Presents: Agony vs. Legacy

Legacy started the the rap battle saying that he doesn't wanna get the crowd rolling. I would say that that his delivery and flow was all around smoothe and he guessed that rival might talk about his chick and shooting a bunch of guns. He made a few interesting points like the one when he said that Agony had to drive Tallahassee just to tryout. At the end it seemed that Legacy spit a freestyle verse and tried to imply that his opponents writtens were weak. Agony then went up to rap next accusing his adversary of doing nothing with his life then told him he's full of excuses and ruining music. He started out using multi syllabic endings that weren't were understandable to most but when he said exuberant he probably raised the bar a little. He compared his challenger Damion Marley because of his long hair while trying to imply that Legacy might be a little bit confused about his heritage. Agony was a tad bit harder in his verses so I would have to give this round to him.

Legacy started the second round with no hesitation and said that his hair is louder than his voice. He then paused while the crowd got there hysterical laughs out and came back in and made a hair joke or two. He seemed to freestyle rapping and improvising because confronted Agony and his insults easily. He countered the punchline about when his adversary said he looks like Damion Marley and switched it up on his opposition when he called him a light skinned wish bone. Then Agony jumped in to spit his verse soon after and spit harder rhymes when he threatened to leave his opponent with two prosthetic legs. He also tried to squeeze mad rhymes in his verse wile he told a story. He told his challenger that he ain't a gangster and said he could take him outside and beat him up but he rather make him realize that he sucks. In my opinion this round of the rapping battle was a tie.

In the third round of this cypher Legacy tried to imply that his opponent probably got picked on when he was little because his mother was the victim of a hit and run accident. He spit a few deep lines that made think of poetry when he was rhyming especially when described Agony's name. Legacy said, "your mother wouldn't even claim you for tax return purposes" and that tops it for the best punchline I heard this week. His angle was basically to try say hat his rival had traumatic child hood. I dig the way he put lyrics together and his finishing statement was straight hard. Agony jumped in this round a tad bit cocky talking like he had it in the bag and claimed that this cypher was a mismatch and said that he heard about Legacy supposedly living in a trailer park with his mom. He told a harsh story about going to his challenger crib and causing havok. He said that his opponents mother was screaming tell him to stop. He had an all around good performance in this round and was both syllabic and lyrical. Legacy won this round in my opinion but I must say that was a close round and could've went vice versa.

In the fouth and last round of this rhyme battle Agony started the first round and claimed he was a little sad but started off by saying that his opponent use to hang with his uncle who was a child molester and took advantage of young boys. He tried to say that challenger was desensitized by five years old and focused heavily on making gay jokes about his opponent. He ended threatening to give him more shots than a spring breaker in Mexico. Legacy then went in and spit his rap verse and said that his style is the reason most down south cats get killed. He mentioned that Agony might listen to Outkast but he reminded him that he's in Florida and his rhyme style was thorough. He told his adversary that swagger doesn't make up for his skills lacking. He killed this round hands down when he said that he would put his opponent out of his misery he said that his adversary bit his style from Carlito's way. Legacy won this round of this lyrical battle without a doubt.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Grind Time Now Presents: Doc Waffles vs Nfact

Doc Waffles started the rap battle first and claimed that people who don't know any better might assume that Nfact is more ill and said that his own first matchup is not tied to gt silver. He gave his opponent props for a Yadi Supreme battle and said that he has literate punchlines as he called his opposition a confederate racist country boy. He even put him on blast for the first rap cd he ever owned. Doc Waffles was a real intellectual ass hole when he spit and his last punchline was deep. I must admit that Nfact did look a bit more rugged than his opponent and he said he asked with his lyrical delivery how could ever have respect for his opposition who looks like. He called his rival an phony even though he was from Detroit the city of veterans such as Eminem, Royce da 5'9, guilty, simpson, quest, and marv. He accused Doc Waffles of coming with weaker bars and tried to call his parents boring but in my opinion he won this round of the he won this round but I can see how you might think it was a tie.

In the second round of this rap battle Doc Waffles went right in and started spitting and saying screw his opponent. He claimed his Nfact is all gassed up because he's undefeated. He said that his adversary wants to go against Conceited and mentioned him messaging Sonny Bamboo on Facebook. Doc Waffles told him to get him a gas station job and make him some bread and tried to imply that his opponent thinks he's a celebrity because he has a few thousand Youtube views. He said at the end a fact that I found interesting, I didn't know 1 out of 5 rappers have aids. Nfact started his rhyme verse paying homage to Wutang Protect your neck. He continued to rap about much of a intellectual loser Doc Waffles is and called him ugly. He tried to imply that he was up against a queer hipster and said that his opponent looked like a loser with no life basically. He told his adversary to go home and cry to his rich mom. Nfact ended his verse by accusing his challenger of getting pissed on. this round of this lyrical match up was a tie in my opinion.

In the third round of this cypher Doc Waffles started off by saying something about Trivial Pursuit and called himself a beast. He seemed to be implying that his opponent is from Kentucky. He focused on making southern insults on his opposition. He called his opponent a wannabe Thesaurus and was a thorough lyricist in my opinion. The first thing he told Nfact was not to front like his hood is hard to survive in and said if he moved next store Doc Waffles family would bake him a pie and invite him over. He also called his opposition a homo sexual and said that his adversary doesn't consider him self gay. He claimed that he got that information from Facebook and claimed to only spit nothing but facts. He ended by saying that Doc Waffles isn't from the ghetto. This round of the rap clash was a tie in my opinion.

REAL TALK 5 - DW vs Fluence

Fluence started round one of the one on one battle telling DW to eat a dick. He called him a shop-a-holic mall rat which I'm not sure is such a bad thing ut apparently that he was trying to imply so. His style was to be a joker ass hole type and said tried to imply that he should change his name. This MC also tried to say that his adversary can't handle smoking weed and is a cyber sex addict. He accused Fluence of being a sissy fag and told his opposition that it was time to retire from rapping and got real syllabic when he referred to breaking his opponent in four. DW went next in this rhyme battle and seemed to be trying to spit with lots of syllables as well. He accused his opposition of flowing like an actress because he uses props. He called his adversary a hypochondriac because he thinks he's dope which doesn't at all seem to be true in his book and accused his opponent of only taking rounds when he's buying drinks. He was thorough at puting rhymes together and his February 29 punchline was ill. His last metaphor implied that his adversary would never beat him. In my opinion this round of the cypher was a tie.

In the second round when Fluence started to spit DW's match up history and said that when he's finished people will spit in his face for being a fake. He claimed that his adversary hangs out at night club and swings around belt buckles and accused him of going to a private school where people never heard of Pharoahe monch but thought Vanilla Ice was kind of cool. He even told a syllabic rap tale about his opposition and about his mother and claims that her life was ruined when she gave birth to him. Towards the end of his verse Fluence seemed to be kicking a written verse with lots of syllables. DW went next accusing his opponent of choking in his third round and said he seen him on the internet acting like an internet thug who made foolish poses. The man got real lyrical and called him self an demon would leave him bleeding. He broke down each letter of Fluences name and made different words with them and then broke down his own name as well and seemed to be confident that he would win. This round of the tournament was a tie.

In the third and last round of the the rhyme cycle Fluence started it out talking crap about DW's sick as a flu reference and it sounded like he compared him to aids infested acrobat and seemed to have compared to a girl he did once. He was a real joker with a funny sense of humor and he spent a lot his verse describing the way his adversary's raps. I enjoyed his punchline about underground hip hop fitting under an umbrella. His last move during the cypher was to pull out a stage pro which was a T-Shirt that said called his opponent a fagot. DW went into flow next and said that he was about to go wild and prove that he can beat Fluence without having to sacrifice his own style. He said that an MC's ability is not to create images lyrically and not literally. He maintained his syllabic in his his bars and tried to imply that Fluence can't see him and he did have as much of a performance as Fluence and lacked charisma. Fluence won this round of the emcee clash.

REAL TALK 5 - Aikers vs Mr.Virus

Mr.Virus started the cypher off the chain like a mad man and claimed that he forgot all of his written rhymes and kicked a freestyle instead. He said that he was gonna tell his opponent how he seriously feels about him. He seemed to have a story to tell about the morning of this cypher. He had a lot of aggression and threatened to smash his oppositions face until it's black and blue. He ended by saying that he has a high society style then said he would cut his rival down to size like stir. Aikers started saying his lines sounding like an English man and said that the crowd probably expected him to spit Asian jokes. He spit about the taboo of how all oriental people eat strange animals and tried to call them great cooks. He claimed to be a big believer in peace. He said that it was time for Aussies and Asians to put there issues aside. He said that they both could agree that Americans are mostly dummies. Aikerssaid in a sarcastic fashion that he liked his challengers eyelids because he enjoys getting high. He was pretty much a smooth ass hole and ended saying Peace Asia. In my opinion this round of the clash was a tie.

In the second round of the MC cypher Mr.Virus went in and showed off his true sickness. He said he found it hard to record the eight pages that he wrote and threw his pad in the air. He said for someone his adversary's size it must not be easy to get a date and claimed that his sex life sucked. He said the first time he met his opposition he thought the guy was sick and said that the man was screaming for medical help the first time he met him. Aikers then went in the talking how he like Asians but hates Philippians. He seemed to be making sexist remarks about conspiracies. He continued in this round just being an ass hole with the rhymes. It sounded like he was calling Mr.Virus a sexual deviate and accused him of sleeping with tramps. He tried to say that his challenger bites off of corny rappers. He called his opponents crew a bunch of fagots that wave machete's and axes. This round of the one on one battle was a tie as well in my opinion

In the third round of the MC tournament Mr.Virus started out strong and claimed to have slept on Aikers couch. He called dapper freestyle emcee and said something about Big L that was hard for me to quite zero in on and understand. He proceeded to mix a little horror-core in his rhymes and said that he would hit Aikers with a hammer sledge. He spit a real self glorifying verse calling himself the greatest and stuff. He seemed to have ran out of things to say and just started cursing his his opponent out. Aikers started this round spitting his verse saying Real Talk and accused his opposition of thinking he was west coast connected. He seemed to have gave Mr.Virus an alternative to fight or not. He tried to call the guy a nervous nerd that couldn't finish sentences and said he rocks the crowd and gives high fives to people who dont deserve it while he's the life of the party. He ended by talking junk about his opponents accent. In my opinion Aikers won this round of the rhyme battle.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

REAL TALK 5 - *PROMO BATTLE* Dwizofoz vs Tu Pham

Dwizofoz started the cypher it sounded like he called Tu Pham wack and accused him of acting. He was syllabic with his rhyme style in the beginning. It seemed like he tried to get s tad bit racist when putting words together. He warned his short Asian opponent that he has people in the crowd that would handle him if he got out of line. He said his whole crew will get ran through and threatened to leave him a dead man. Dwizofoz said he would have sex with Tu Pham mother and compared it to sushi. He claimed that his opponents reach isn't long enough to touch him in a fight and called him weak. He said his idea of a battle was swinging elbows and fists then he compare his rival to one of the Simpsons. It sounded like he said Real Talk when he finished his verse. Tu Pham wasted no time rap battling he went in and told Dwizofoz that he can't beat him in this game and asked him if he was insane. He said that challenger made racial jokes that don't apply to him and said that if he's Japanese rip him and called him a chink then it sounded like he said he would claim his body for scientific research. He claimed that his opposition asked to battle three times. Tu Pham said that his opposition was like the wizard of Oz. In my opinion this round of the lyrical cypher was a tie.

Dwizofoz started off saying under his breath that Tu Pham is the one that was trying to challenge him for three months. He said that his opposition couldn't beat him and tried to call him a Grind Time biter he even mentioned Tantrum and A-Class. This guy was on of those rappers that walked away every time he said something good then would come back and say more. He said that K.F.C. named a meal after his opponent and said that he came to the cypher happy that he finally lost his virginity then said it was through incest with his own sister. Dwizofoz said that his adversary was a loser among all the asians and told him that months down the road that he would regret this. Tu Pham started this round of the battle calling his opponent a loser than asked him if he could survive in the future an told someone to do the hindlick maneuver. He made fun of his challengers man boobs in a syllabic fashion and called him a bitter hater and called his waist size the equator of Jupiter. He accused Dwizofoz of going on dates with Jenny Craig. This round of the hip hop cypher seemed to be a tie.

In the third and last round of this MC battle Dwizofoz proceeded to spit racist raps at Tu Pham almost as if he had him bottled up in his heart and he just wanted to use rhyming as an excuse to let em out calling him yellow. He hit him with a barrage of rhymes and said that is too short to be walking around with his chest out ad asked if he got a boob job. He accused his adversary of taliking through The Wire like Kanye West. Dwizofoz made it clear that he was spitting a freestyle rap verse and seemed more than confident about winning. He got real syllabic again and then his home boy came up to help him finish almost as if it was premeditated. Tu Pham said his emcee rhymes next and had crowd reaction as soon as he started. He rebutted against his adversary talking about asian women and said that his Asian girls wouldn't touch Dwizofoz because he's so ugly. He said that his opponent made him ashamed to be Australian. Dwizofoz won this round of the MC clash by a tad bit more I would say.


MC.KIMS started the rap battle trying to call LIL TAE a coward then compared himself and his opponent to NBA basket ball players, he called himself Kobe. He gave a shout out to brick layers and made it apparent that he is using written rhymes. He had a lot to say about his gun shells. He claimed to be to strong and said that when he claps hiss oppositions crew would be gone and accused him of trying to buy crack with a coupon. He made it clear that he was in this for the money and said he would let him fell some jaw breakers. My favorite punchline that he said was that wouldn't put his fists in the air if he was a Black Panther. LIL TAE claimed that MC.KIMS was calling him out for three months straight and called him an African that looks like an immigrant. You could tell he was clearly freestyle rapping he said he would nut in his challengers chicks nose and bust inside her ligaments. He said that the female emcee from Baltimore Keys reminds him of his house keys. He said he would his gun would make his adversary move like a belly dancer. He tried to say that his opposition tried to grow some fake ass dredlocks and the crowd went wild. He said he would go to the heat like Labron. In my opinion LIL TAE won this round of the cypher based on delivery.

In the second round of this rhyme battle MC.KIMS claimed to spit crack every time he raps and called himself the rock that the crowd fiends for. He said when he would leave LIL TAE with more holes than a screen door and said he wouldn't spark a gun online playing Call of Duty. He said that his opponent tried to instant message him. He had a dead metaphor or two with little to no crowd reaction. He said he would get rid of his adversary's crew with his Baltimore Bullets. He ended by saying he'd knock his opponent down like Aliyahs plane. LIL TAE started by saying he should drop MC.KIMS like the wrestler Brock. He talked about beating his challengers ass and tried to imitate his rap flow. He didn't quite have the most accurate impression of his adversary but he got the point across. He tried to say that his adversary sounded retarded and has a curfew on the weekends. He then proceed to make fun of his opponent clothes, that dude a clown and he had to ad a quick comment rivals girl. He was saying anything after awhile and started not to make sense and rhymes started to get more generic.In my opinion MC.KIMS won this round of the rap battle based on consistency.

In the third round of this rap cypher MC.KIMS seemed to be implying that he has been the best and said that he's surprised LIL TAE didn't surrender yet. He had another quotable punchline referring to kids that got suspended from school and he compared his flow to VA. He tried to incorporate freestyle into his verse when he made fun of his oppositions sneakers. I found my self laughing when he said he'd have little nigga's run up on his opponent like he was the ice cream man, he was going in. He mentioned LL Cool J at the end and it was a straight metaphor. LIL TAE went in next and seemed to be trying to make an insult on MC.KIMS trying to dis him and say he likes white girls, which probably would have been an insult back in the day but in the 20th century that's like your paying homage and basically calling him a pimp depending on how good the white chicks look. He called himself big daddy and claimed to drive Big Cadillacs. This guy was funny as hell and he was trying to freestyle but he wasn't making sense a lot of times. He said he would beat his challengers ass like there is nothing to it and claimed to have sodomized his mother. This Baltimore emcees is goofy but he was taking it beyond hip hop and it just really be came him making weird ass reamrks and rhyming them.

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010


SPLIFF started the first round of this cypher it sounded like he said that SMIRF couldn't ride his wave if he did what the seals do and said broads don't feel his opposition because his flow was small. He had a smooth delivery when he rhymed and wasn't modest to admit that he's a chill dude. He seemed to spitting a freestyle rap and ran out of things to say pretty early in the game during this round. I didn't get the punchline he made the squirrels but whatever he was pretty good to be coming off the top. His ending was kind of thorough when he said his rival would shoot himself with his own gun. SMIRF said that he's about to eat his opposition and said that he was about to eat SPLIFF and he didn't even say his grace yet and he said he'd leave his opponent leaning like he's taking meth. He asked his adversary what he does and tried to imply that he climbs trees. He told a story that I thought was kind of corny. He tried to say that his challenger is trying to impress a girl. He added a tad bit more comedy to his performance when he said his opponent was Eve from Barbershop. His ending was a tad bit harder and in my opinion SMIRF won this round of the rap battle.

In the second round of the freestyle battle SPLIFF said to ask his adversary if he ever heard a gun pop and said he'd leave him stinking real long from gun shots. He put on a devious voice when he was rapping. He seemed to be boring the people around him but i'd sqy his performance was funny regardless. He said that he would shoot him then when he gets on the ground he would slap him. He said that SMIRF got folds in his stomach the size of bowling balls. SPLIFF even called him a pussy and said to get the the Trojans and he even had stuff to say about his oppositions girl talking about how her mouth feels. Then SMIRF jumped in and compared his opponents breath to phone sex his punchline didn't make any sense though. He came up with another story that he seemed to be improvising out of his ass. He started to get horror core style with his raps. He was ranking SPLIFF's man boobs and claimed that he sold coke his mother. He gave a shot out to his home boy that's locked up. This round of the rapping battle was a tie.


PAK MAN started this round of the rap battle and if I had to be the judge I would say that spit a freestyle verse. He seemed to be a tad bit on the horrorcore rap made a statement about cutting his neck and left it hanging. He gave a shot out to a few people and warned KAYOS about running his mouth. He tried to get syllabic with his raps. I thought this dude looked like a Arabic version of Shay Davis, he just puts together rhymes different. The man even insisted that his adversary wanted to be him and whether that's true or not I don't know. PAK MAN seemed to be trying to imply that he knew martial arts as well. The Arabic looking man also told his opposition that he's not a gang banger and he compared him to a plastic nail small and frail. KAYOS started out by waving for the crowds attention and then started with an I get money line. He said that he was mad that he got set up to battle a Puerto Rican dip stick and said he would beat his ass too bad for police to know to do with him. I like the Dora The Explorer punchline he said about his friends being animals. He tried to imply that his PAK MAN's girl be creeping on him and lying about saving herself for marriage. His ending wasn't too thorough he probably improvised some of it. This round of the cypher was a tie in my opinion.

In the second round of the face off PAK MAN said he would bring clips to his KAYOS front door like the online movie rental company. He said that he would run up in his oppositions house and hold shoot at him. He gave another shot out in his rap verse to someone I'm not really sure who he didn't say the name clear enough. he said that he would treat his opposition like this match up with no beat. The crowd went wild after he aid that. I enjoyed his rhyme style KAYOS went right in to spit after that and claimed to have clout. He said that his boys are like Donald trump with the guns and spit about causing a massacre. His delivery was hype but he basically spent a good minute rapping about the aftermath of what will happen if his opponent messes with him a true hitman with silencers. He turned horrorcore on his challenger when he threatened to throw his opponent and his mother in a mind field. In my opinion this round of the one on one battle was a tie to me.

In the third round of this rap clash PAK MAN started out bragging about the level of rhyming that he's on. He got real syllabic when describing his style. He asked how he was letting a foreigner roast him. He then started to improvise from off the top of the dome and seemed to be just saying anything. KAYOS went in right after and claimed to have been the best in the game since a young guy. He said that he'd put his penis in his opponents girls ear so she can hear him ejaculate. He compared his opponent to a a flat screen and said thats the way he would leave him scared and confused. He compared himself to the carpet of Aladdin trying to call him self fly. KAYOS finished off by saying that he'd leave him looking something like T Rex.

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Chicago Battlegrounds Vol. 4: Joka Jones vs Steve Staples

Joka Jones started the rap battle first and said that Steve Staples always says you can blame it on him for being an ass hole said to think about it he's saying he's an asshole and told everybody to think deeply about it. He compared his rival messing up on a bar is constipation and called himself a gunner called his opposition a runner that can't fight and hides under covers. He then began to say that he grips pipes like plumber and tried to equate his opponent to Stevie Wonder. He called his adversary a hater and said that he would have to put his hand on him then said he would put his gun to his wig. He said that he calls gun his staple remover and asked the crowd why they put him in the ring with him and said that they knew he was gonna bring him down. Joka Jones said that Steve Staples would be a 40 year old virgin and he all of a sudden got syllabic when giving a run down about is gonna happen to him. He said that he is a gunner and claimed to be in the gutter. He asked if the crowd if his adversary looks like somebodies little brother and said the funny story is that he is fat but hates to admit it. He said that it's nobodies fault that he's fat but his own and and accused him of eating too many chitterlings. Joka Jones brought up his oppositions battle against Fresh and said his opponent did all right in that cypher but overall he's corny. He had funny analogies of what his opponent smelled like. He compared himself to the well know cannibal Hannibal then compared his opponent to fake breasts. Steve Staples then went in and began to spit his verse and said challengers name is a joke and accused him of stepping out of his comfort zone for calling him out. He made it clear that his guns have good range and claimed that Joka Jones asked for the beating then called him a twerp. He gave a shout out to Young Thunda as well. He asked his opponent if thinks that he has the right to smirk just because he has one win. He claimed that rival is floating on cloud 9 now and said he would bring him back to earth. Steve Staples compared his opponent to ground turf and said let me show you how this magic works. He said he would have sex with his girl when he is ready and said he would turn his opponent into after birth. He even said he would go his wake and shoot up the church then said when it's war his challenger he is scared and hiding. He even compared Joka Jones to Keyshia Cole mother and said that his scope males sure that he is focused wen he pops. He said that his opponent is a snitch and he'd treat his life like spades leave him in a box. This round of the rhyme battle was a tie.

In the second round of the rapping matchup Joka Jones went right in and said his verse saying he told Young Thunda they could fight if he's brave. He said when his gun spits it would put a part in his waves and said he would end his Steve Staples life then get something to eat. He said adversary's chatter was just talk to him and said he would lose his sneakers because his goons would take them off of him. He told his opponent that he isn't Soulja Boy even though they say he looks like him and said not to get it twisted because this ain't an easy match and said he would squeeze the mac and leave his opposition with nothing with nothing but a large piece of fat. Joka Jones said that he'd two piece his rival like a Reese's pack and told him not to rap and to just get a job. He said he would treat his Steve Staples like a kabob. The last thing he mentioned was if you look up his opposition Steve O from Jack ass stapling a sack to his leg He bragged about how strong his marketing is. Steve Staples went in and started rapping. He called his challenger Marcus Jones and said that he is really a good kid. He claimed that his opposition listens to a lot of Tupac and he really wants to live that thug life while comparing bullets to stray hairs. Steve Staples said that his opponent shouldn't have been made a man. He said that he would shoot his adversary's funny bone and get rid of his sense of humor. He compared his gun to a rumor and said he gave his rivals girl a tumor. Steve Staples got on rival for having a baby face and asked how they called him Joka Jones when he looks like The Penguin. He tried to say that his challenger didn't look hard. He said that he would stomp the his opposition and turn him into two face. He said that he would turn his opponent into funny sections. He compared his shooting game to Ray Allen and said his opponent wouldn't poke someone on Facebook. In my opinion this round of the rap cypher was a tie.

In the third round of the one on one battle Joka Jones said that Steve Staples is a bitch and he could see it in his eyes. He said that his homeboys is looking for his opposition they aren't talking about office supplies. He said his boys would push a red dot then said easy button and said his girl friend is a bust down that stays on the stroll. He said he screws her lights out then sends her to him playing a roll and said that his opposition plays with her toes. He said that he would send her back to him with stain on her clothes and she would make a lie up about she got it from cooking then tell him that his plates on the stove. Joka Jones told his Steve Staples that he wasn't in the trap with his gun and accused him of selling socks on ninety fifth. He said that his opponent doesn't hit the block or spray automatics and said the last time he was he was eating up the green he ate cabbage. He told his opposition that nothing he makes is classic and he ain't worth a nickel. He also compared his opponent to a dill pickle and called him one of the Dill pickles then accused him of playing with Bee Bee guns. He said his gun would put him against the wall. Steve Staples went in and called his challenger a hater. He said that if his opponent doesn't believe he can do it he'd make him fly. He said that he wouldn't be using hands when he waves good bye. he said that he would take the pump and turn his opponent to a sky scraper then get his girl and let a whole bunch of guys rape her. He compared his guns to a Fraternity. He called him self a cold nigga then described his internal organs to Joka Jones. He claimed to have a chopper on him and said that when it's beef turn his opponent into pasta. Steve Staples reminded Joka Jones that he's not a goalie. He told his challenger if he's married to the block then he needs to start separating and I liked the punch line he made referring to his oppositions segregating. He taught a little bit of history with the rhyme he said about emancipation. He said that his arms are strong with no Lance relation and said his opponent is a liar. He said that he shoots storms that blow until the roofs gone. He said that his homeboys be getting head from his adversary's girl and said that he would meet him in his hood with guns that can shoot a hundred yards. Steve Staples won this round of the rap clash.


JOHNNY DANGER started the rap battle he told a story and said that he tried out for Grind Time and Smack aka URL tv. He tried to say that his opposition actually looks like an animal and got specific in syllabic fashion. He said that he doesn't care what his name is and if he brings it and had jokes about his oppositions man boobs. He called RAW MATERIAL Forest-Gump. He says he feels like Tupac and said he wants to have sex with his opponents girl. he claimed to smoke like a hippie. He he would have sex with his adversary's girl frog style I guess he was trying to call him a wet back. JOHNNY DANGER said that he burnt smoke into the ashes. He said if his rival has an opinion and it turns foul he'd get jumped like the turn style. RAW MATERIAL went in talking about how he reps his city and said described how they draw clips. I'm mad that he messed up right after that last punchline. Then he picked up and said his jungle is gully and has rhyming fiends and said he would turn his opponent to Step-hon make him feel like he is seeing angels when the gun is drawn. He said he would bring the semi on JOHNNY DANGER's chest. He said he would shoot at him and all of his partners while annihilating his block. He called him self a king among queens and compared it to a chest board. RAW MATERIAL compared his violent war path to connect four and he said that his challengers girl sucks toes ans claimed that he shoves his arms up her vagina up to the shoulder. He bragged about being an up north nigga and said he would leave his opponents block looking like a pimp my ride segment. He said he use to do ventriloquist acts with his adversary's little sister. In my opinion this round of the rap cypher was a tie.

In the second round of the JOHNNY DANGER said that he heard a lot of dudes are talking like they wanna pay the hundred dollars to go to the URL tryouts and said that most of them didn't have no money to tryout. He said them cats corny and claimed to spent a thousand to be on Smack. He compared himself to Fat Albert and said that he killed nigga's and equated him self to the KKK. He said that he didn't care who his adversary's man was and said he called his own flow retarded. He said that his rival buys his pants and they fit tight. JOHNNY DANGER said that RAW MATERIAL's pants fit on him like he could do a salsa dance but he can't get light. He said that since his opponent accepted the cypher then it's on and told him that he isn't the king of the ring he's wrong. He called his opponent ugly then claimed to know why his opposition dis likes him and claimed that his wife likes him. He said that if his opposition is short on the cash they would hang around his crib like drapery. He even had called his rivals True Religion shirt fake. JOHNNY DANGER said that he would make his girl work on the strip and make her get dollars from sucking dick. He told his adversary that he loses and said when he's finished with his girl he would leave her knees bruised. The last statement that he made was calling his opponents shoes fake. RAW MATERIAL called his challenger a fronter for saying that he had sex with his girl and tried to say that his opposition is a sucker for love. He asked his rival why he looks the way he does and called him a K mart shopper and he messed up then said it was freestyle. He started to say stuff about guns and reminded that he is that nigga. He said that he was gonna leave JOHNNY DANGER by a river and told him that he has no defense. He asked his adversary if he thought he was a G and said he would send him to another dimension. RAW MATERIAL claimed to have a grown man flow and called his opponents status young. He said his knife will make imprints that look like bee stings on the side of his opposition's temple. He started messing up and jumped back in and said he would cut the guys red freckles. In my opinion JOHNNY DANGER won this round of the matchup

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

G-KiDd vs Uno Lavos Freestyle -HUNTING SEASON

Uno Lavos went first in this cypher saying that everybody in the crowd knows that G-KiDd ain't hot. He said that he would come up in his top because his opponents gonna flop. He said his opponent ain't a g at all and said that if he hits him in the temple he would probably fall. He said that nobody thinks that his opposition is hot and he compared his opposition to a vagina and talked about him for wearing Polo sneakers. He told his adversary that he doesn't want none of him and he's like a son to him. He compared him to a nigga that looks like Big Pun to him and it 's a good thing that somebody called time because he was starting to just say anything. G-KiDd immediately jumped into the battle and asked Uno Lavos what he was even speaking for and said he would carve a whole in his oppositions neck so he could start breathing more. He said he had a flow you ain't seen before and said that he's spits that crack and he guesses that his challenger needed more. He claimed that his bars aren't premeditated and threatened to leave his opponent with wounds and scars. He got a bit deep when he said to look at the stars and G-KiDd said that he was better than Uno Lavos which isn't a site that you even got to see by far. He called his opposition a dog that needs to lie on the door mat and said that he wasn't the dude to bee tried on. He said that he would start start rhyming like Saigon.He started to ask his opponent questions then he started messing up. He said that he would have a chick rape his challenger and finished off by saying he would have him doing drugs and then single him out like a Lucy. In my opinion G-KiDd won this round of the clash.

In the second round of this freestyle battle Uno Lavos started out calling his adversary dumb and a stupid Young Buck. He said if his opponent seen a martial arts movie he'd probably wanna go buy nun chucks. He said he wasn't talking about giving his opponent ass when he says that he's gonna gun butt him. He said that he is a monster and doesn't need a soul and dudes be bumping his tracks until they speakers blow. He said that anything that runs on his block him and his crew controls and said that he would get G-KiDd clapped with no strings attached like the controller to the latest Nintendo system. He said that his rivals a bitch who wouldn't let the lead bust and said that he isn't waving shit like a pit with his tail cut. He claimed to be a cocky ass nigga and said that his adversary stinks and called him a cocky ass nigga as well then said he needs his mother to go take him to the potty. He tried to call his opposition crusty and said that his girl be trying to peel there bananas and she be getting her monkey on. Uno Lavos said that he throws barrows like he is Donkey Kong and he'd tell his adversary's chick to take that and he wasn't talking about Puffy's song. He asked what the line up was and told his opponent that he wouldn't win and asked him how he would neat him when he got three chins. G-KiDd started his verse off asking his challenger his name I guess he had forgotten it then he compared the guys skills to a midget trying to nut. He said that he knew his opposition was anal and uptight but he didn't know he was referring to his butt. He asked his opponent what was wrong with him and asked him if he said does he wanna do a song with him. He said that he could barely rap next too him let alone get along with him and said he would grab his beads then get his mother while she's getting her groceries. G-KiDd said that he hopes his Uno Lavos isn't approaching him because he keeps the blade by his side real closely. He said that his challenger is going in the pool and you know that he'd be flopping. He seem to be describing a murder scene and said yellow tape around take precaution. He reminded that he was rhyming off the top of the dome and said that his opposition was missing an X Y chromosome. He told people to leave this fagot alone and said that he talks out his mouth like Sylvester Stallone and compared his girl to dog. In my opinion G-KiDd won this round of the rhyme battle.

In the third round of this emcee clash Uno Lavos said you talking about blades nigga I got big cleavers. He called his opponent a nasty chick with breasts aka a big diva and called the people around him cheerleaders. He called his opponent nasty and had stomach insults on his opposition. He even said that his oppositions girl was clowning his penis and said that the animals let you in but after this they gonna let you out. He said nigga what is you on you should had a suit on and said he would have his opponents girl slobber on his penis. G-KiDd went right in to spit his verse next and claimed to be the deadliest warrior around. He threatened to leave wounds and holes in Uno Lavos shirt. He said he would put a bunch of holes in his girl to receive in and said that Uno Lavos said everything that everybody says all repeat stuff. He said he would fill his opponent up with lead. He said that his rival should be mute. He also said that th his adversary's girl said he was fat but she said his dick is cute and it smiles on her . He said if he shoots at his asdversary's head it would turn into a sun visor.


WEAPON-X started the rap battle mentioning HEAD ICE and said he would put a foot in YOUNG ALE ass both legs. He said that he's battling a nigga with long hair from the Bronx and compared his adversary to Jennifer Lopez. He claimed to have studied how rivals word play and said that he screams and makes noise just to get a crowd reaction. He said that every punchline his opponent makes is about what he is gonna do to a nigga. He said that he figures he'd switch it up to make the crowd go wild and beat his opposition by using his own style. He then proceeded to bring up his rivals rap history and told the crowd about his last two battles. WEAPON-X called himself the lethal injection that kills YOUNG ALE and he seemed to be searching through his memory banks for things to freestyle. He said that he would put the K in front of his eye and said he would slice his adversary in the abdomen with a machete blade then spill him. He said he would hold his opponents parents hostage and he was just saying mad gruesome things. He tried to call his competition corny and said his birth is the result Stevie Wonder playing games with crazy glue. WEAPON-X called his opponent bars stretched and said he couldn't figure out his opponents race then tried to imply that his father does lawn work. YOUNG ALE started rapping next and said that he heard his opponent brought his girl to the cypher I hope that isn't true because the dumbest thing that you can do in my opinion is bring your girl friend or your mother to your match up. He said that when he squeezes the gun he said that one shot will leave his chest open like a V neck his expression made the rhyme come alive even though it was mad generic. He said he would make WEAPON-X's mother play Russian roulette with an oozy and put a rocket to his grand ma's rocking chair. YOUNG ALE made a story about what he'd do to his sisters too and said he would choke the baby in his family with his bib. He said he would find his fishes and then sprinkle some seasoning on them and fry them then said he shoot the vermin in his house and the neighbor. He compared his challenger to an X men character and said he would turn his block into an apocalypse. The last thing he said was he would turn his waves to a mo hawk. In my opinion YOUNG ALE won this first round of this round of the rhyme battle.

in the second round of the tournament WEAPON-X started off the this round of the clash talking junk about his opponents speech impediment and elaborated on it. He said he would kidnap his opponents daughter and have convicts choke her then cut his eye lids off then make him watch them poke her. He said he would throw his opponents face on the grass and watch it get slashed by a running lawn mower and he seemed to be spitting some freestyle rhymes once more he was just saying any thing. He said that he would leave YOUNG ALE worked like the color of his shirt. WEAPON-X said he was gonna take the s out of smirked and and his adversary would get merked, yo I ain't got nothing against this emcee I heard him say some hot rhymes in the past but that punchline was corny and i'm mad that the crowd hyped it up like it was thorough. He said that he has the metal on him and called himself a rebel army. His reference to T Pain was lame and it was a good thing he stopped himself. YOUNG ALE started off by saying that his challenger is an Oreo cookie and said that he's black and white like them old televisions then gave a good example. He said WEAPON-X changed his name from Omega while calling himself a veteran and compared him self to an X men character. He said that he would leave his rival like professor Xavier and said he would come through with a 350 and give his opponent a few shots then put him in a box then aid 3 sixty. He said a couple shots would leave his adversary extinct like a T Rex and claimed to be talking to be hollering at his girl. YOUNG ALE tried to imply that Lethal and C4 be taking turns running trains on WEAPON-X's girl friend and said that he's up next. He said he text-ed her then reffered to leaving heads spinning and compared his challenger to Roman numbers. He compared his adversary to Malcolm X for his last punchline. In my opinion YOUNG ALE won this round of the rap clash.

In the third round of the match up WEAPON-X went in saying that he's ready and said that he's deadly with a bat. He said he would swing once and turn his opponent into confetti. He said he would throw his mother on the ground kick her in the face make her suck his dick and use sulfuric acid as tooth paste. He said listen nigga then he messed up and he was surely freestyle rapping. He let everybody know that he was improvising and said he's quick with thinking up rhymes. He said for that green he stay wilding and said something about Ray Allen. WEAPON-X made it clear that he wasn't going out with out a fight. He had a DMX style and said he'd kill YOUNG ALE bitch in the middle of the night. He began to spit about how he would shoot his adversary and said that his home boys would jump in. He claimed that the tournament was a mis match and said he would throw a javelin through his six pack. he said that when he's finished they would use his rib cage as a dish rack. YOUNG ALE started off saying that he found out his opponents real name is Darius and called him a school boy and said that heard he goes to college. He tried to imply that his WEAPON-X wasn't real and claimed to know when and where to find him. He compared his opponent to Eminem and said that he would catch them Aftermath. He equated hitting D to algebra. The best thing about him was his delivery and his consistency as he tried to imply that his challenger was purple, he even pulled out his flash light to help him see him better. He began to start saying anything in his verse but his closer was straight.

Monday, July 26, 2010


YLE went first in this rap battle claiming that CHEMICAL ALI does a bunch of yelling and said that he feels like he's his pops then asked him who he's getting loud with. He told him he would hit him with the left or the right and that it was his choice and told his opponent that his bars were weak so he need to lower his voice because all of his screaming is just noise. He seemed to be spitting a freestyle rap verse and said that his adversary was probably trying to be him. He seemed to be almost repeating himself and didn't have anything remembered for this match. He said that the night was gonna be long and wished CHEMICAL ALI a good night. He said his rap name YLE again for the second time as if nobody heard it the beginning when he mentioned it and said that he's a rider compared his heat to lava. He compared himself to a construction worker and told him to freeze because he doesn't wanna scrap with him. He compared his fists to black eyed peas and said that his equated his flow to a Snickers bar. He comapred himself to Ne-yo but says that he doesn't do love songs and told him he could ask his people. He said that he's that nigga and told his opposition that he doesn't really want it. The last thing he said was I'm that nigga you don't really want it then said give it to him. CHEMICAL ALI went in as soon as YLE passed him the torch he said that he's the type to murder your son and he said that his challengers name stands for You lost To every one. He said he would turn into Ivan ooze and said he would insert a broken test tube into his adversary's mother. He asked him why he'd take this this battle since he doesn't have it all up stairs and claimed to be imbalanced chemically. He said that he would hit his oppositions mother in the back of the head with a hammer and have sex with her whether she's alive or not. He said that after he kills him that CSI would call it a messed up way to go out and told him to give head to knife after this cypher was over. It sounded like he called YLE a Ferry king that will swallow all of DNA's dairy cream. He said that he'd put red dots on his rivals crew and called himself war machine. He said that his opponent is lucky he could breathe or get comfortable and he said it was warfare. CHEMICAL ALI said he would hand a blade to RED FRECK and have him stab freckles into his challengers flesh and he said if that doesn't work he's stick ASHWIN and Yesh on him. He said that his adversary says he got body bags and said that he had an erection in her. He said that it was time to get crucified because he'll hit him with a scissor kick that'll make his body rip and said he would put him in an arm bar and break his ligaments. He claimed that his opposition just entered his experiment and he is a liar. He said something about making his rivals face dis appear like a C4 battle.In my opinion CHEMICAL ALI won this round of the rap cypher.

In the second round of this tournament YLE started it off by saying his opposition was sweet like Mrs Butter worth then he said he was gonna send him to the most high not shutters worth. He reminded the crowd his name again and said he's getting more doe. He said that he has got the gun so his adversary should bounce like a pogo. He said people say that he's crazy but he don't know and when he snaps he takes shots like a photo. He told him not to dance when he tells you to go go and said that his opponent associates with police. He said that one slow poke would make his opposition evolve into a slow bro. YLE said that he is Peyton Manning and his CHEMICAL ALI was more like Tony Romo. He said the only time his rival is hard is around his nigga's and tried to call him a homo for that. He said that he's getting money so while his oppositions bread is solo he claimed to be living fabolous and said that he's not loso. He said that he has his rivals chick on a string like a Yo-Yo and he said he is a chocolate nigga and she blows him like Hot Cocoa. He said that he is so sick and his opponent ain't even so so. He said that he got his rival shook like a snow globe and said that he ain't mad but to quit with all the hate. He said sleeping on him would get his adversary a wake and a close casket because bodies in a lake floating down the stream. CHEMICAL ALI started by saying he'd spit on the mom of YLE and beat up his dad which I think was an extremely funny way to start off his verse. He called his opponents little nigga's and told them not to make him mad because he'd do what his father never did and beat that ass. he said something about assault rifle than said when he hits the ground he's Rambo knife him. He said that he'd hit his opponent with jabs and stabs give him a Boston crab. He said he humping the mouth of his opponents mother and said that she takes care of him after. CHEMICAL ALI even claimed that YLE's mother gave him head while he was saying grace. He said that Dutch Vega told him to body his opposition so he said he was a raging bull like Jacob Lamotta. He said that he has an upper cut that would send his rival to the helicopters and when he comes back down he'd get bitch smacked by Sara Kana then land in a pile of feces and dirty condoms. He said nigga you should be scared of me because he's driving a jeep with a Tomahawk he said he was riding Cherokee. He said after he disturbs his opponents peace he's releasing his therapy. CHEMICAL ALI cleared up why he raps so loud and talked about YLE choking in all three rounds. He claimed to be confused about how his adversary lost to nigga that loses. It seemed like he was trying to call his opponents girl dis obedient or incompetent one or the other for messing up the footage on his last one on one battle and said that he gives her pleasure while comparing himself to Nicholas Cage in National Treasure. He called himself Moseley and said his opponent May weather. He said that when he puts on the rings he's captain planet but he's not trying to save your earth. CHEMICAL ALI won this round of the rap clash.

YLE started his verse off asking thae people if they think he's Floyd because it's gonna be like round two in that fight all night long and after the clash and called him a bitch then said he was gonna fight him. He said that he doesn't care about his people and said he has the Juice with him no beetle. He said look he's about to hit CHEMICAL ALI up. He said I don't care about your people and it seemed like he started to run out of things to say then the crowd started to get loud and seemed to mess him up. YLE then said he was gonna get on his Lethal mode. He said his opposition was making his hurt and he would put him to sleep. He repeated the fact that he doesn't care about his rivals crew and said that they are gonna have to play rock, paper, scissors to see who's gonna be lose there life first. He said that he has so much hate for CHEMICAL ALI and said that he feels like uncle Ruckus he had to get rid of this nigga. He claimed to be a Young Buck with Banks and said he has the Fifth with him. YLE claimed to be cooking his adversary up and then said rotisserie. He claimed to be that nigga and doesn't care if you aren't feeling him. He said that he's The Fresh Prince and called his opponent Hilary. He seemed to be freestyle rapping and said that his name is Chemical so I'll bet he breaks down especially when he runs up on him like Red Cafe screaming Shake Down. He said that he was getting mad and said that he thinks that his opponent did it and he hopes that he gets a quited because he's a bad boy. CHEMICAL ALI jumped right in the cypher after and said that if YLE was feeling hardcore he'd slam him through a hard floor. He said there is no code name for calling his challengers mother a whore because she'd screw anybody even the kid next store and said if this nigga wants war then go get your men. He said that if you press his buttons he'd turn into more monsters than Ben ten. He said he'd insert a broom into his opponents sister and wear Dr Doom outfit while having sex with his girl. He told his opposition that this is when animals attack so if your a scared little cat then run your ass to the Panic room. CHEMICAL ALI said I heard that your DNA's man and said I didn't know a Newborn could have a little nigga. He said that he YLE is a concrete animal and called him self a silver back gorilla that pile drive his sister than slap his mother for not making him what he wants for dinner. He said that he would never lose to a man that sucks and said he would throw hot coffee in his face because he lost to Starbucks. He said he would throw him to another galaxy and hopes that his opponent gets hurt by the stars. He said if his adversary wants to fight he would get hit with something because how would he look like shooting a fade and said that he'd hit YLE with anything a spatula oranges than spray his eyes with a can of raid. He said his nigga's roll with there banger to the left like they are trying to rock there wave. CHEMICAL ALI won this rap clash without a doubt.

ClayD vs JD

JD started the rap battle saying his name and his opponents and said that they said that was the match up. He claimed to only be going up against ClayD to get his confidence back up, that's what he said and then told his adversary to act up but he would slap him. He called his oppositions mother a fat whore and paused while the crowd got excited then he added that he has a black cunt. He said that she has the best head and he'd make her pussy get wet and stretched. He accused his rival of having long hair to cover up his red neck and implied that he was battling a Hillbilly. He told his rival that he doesn't know jack about him and told him to get a plane ticket back to Orange County. JD tried to make fun of ClayD's sister too saying that she needs to go to continue I guess Bounty Hunting and said that he spent quite amount of time watching him and masturbating. he tried to say that his adversary wishes that Osna paid him attention. He said he would teach his opposition a lesson and for not staying home since supposedly can't handle him. He said that his opponent wouldn't even be the toughest guy Sacred Heart Academy. He called his opponent a bitch who ain't never did nothing illegal and said that the guy thinks hes fly because Hollisters logo is a seagull. He said that he couldn't stand him since the first time he heard him rap. ClayD went up to spit next and said that JD was boring and said that he doesn't take battling him seriously. He accused his challenger looking on Youtube for Grind Time rappers to imitate and said that his opponents girl be playing him like an organ. He tried to say that the girl drinks cum and compared him self to Captain Morgan, whoever that is. He said that he is performing like Jeff Gordan and George Foreman in all of his cyphers. He said that his performance was bull but he's suppose to be Jordan. He tried to imply that JD wished hi mother had an abortion then he seemed to be catching himself from sneezing. ClayD I'll bet this geek spent all last week trying to do research and scared himself to sleep dreaming of him being Freddy Krueger at this clash. You could obviously tell that he is improvising and coming up with rhymes off the top of the dome. He said that if his opponent chokes again than somebody should know the hind lick maneuver. He called oppositions family a pack of losers and said that his mother only has one breast and wants to work at hooters and called his father a retard. He called him the odd ball in the family because Osna had him neutered. This round of the Mc clash was a tie in my opinion.

In the second round JD said it's round two now and ClayD's mother is still a whore. He claimed that she likes to polish his dick tip and he said that he doesn't know if his opponent was just rapping or if one of the white chicks were just throwing a bitch fit. He then began to freestyle and said he was battling a fagot. He said that his rival might be fly one day but right now he's a maggot and he said he was gonna slap him because supposedly doesn't rock shows and said that he performed at the high school block party than after that he performed at high school cock party. JD told a story about his ClayD ending up looking like he got hit with silly string and compared him to a Jack in the box. He claimed to have co to LA to drop bombs and asked him if he gives some guy named pretty a card on fathers day and said that he might have choked against Osna but claimed his opponent choked on pretty's dick. He told his adversary that he's getting ripped by the guy who chokes on his lines and didn't seem at all modest about it he was quite happy about it. He told his opposition to seize to exist because he doesn't matter and said screw him his long hair and his Paris Hilton swagger. He compared this cypher to Steven it and claimed that the clown was killing him. ClayD started this round off saying that his opposition must be a clown for saying that he sucks penis and called JD a hoe and then spoke about how many plays his music gets. He said he would run up in his challengers crib like hello and said said that he is softer than Jello and probably has crush on Elmo. He claimed that he be crushing his adversary's girl and said she gets ran threw more than yellow lights. He compared his opponents verse to getting stuck in Velcro. ClayD called his adversary a joker and said that he was gay and probably wears beaded chokers. He said if a girl tried to talk to his opposition he'd probably choke her. He told his opponent to listen up and called him a gay slut. JD accused his opponent of cross dressing and routing for team Jacob and he also tried to call him a female in disguise. He said that he would probably try to bite and recycle off his rhymes he used in the cypher and claimed to treat his girl friend like Michael Jackson. He said when his girl is wet he probably leaves her in drought and then began to talk some nonsense about his opponent redecorating his house. In my opinion this round of the cypher was a tie because nobody said anything really devastating.

In the third round of this rap battle JD tried to ask ClayD a question and asked him if he was die hard Eminem fan and if he was the reason they wrote the song Stan. He tried to imply that his opponent practices incest. He asked his rival why he got to dis him against Osna and he said that we all know that's a low blow. He said all the people around him are saying yea I know bro and said that his opposition is a flaming homo. He called his adversary a damn clown and said he would slap him. He said that after the cypher ClayD was gonna go home and listen to his music loud. JD claimed that his rivals throat was down right numb because he sucked off so many black guys that he's starting to sound like one. He called his rival a flaming queer that'll suck your dick after a couple of beers. He said the the thought of fighting probably scares him badly and accused his adversary of having Hannah Montana panties. The rapper known as ClayD then started spitting next he said that this tournament is getting sad because not every one in there feels him after his challenger tried his best approach and compared JD to the over grown cock roach on Men In Black. He said I'll bet you know how to handle balls and wood from your baseball coach. He accused him of stroking him in the midst of doing a line of coke and he described it. He told his rival that spitting out Sun Flower seeds doesn't mean he could spit rhymes and said that he looked like he was born in a litter. ClayD tried to imply that his adversary like to look at the crotch of men and claimed that he was a Philippine homo that be in the back room with the door closed taking it up the butt in slow mo. He claimed that JD's favorite position is the Spanish number for eight eight. He used one Lil Wanes lyrics when he referred to playing for keeps and compared his opponent to Miami Heat basketball players. This round of the rap clash was a tie in my opinion.

In the last round of this battle ClayD tried to imply that his challenger was a product of incest and said that he has a bad fashion sense. He said that his oppositions mother was probably pissed from him handling her purse and said that when she found out he was going one on one with him today she probably got mad and started to curse. He said that he isn't a Philippine but was pretty sure that she said don't you know that your suppose to work hard to become a nurse. He compared his adversary to erectile dis-function. He ended kind of abruptly in my opinion and his verse wasn't that long. JD started this cypher by calling this a bull-shit ass OT and claimed to have beat ClayD in rounds one and three. He tried to imply that the black judges were taking his opponents side and called him a white girl. He called him a gay bitch that probably bends over in a cell and some dude tells him to take it. He said that his he was spitting a freestyle off the top of the the dome and his opponent should have stayed home and called him by his real name Clayton. He said that his rival can't face him because he looks like a girl. He called him a country and claimed that he has broke down Vans. He said that he would slap him one time with his broke hands and make him go home a broke man. JD said that he beat ClayD and said he's playing in his hair like a shampoo commercial. He all of a sudden got hyped up from the crowd and bragged about his freestyle ability. He said that his opposition couldn't win against him or Osna. He told his adversary to get into class. This round of the battle was a tie in my opinion being that both of theses rappers had a few big mistakes.

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Rap Battle. Artisan vs K.O.N. AHAT

K.O.N. went right into this rap cypher talking about how much he hated his Artisan so much that if he made a hard song he would put a bomb in his car aka 10 pounds of nitro glycerin and described in syllabic details described blowing him up. He told his opponent that he dares him to try something and then he said when he gets departed and missed he would tell the doctor to donate his organs to a female dog since he has the heart of a bitch. He called him so pussy that his camel toe got a camel toe. He said that he's the worst and said your gonna die being remembered as clown and said that opponent asks questions first and squeezes never. K.O.N. told his opponent to stop it before he puts the cash in the box cash deposit. Artisan then went in to rap next after he caught his composure, he said they couldn't find anybody that could match up to him and called challenger Malibu's most wanted and proceeded to call him a Wig-Ga and doesn't say anything ill. He said when he sprays steel he ain't got to keep shooting he could kill him in one round like Trigger did J-Will and then stuttered on his next punchline. He called K.O.N. a rich boy that's good at using photo shop and said his opponent stumbled on Phranchyze. Artisan tried to say that his rival started to sound like a preacher after awhile during his last match and he said that he is alright but with the bars they don't feel him. He said that his raps are ass, trash, and mildew and then said something about his oppositions girl. K.O.N. won this round of the tournament in my opinion.

K.O.N. then went in and started the second verse saying that he be on some medieval stuff and said that when squeeze the fifth he could make a whole bunch of rappers dis appear like a tetris game. He said he'll turn Artisan life story into a paragraph and said that his dumb ass wanted to royal rumble. He said if he ain't got a gun for him he'd send him bungee jumping with the same rope that Owen Hart would use and said that it isn't hard to do so if he shows hesitation it'll lead to suicide like Chris Benoit when the medications mixed and said that his rival is no where near a gangster so people don't feel what he's rapping about. K.O.N. said that his opponent was more like a teacher in a sweater because he did a song to the instrumental of Beamer, Benz, and Bentley called walking cat plus a mountain bike. He said that there was no way his opposition would be beating him in this cypher. He said that this will be the fourth time he got eight on ahat and compared him to a math problem. Artisan went in immediately next and started rapping and said that he wouldn't fail. He said that his opponent is sweet and his heart is where that cinnamons in and he said hes getting tired of tentative men because when it's beef K.O.N. breaks out quick he got sensitive skin. He said that he heard Kid Doms wrote half his raps and the kid a good rapper. He said his team will get hid adversary x'd out quicker than a pop up ad. He compared his challengers flow to Nov and said he isn't feeling that. Artisan said he would kick down the door and make his gun clap and leave his body shaking like Fats and told him to get lost. He asked him why is he mad just because the kid frost and said his challenger is light literally. He ended with a lyrical syllabic verse. This round was a tie in my opinion.

K.O.N. started the third round of the tournament saying that his adversary is not the street type and said that he lives the geek life and he didn't wanna hear about what he does on the block. He said that he seen the game with him and O.D. so he can tell that Artisan doesn't know how to with the rock. He said if thats big brother verses little brother than the host would be an only child after the battle. He insisted that he be screwing his opponents girl and said that she is a hoe. He said if he wanted his rival tries to get out of line he'll feed him pills and medicine and leave him at a family reunion. K.O.N. told him to understand what he's doing and he would provide some shots when he clenches his nine and have his brain ups addressed to a different state of mind. He said that he has an A k or a nine and if his opponent messes with him he would spray him. Artisan started by saying bitch nigga man up take your leg make sure you can't stand what and said he would shoot and leave his challenger int he sky to prove white man can jump. He said he'll tell him to take the n off his name because it's just a K.O. and told him he better stop hating. He said that his hammer is gonna traumatize his opposition, modify, and homicide him. He threatened to sodomize K.O.N.'s sister and said that he would dead him leave him crying on camera like Derick Fischer. He said this ain't a bet and asked who do you think your styling and tried to compare his facts to Elton John. He said that his challenger doesn't say his grace because he's never been a man.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

AHAT Rap Battle: Fatz vs Skinbo

Skinbo started to rap battle first calling Fatz a loser and said that this summer he's got to chop dudes up like blenders. He said that his opponent be acting like the police with the bitches and he cuffs them down and said that he's a clown. He threatened to dump if his adversary was talking crap and watch him stumble down. He called him self a savage and said he got pistols in the attic. He said that his boys would bring havoc if his adversary messes with his money. I would have to say that had a good delivery but his punchlines were mad simple and you can tell that he's freestyle rapping. Skinbo said that he'll shoot shot at him like the Mavericks and he said that Fatz needs to let tough guy talk go. He said that his home boys don't play and they play with artillery. He asked his opposition if he hears what he's trying to say because he didn't think he was feeling him and said that corny rappers be getting to him saying a bunch of fake stuff. He told his rival to ask about him because he ain't nothing to play with and he claimed to stay with two nines and four clips, pocket full of money, purple, and a hoe bitch. Skinbo said that his opponent is no threat and said he should'v put some cash up and it would'e been an easy money bet and compared his opponent to the Bobcats. He said for stunting with your money he would make him wanna rob him and said that his opposition isn't from the hood and has cops at his house. Fatz went in the rap battle telling his opponent that he didn't even beat Nov and said that he is irrelevant. He said that his challenger is insulting his intelligence. He called his rival too delicate, fragile and frail. He tried to call him self a cheetah while Skinbo is a snail and said he wouldn't feel his rhymes if they were written in braille. He tried to say that his opponent was illiterate and can't read and accused him of being a virgin that doesn't know how pussy smells. He said that he is battling a bum that couldn't break a buck if you put him on a scale. Fatz called his opponent a light weight that never wins and said that he is scared to go out side because he might get taken by a gust of wind. He said he'll rip him from mid night until brunch and said he can't wait for some drama to jump. He said that he can't wait to grab his gun and dump and said his name should be deodorant because he erases funk. He said that he'd make his adversary bleed since he's a cunt and it's that time of the month so he claims. In my opinion this round of the rhyme fest goes to Fatz.

In the second round of this cypher Skinbo then began to kick a verse and said that he figures that it would come to this so he came with the knock out. He said that he pulled the gun out and now his adversary wants to talk. He called him a pussy nigga and told him that he does not want beef and told him not to speak looking like a geek. You could feel his expression in his raps. He said he doesn't play and said he would kill his opponent by his self and no witnesses. He said that that him and everyone else sees that rival is not a factor. Skinbo called Fatz an actor and said that he doesn't even like his rival and if push come to shove then he would have to fight him. He told the dudes that came with him to stop trying to hype him up and said that if he was in the pen he would slice his adversary up. He told his opposition to step his bar game up and told him to step his car game up. He told him not to make him have to do punch him and then shoot him. Yo this dudes delivery is strong and slick that junk is mad funny, he said they're gonna find his rival in a dumpster and said since he is from the gutter he should feel his verses. Skinbo said that he kills for his chips and said he spits game to his rivals bitch. He said that he heard that his opposition was on the strip and claimed that his opponent takes it in the ass. He tried to imply that his adversary was using recycled raps. Fatz then went in and had much to say and asked his challenger why he even rhymes. He said that the only way his adversary is eating anything with fat in it is if he purchases junk food. He called his rival a rhyme biter and compared himself to forbidden fruit. He equated himself to a heroin habit and said accused his Skinbo of getting molested. He had a little speech impediment when started to cal his rival a fagot and accused him of trying to move to Massachusetts and marry a fagot. He said that hi challenger hates and both his pockets are over weight. Fatz compared himself to a cobra snake which was a very good analogy and called his opposition fraudulent and counterfeit. He called his style whack and said his rap career won't amount to nothing. He said that he was about to split some money up with O.D. because it was tax season and all of the emcees owe him and said the he has a battling fee. He said that he'd knock every last branch off of Skinbo's family tree and said that his straps big and packs ten. This rap battle was taken by Fatz but Skinbo is thorough to especially to be spitting off the top.

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KOTD - Bender vs Aftershock

Aftershock started the rhyme battle first saying screw somebody couldn't quite tell who he was cursing but he was clearly spitting a written being that he messed at the beggining of his verse. He seemed to have threatened to bandage Bender up or have his home boy seal his fate in the back of the truck. He said screw all that all that talk about weak profits. He said that he wanted to know how much his opponents uncle paid him for head. He said that he smells the aids on his adversary's breath. He threatened put a knife to his beard and asked him how is he a shooter when his gun is on safety. Aftershock asked his opposition if he got deep problems that medicine can't fixed and told his rival that he ain't got guns. He said that he would smack his opposition in to next month when he hits him with brass knuckles. He even used his opponents name as a metaphor. Bender said that he was gonna be cool with his challenger but he called him out and he claimed that he was gonna defeat him. He said that his adversary should have learned how to swim before burning bridges. He said that his opponent could talk about how his stomach sags and his punches and his knuckles drag but his opponent should be the last person who judges him like Madness with the ruffles bag. He tried to imply that his Aftershock doesn't shoot guns and said that he'd get his ass kicked for it. He told him to put his money in the bag in an unmarked fashion and said that if he raises a finger he would turn him into the one armed bandit. Bender said that he would give left testicle to see his rival shoot a real gun because apparently his guns are plastic and seemed to be saying that his challenger loves to listen to his classics that make the club start thrashing. He said that he doesn't need a fire arm he would let one bar smash Aftershock because his gang catches wreck like a junk yard magnet. He told him to stop talking about weapons before he blocks off all the exits and draws blood. He proceeded to say that he can't stop and won't stop and told his opposition that he gets no props. He mentioned that his challenger stays cool like he's use to taking a beating and accused him of having a boy friend that plays ruff and wears stilettos and got real syllabic while describing it. In my opinion Bender won this round of the rapping fest.

In the second round of this cypher Aftershock told his opponent to watch his lip today and said that his telekinesis would have his pistol break. He said that he would put screw drivers to his oppositions to help fix it and said that it's clenched to his teeth if he runs his mouth. he said that his opponent has as much heat in the streets as when the sun goes down. He said that he's too strong while his adversary is Luke warm and said if rivals crew swarms then his crew gets torn. He said that he would use Bender's new born as a shoe horn and said for somebody to tell him that he ain't that strong. Aftershock said that he'll break his arms if he hates his songs and said that his aim is off. He started getting extra syllabic. He swore that his opponent wasn't built to rap and told him he better hope he gets visited by a higher power and said that he came with night vision. He said that he would strap his rival to a catapult and check his flight vision. He called his opponent trans gendered. He said he would leave blood running down his temple because he sacrificed a virgin. Bender started with a smirk on his face talking about Aftershock is fronting like he has a gutter side and he said that he seen his opponents gutter side. He said that his opponent be panhandling while drinking a jug of wine and said that he must blind and high. He tried to call his opposition a homo sexual in denial and accused him of living a double life. He said that he seen him at the club with a bunch of guys at the club doing the shuck jive and the bump and grind and a few other dances. He called made of his challengers girl as well and seemed to be saying that he wants to do her. Bender tried to imply that he would make Aftershock take home humble pie and said that he figured his rival would say something about this popular cartoon that comes on because he reminds him of one of the characters. He said that he would put his Cuban momma on her knees like who's your poppa and then kick her out the house and he tried to imply that she would call him later. He said that he'd take his challenger to the funeral parlor and called him self a beef cake like Bruce the Barber. Bender won this round of the tournament by a little bit more tougher punchlines I just felt like he penetrated the skin a little bit deeper.

Aftershock went right into this lyrical clash with out much hesitation and brought up the fact that his opponent brought up his momma. He said that if he blows his head off there is candy inside they'll call his opponent a Pinnate. He warned his adversary about mentioning hip hop in Toronto and started to say that his opponent blows Hindu. He accused his opponent of making music like K fed or Straight Edge and said that Bender looks unemployed. He accused his opponent of going to the strip club in the afternoon on a week day and told him that he isn't Big Pun. Aftershock said that his opponent is close to leaving the battle with a slashed throat and then got real syllabic saying a whole lot of things. He seemed to have ended his verse speaking French and put his middle finger up. Bender said that his opponent has people calling him up like lets do another song after one on one battles and says if they don't hate your guts after the match you are doing something wrong he claims. He called one of his rivals metaphors bisexual and said you couldn't find a more stupid premed on a medical campus. He called his challenger more of a Larry King than a Latin King. He said that he'd make his opponent hit the ground like a Jackson's original. He called his opponent a snake in the grass and said that he came here to smash him. Bender said he would take away his adversary's rent like the Patriot act. It sounded like he said watch when I get brain storming because it would cause a flood and called Aftershock a snitch. He said that he just kicks back and enjoys the settings and said Montreal should give his point a reference. He said that he would represent himself in court and that he doesn't need a lawyer. He said that he would beat his head like a drum machine. He compared himself to a Spanish Armada. This last round of the clash was a tie.

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